Toni "Freezer"

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Name Toni "Freezer" Aliases Unknown
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Cold Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown Age 20s
Height 5'10" Build Slender
Eyes Dark Hair Dark
Residence The Divide
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown Children Unknown
First Scene Last Scene

Nicknamed, "The Freezer", Toni is a member of the Exiles. Her ability of cold manipulation is always on as an aura around her, changing the temperature in her immediate area. She can cause frost bite to anyone she touches for longer than a few seconds, so she avoids physical contact with anyone. She doesn't talk much about her past and keeps to herself, but doesn't hesitate to turn enemies who threaten their home and livelihood into human popsicles. Few know her name is even Toni, and no one seems to know her real name, or where she came from before she joined the Exiles.

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Toni "Freezer"
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