Valerie Ray

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Name Valerie Ray Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Mental) (COM) Ability Telepathic Projection
Gender Female
Birthdate March 17, 1989 Age 25 physically, 29 legally
Height 5'2" Build Petite
Eyes Blue Hair Dark Blond (dyed lighter)
Residence Raytech Corporate Housing
Employment Raytech Industries, CDO (Chief Design Officer)
Parents Edward Ray
Deceased Mother
Siblings Richard Ray
Warren Ray
Kaylee Sumter-Ray
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene

Chief Design Officer (focused on architecture) for Raytech. Board Member. Masters student at Brooklyn College (studying architecture, with business on the side).

She also happens to be a paraplegic, if you meet her in person.

Valerie Ray
portrayed by

Britt Robertson



Character Icons
In Person Projected Before In Visions In Time
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Games: She's a Ray, and the only one actually raised by Edward Ray (at least in part). She learned how to play a variety of interesting games, like various versions of chess. She's not terrible at them, either, able to plan multiple moves ahead.

Sign Language: Thanks to Emily being a part of her life through her sister, Valerie learned ASL. She's moderately fast at signing and only has to pause to think about what sign to use for a few seconds every so often. She sometimes finds herself signing when she makes hand gestures while talking without realizing it.

Handicapable: While she is physically crippled from the waist down, she considers herself capable of doing most things day to day. As long as it doesn't require reaching for the top shelf. But she's able to dress herself, bathe, go to the bathroom and do many things that most everyone would consider 'easy'. To her, it's not easy, but she's learned how to do it. Her upper body strength is much higher than a normal person of her size.

Architecture: She's gone to school to become an Architect. She's still in training, but she's breezing through her classes. Considering her family, it shouldn't be a surprise she's a bit of a genius when it comes to certain things.

Management: She's learned how to manage people and assets, as well as time. Since she's taking classes at the same time as she's helping run a business, she has to schedule things out pretty well. Thankfully, she can attend most of her classes as a projection without ever leaving the office, but she can't actually multitask using her ability.

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