Veronica Sawyer

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Name Veronica Sawyer Aliases Veronica Sawyer
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Meta) (LE, INST) Ability Power Reflection
Gender Female
Birthdate November 30, 1982 Age 36
Height 5'5" Build Slim
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Employment SESA
Parents Keith Sawyer, Deceased
Alma Sawyer
Marital Status Divorced, formerly married to Andrew Chevalier Brian Children Olivia Chevalier-Sawyer
First Scene Hic Sunt Leones Last Scene

Veronica Sawyer was once a Company agent who then infiltrated the Institute to help bring it down in 2011. She is a veteran of the Second Civil War, having fought on the side of the freedom fighters. Now she is once again in familiar-ish territory as a SESA agent, a job she balances with being a mother to a toddler.

Note: for ease of working with multiple agents of the same name, her work name is Veronica Sawyer.

Veronica Sawyer
portrayed by

Eliza Dushku

"Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals." -Martin Luther King, Jr.



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Trained for four years in basic, "police procedure" self-defense and take-down methods, Veronica has now been additionally trained by the the Compay in various martial arts. She has the equivalent to a fifth degree black belt in Hapkido (joint locks, falling, some knife throwing and sword skills), and a first-degree (lowest senior level) black belt in Taekwondo (kicking, punching, throwing, some swords and poles skills). Due to her small size, she is not the strongest, but she is quick, acrobatic, and agile, which makes up for her lack of power.


Oliva is the daughter of Veronica and Andrew (aka Brian). She was born in June 2015. She is SLC-E and unmanifested. She's precocious, happy, and creative, and a bit of a tomboy. Her favorite activities include drawing but not coloring, watching Disney movies, swimming, and asking "Why."


Known by Most

  • Veronica is a well-known face; she spoke directly to the press during the fall of the Arcology about the atrocities within. During the Tribunals, she turned herself in as a former Company and Institute agent, but was pardoned due to her work to bring down the Institute as well as her work in Argentina.
  • She and Brian (Andrew) were leaders of front-line rebel troops in the Civil War.
  • She has returned to work in NYC a SESA agent.


  • War Stories She may have fought with you in the war.
  • SESA She's a field agent for SESA.
  • Runner She used to run five miles a day. Now she runs 3 miles every two days. She might still run into you.
  • Toddler Mom Olivia is her pride and joy so you might see her doing the maternal thing.


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