Stephen Verse

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Name Stephen Verse Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Male
Birthdate April 8, 1976 Age 45
Height 6' 1" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Classified
Employment Classified
Parents Nathaniel Verse (father; deceased)
Emilia Verse (mother; deceased)
Siblings Colin Verse (brother)
Marital Status Classified Children Classified
First Scene Legacies Last Scene The Ǝxecution

Stephen Verse was a member of the Department of Homeland Security, and was assigned to the super-max Moab Federal Penitentiary with the assignment of prisoner interrogation. He was murdered in the attack on Moab in 2009.

And yet Colin Verse was able to create a facsimile of his brother from his own memories of him and a generous amount of wishful thinking, utilizing the OPTICA simulation. He printed a synthetic PHARO body for his brother and maintained him within the ARM lab. Stephen Verse always knew he was an artificial life form and that he was running on borrowed time, but worked diligently to help Colin with a plan to save those kidnapped by InVerse before sacrificing himself to ensure their escape.

Stephen Verse
portrayed by
Keanu Reeves
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