Clara "Weasel" Winters

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Name Clara Winters (Adopted Name)
Weasel (Mostly to Family)
Kit (In Providence)
Aliases Clara Smith
Clara Fulk
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Mental) (COM) Ability Musteloid Telepathy
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown — Celebrates 'Wake Up Day' on December 8th. Age 20?
Height 5'1" Build Petite
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Black
Residence Kit's Cabin
Employment Stayin' Alive
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single Children Nope
First Scene Brave Little Thing Last Scene
Clara "Weasel" Winters
portrayed by

Maisie Williams



Minerva Mink Minerva is the newest addition to Weasel's family, rescued from a fur farm on Staten Island by the Lighthouse Kids. Minerva was a bit sickly, and so Weasel took her in — and ended up bonding with her quite nicely while nursing her back to health.
Pepe Le Pew Pepe Le Pew is a somewhat elderly (6 years old) striped skunk; he is rather pudgy thanks to Weasel's care for him over the years, but he's still spry and agile as any younger skunk could be! He is almost never away from Weasel's side — or if he is, he's lurking in the undergrowth somewhere nearby. While he will be the first to stand between Weasel and danger with his tail held high (and probably with his butt pointed at said danger), he is a big softie — if Weasel likes someone, chances are he will give that person a cuddle.
Ron Weasel-ey Ron is a juvenile Least Weasel, barely 6 inches long. He has only been with Weasel for about a year, but he's rarely apart from her. While his smelly brother is usually lurking about somewhere, Ron is almost always found in a pocket or somewhere tucked within Weasel's clothing. His size make him much less likely to step between Weasel and danger — but he'll often keep an eye out and scout ahead for danger.


Weasel is a Lighthouse Kid, though she only joined the Lighthouse after they moved to Canada. If you were at all involved with the Canadian Lighthouse, then you probably know her!

Skills & Misc.

ASL Weasel is proficient in the use of American Sign Language, which was taught to her by Brian for ease of silent communication, as well as to communicate with her sister, Brynn. She is also fluent in Lighthouse Cant, which is used as a bit of a secret language among the LHK.
Combat Like the other LHK, Weasel has been formally trained in self defense and combat, both with firearms and with hand-to-hand combat. Weasel has always preferred close quarters combat — guns are loud, and hand-to-hand lets her use her small size to her advantage. That isn't to say she can't use them — she's quite a good shot, in fact, she just intensely dislikes loud booming things (usually, Lance was the only one who could convince her to use them). She is proficient in the use of knives as well.
Stealth Few are better with stealth than Weasel (Lance is way better, but that's because he cheats). With her ability, she can utilize small animals that can go places that would normally be inaccessible. Even without the use of her ability, Weasel knows how to be sneaky — she can get lost in a crowd, use a disguise, and cover her tracks, all thanks to training from Brian.
Survival Weasel possibly knows more about wilderness and outdoors survival than most of the LHK, thanks to her frequent 'adventures' as a child, and her more recent forays into the Canadian wilderness. She knows how to properly set up a camp site, how to start/control/put out a campfire, how to hunt, how to forage, and how to essentially survive with nothing but the clothes on her back. Admittedly, a large part of this skill relies on her ability to interact with the animals of her environment — frequently, she will enlist the aid of her Musteloid friends to hunt, and subsequently shares her food with them as a result.
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