Wright Tracy

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Name Wright Janelle Tracy Aliases Elliot Abel Hitchens
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non) (MIL)
Gender Female
Birthdate March 13, 1989 Age 32
Height 5'11" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Phoenix Heights
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Unknown (biological parents)
Gregory Tracy (adoptive father, estranged)
Barbara Tracy (adoptive mother, estranged)
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Elliot Hitchens (partner)
Marthe Burgess (wife)
Children Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy (daughter; registered Expressive unknown)
First Scene Cogito Ergo (Zero) Sum Last Scene
Profile Wright served in Wolfhound along with her partner Elliot Hitchens from the beginning of war and for two years thereafter. She and Marthe Burgess were married in the field toward the end of the Second American Civil War, and eventually retired from service in order to raise their three-parent daughter Ames. She is a former Ferrymen Special Activities operative. She attended Oak Ridge Military Academy in North Carolina for all of high school, where her adoptive father was an alumnus.
Wright Tracy
portrayed by
Mackenzie Davis


Commando Wright’s training in military school, her time in Special Activities, and years spent fighting in Civil War II has left her with significant combat expertise, including small arms use and, to a lesser degree, hand-to-hand and knife combat.
Military History Wright has a knack for memorization, and years in a private military academy provided a detailed history of historical combat across the globe.
Squad Tactics Wright is highly proficient with maintaining order amidst the heat of battle. Tactical operations and squad deployment procedures are second nature to her, she never loses her cool in the field.
First Aid Wright is well trained in and maintains a study of field trauma and first aid procedures. She has continued to hone these skills through professional training courses and at home under the tutelage of her wife Marthe.
Fitness Wright follows a strict exercise routine to stay in top shape including endurance, strength , balance, and flexibility.
Resources Wright and Marthe co-own a home in Phoenix Heights which they were awarded through the lottery. Marthe owns a Yamagato Civis, while Wright owns a Mantis for personal use.
American Sign Language Elliot’s early difficulties with verbal communication were lessened when he and Wright began learning ASL as children. Years later, they found an opportunity to practice more extensively while working child relocation assignments for the Ferrymen. Sadly, they learned very little of the Lighthouse Cant sign language from the secretive children.



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