Yao Sze

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Name Yao Sze Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Female
Birthdate January 21, 1988 Age 33
Height 5' 2" Build Thin
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Telmun, Iraq
Employment Mazdak Sub-Chief of Operations in Telmun
Parents Classified Siblings Classified
Marital Status Classified Children Classified
First Scene Long Distance Last Scene
Profile Yao Sze (Sze Yao in traditional format) is the former Chief Operations Office for all of Praxis Heavy Industries' operations in the United States. Following the collapse of Praxis Heavy Industries, Yao Sze joined up with members of Mazdak in Renautas-Weiss Nanotechnology. As Yao died of a degenerative disorder caused by her participation in the Gemini process, members of Mazdak used her as a test process for consciousness replication in a Pharo body, resigning her original self to die undergoing Gemini a second time.
Yao Sze
portrayed by
Jing Tian
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