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Name Ygraine Catriona Olwen FitzRoy Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Kinetic) (COM, INST) Ability Gravitic Bonding
Gender Female
Birthdate February 1, 1983 Age 35
Height 5'8" Build Obsessively fit, curvy
Eyes Blue Hair Brown (natural); Black and blue (dyed)
Residence Liberty HQ
Employment Liberty (Director)
Parents Mariot and Dominic FitzRoy Siblings Anthony FitzRoy
Marital Status Widowed (Jennifer Galloway) Children Adel – 'Mom4' to this traveller from an alternate future
Lene – alternate-future foster-daughter
First Scene The Threat of Peace Last Scene

War veteran, civil rights campaigner, and hate figure: a Briton involved with the Evolved Underground from 2008, she created and runs Liberty. Based in the crime-ridden ruins of Jackson Heights, she's still trying to set the world to rights – from investigating war crimes to tackling missing persons cases and distributing gadgets to help people cope with life in the Safe Zone. She's either a committed do-gooder or just a crazy meddler who should be committed: she's certainly as loathed in some circles as would only be possible for a gay foreign mutant intellectual freak telling Americans how to live their lives.

portrayed by

Victoria Pendleton

When everyone lies, telling the truth isn't just rebellion. It's an act of revolution. So think carefully when you speak it, because the truth is a weapon.

~ Richard K. Morgan ~

As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy.

~ Christopher Dawson ~



Known To Most

  • The face of Liberty in Albany and New York, who will try to help with almost any problem encountered by survivors in the Safe Zone. Hands out technological gadgets (water-purifying buckets, hand-powered battery-chargers, and more) that she imports via her charity, helps try to reconnect families, and arranges legal advice.
  • Still gathering information: she testified throughout the Albany war crime trials, using the photojournalism of the Chessmen (and some allies) and the mass of survivors' testimonies they acquired during and after the War. She has consistently argued for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (so that all involved could share what happened, for good and bad), and for more to be done to bring to book the decision-makers as well as the trigger-pullers. She's still collecting accounts and accepting information that might help to build a fuller picture of what happened, not least so that she can reconnect more survivors amidst the post-War chaos.
  • Gay, British, educated, and outspoken: though nowhere near as widely memed as Eve, to many she's the embodiment of unwelcome foreign meddling – a posh, perverted imperialist trying to tell honest Americans how to live their lives.

Known To Some

  • With Liz gone, Cardinal retired from active service, and Jaiden in recovery, Ygraine found herself the tactician for a small combat unit of Endgamers and allies – accidentally dubbed 'the Chessmen', in an off-hand comment she made. Her greatest military achievement is probably that she managed to keep her team alive throughout the conflict. Though the Chessmen collaborated with Ryans' Special Activities Division and Hana's proto-Wolfhound, they were consistently more interested in rescuing people and documenting events than in taking on hardened military targets. Still, they saw a good bit of action – and Ygraine was personally involved throughout the War.
  • Ygraine's wife, Jennifer, had returned to the US to assist in aid efforts behind the lines. She is believed to have been in Portland when the nuke fell in November '13. After this, Ygraine took more risks, culminating in using her abilities to guide a team into Raven Rock once the presidential fortress had been breached.
  • She offers tuition on a "pay if you can afford to" basis, in the Liberty HQ. This includes martial arts and self defence, but also encompasses an INST-certified tutor's aid with Evolved abilities. The service is chiefly known about in the local area, and access is withdrawn should she learn of a student engaging in activities of which she disapproves.

Known To Few

  • Greatly assisted by Scrabble, she has reached a modus vivendi with the Sunnyside Serpents gang of Jackson Heights: the neighbourhood defenders recognise her as a well-intentioned outsider and an ally against more predatory elements.
  • She's resumed her subterranean explorations: having spent a great deal of time as a troglodyte before the War, she is now learning what remains and what has changed under the portions of the city open to her.
  • Ygraine doesn't believe that the world's safe or that the conflict's over. There are Vanguard and Institute survivors out there, as well as more overt threats such as the remnants of Mitchell's supporters. And some of the 'good' factions have given some decidedly dubious people a lot of power. To Ygraine, it's evident that failsafes need to be in place for when it all goes wrong again.


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Wholly altless, save for alternate-timeline Ygraine.

Availability variable, thanks to chronic illness. But resident in the UK, so highly unlikely to be around for EST (let alone PST) evenings.

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