Yi-Min Yeh

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Name Yi-Min Yeh Aliases Sága
Status Registered Expressive (Class Biological) (COM, RES) Ability Toxin Synthesis
Gender Female
Birthdate December 29, 1980 Age 40
Height 5'2" Build Slight
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Raytech Industries Corporate Housing, and intermittently Providence
Employment Raytech Industries
Parents Kuan-Lin Yeh (father)
Pei-Shan Yeh (mother)
Siblings Yi-Shan Yeh (twin brother, deceased)
Yi-Chun Tu (sister)
Yi-Hao Yeh (brother)
Yi-Hung Yeh (brother)
Yi-Mei Yeh (sister)
Shu-Fen Yeh (half-sister)
Marital Status Together with Kara Prince, if the universe could kindly stop interrupting Children None
First Scene Jiejie Last Scene

Dr. Yi-Min Yeh is the Director of Biotechnology at Raytech Industries. Formerly of the Chinese Vanguard, and formerly of Praxis Heavy Industries, Yi-Min has a storied and bloodied past with both.

Much has changed for her in the course of the past years, but the goals of her heart have not: only the particular paths she has carved out to see them through.

Yi-Min Yeh
portrayed by

Du Juan

I climb the western tower in silence, the moon like a sickle.
Clear autumn is locked in the deep courtyard, where a wutong tree stands lonely.
Sorrowful parting has cut, but not severed our ties; my mind is still wild.
Separation is a taste within head and heart.

― Li Yu, I Climb the Western Tower in Silence



Known to Most

  • Raytech - Dr. Yeh is in charge of the Department of Biological Technology at Raytech, overseeing projects in the Safe Zone that draw from a diverse collection of fields, including botany and biomedical research. These things collectively form what is still only a young enterprise at Raytech, but Yi-Min is determined to see it grow to its full potential (pun partly intended).
  • Providence - Yi-Min is known in Providence as a member of the Remnant who was brought to the area in early 2019, courtesy of her good friend Eileen Ruskin. She stayed and made the rustic settlement her home, setting up her own makeshift laboratory just off the Sunken Factory, out of which she manufactured and provisioned much-needed medicine for the townsfolk of Providence.
  • Providence (cont) - Though Yi-Min isn't around as much anymore, she still comes around at least once every week for the purpose of seeing Kara Prince. Harrison Carver and Kara hold keys to the site of her little erstwhile laboratory and the stockpile of useful pharmaceuticals still stored inside.

Known to Some

  • Vanguard - In her time with the Vanguard of Shanghai, Yi-Min was better known as Sága, a figure responsible for several high-profile assassinations in China using a deadly nerve-based toxin. She successfully faked her death for a long period of time afterwards, and is unmentioned in Wolves of Valhalla.
  • Praxis - After the fall of the Vanguard as a whole, Yi-Min came under the tutelage of Shengjiao Wu. Yi-Min spent the next ten years in the employ of Praxis Heavy Industries, assigned to projects marked by increasingly questionable ethics. The last one involved the creation of a certain bioweapon which she secretly replaced with a dud prior to its deployment. She conspired against her former employers— and anyone she perceived to share connections with them— in other ways as well: she leaked sensitive information to two technopaths, turned in a list of known members of Shedda Dinu from information given up by Zachery Miller, and personally aided Wolfhound's raid on Praxia in February of 2020.

Known to Fewer

  • ??? - Dr. Yeh is currently depowered thanks to a mysterious event that occurred in July of 2020.


Yi-Shan Yi-Shan Yeh died decades ago when both were at a young age, but his memory has since continued to influence Yi-Min's life in probably more ways than any living person. He is, or at least was, her twin; she was born the elder by ten minutes. To their family, he was 樂樂, the ever-smiling and happy-go-lucky counterpart to his more serious sister. Both of them were beloved, but he was adored. His tragic death resulting from the manifestation of her Evolved ability was the catalyst that eventually sent her into the arms of the Vanguard. She holds the void he left behind forever close to her heart, honoring him with a permanent photo in the setup of her household shrine.

Theme: TheFatRat - Monody

eileen2_icon.gif Eileen is one of Yi-Min's oldest and dearest friends, first thrown into her life during Yi-Min's constant travels around the world on behalf of the Chinese Vanguard. Their shared Vanguard days have long since passed, but Yi-Min's affection for the younger woman whom she considers her adopted meimei— her little sister— has not. It was for the sake of seeking out Eileen again that Yi-Min stepped foot on America shores for the first time in many long years. Her inability to do a great deal for everything Eileen has suffered since then, from the time of the Black Conduit on, has served as a source of some perpetual background frustration.

Theme: Black Hill, Silent Island - A wild river to take you home

kara_icon.gif An unexpected windfall from the mouth of a faraway world, Kara has come to be a soul Yi-Min has great difficulty imagining living without. Putting a smile on the face of the gruff munitions chaplain is a source of one of life's brightest little joys for her, and as time wears on, she has found herself only falling even more deeply in love with everything about the heart of her darling treasure. There is little she desires more than to be able to give her partner some semblance of a truly happy, peaceful life after all the other woman has gone through— and it is a goal she has become more and more obstinately determined to see through, no matter how many curveballs fate elects to throw at them both before the end.

Theme: Imagine Dragons - Birds

Trivia and Notes

  • Yi-Min's name, 依旻, means approximately "in accordance with/to obey heaven" in Mandarin. While she is far from any kind of fanatic, she has always felt there was a touch of the divine (or the opposite) associated with her gift; similarly, while it is not overt, the notion has subtly informed her penchant of acting for the greater good. She is quietly religious, and makes a habit of maintaining a little household shrine to Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, wherever she is situated.
  • In private, Yi-Min has a green thumb and cherishes horticultural plants of all kinds, her personal favorite being the orchid. An alternate self of hers manages the Rose and Trellis in a different reality.
  • One of Yi-Min's chief interests has always been to further existing research on the role toxins can play in modern medicine, a still relatively untapped field. The sheer convenience of being able to generate some of the world's rarest toxins with a snap of her fingers doesn't hurt (once she actually gets her ability back, at any rate).
  • All of the full-blooded Yeh siblings follow the naming convention "Yi-<insert 2nd character>." Because Shu-Fen was born from a secret affair, she was never considered a part of the family per se, and the name given to her accordingly does not follow this convention.


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