Yustina Kozlow

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Name Yustina Kozlow Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown Age 59
Height 5'2" Build Plump
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Elmhurst, Sasha and Yustina's Flat
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Widowed Children Tania Kozlow
Sasha Kozlow
First Scene Last Scene

Yustina is the mother of Tania and Sasha Kozlow, and lives with her son in their Elmhurst flat. She immigrated to the United States after the Second American Civil War to look after Sasha, who suffers from depression as a result of the negation drugs the government requires him to take daily.

She has recently taken up beekeeping as a hobby and maintains a single hive on the rooftop of Herkimer Apartments.

Yustina Kozlow
portrayed by

Olivia Colman
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