Wenzhuo Zhao

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Name Wenzhuo Zhao Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Feline Telepathy
Teleportation (gemini)
Gender Male
Birthdate April 17, 1950 Age 68
Height 5' 6" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Bald
Residence Unknown
Employment Mountain Master of the Ghost Shadows Triad, spymaster of Shedda Dinu.
Parents Biyu Zhao (mother, deceased)
Nianzu Zhao (father, deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Yu Yuan Zhao (wife; deceased) Children Ang Zhao (son; deceased)
First Scene Curiosity Last Scene Idolatry
Profile Wenzhuo Zhao was once the most powerful figure in New York's underworld, head of the immensely influential Ghost Shadows triad, primary distributors of Refrain. Shortly before the start of the civil war, Zhao and the Ghost Shadows disappeared, but their Refrain-pushing operation remained intact with Zhao still — ostensibly — at its head. Though Zhao has become something of a mythical figure on the streets, his shadow is cast long across New York. In the end, he was betrayed by Lanhua Chen after being captured by SESA and the NYPD.
Wenzhuo Zhao
portrayed by
Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa
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