Nathalie Logs (Aftermath)
String Theory: Aftermath
Date Title Summary Cast
??? Katabasis, Part I In a place where time has no meaning, the journey of a thousand miles begins. Gabriel, Nathalie and Rouen
??? Katabasis, Part II The journey continues. Nathalie and Maes
??? Katabasis, Part III This is now. Nathalie
??? Katabasis, Part IV In The Divine Comedy souls in the second circle of Hell were violently blown about by strong winds, preventing them to find peace and rest. Nathalie
??? Katabasis, Part V Therein lies the truth: Whatever happened, happened. Nathalie
??? Katabasis, Part VI To find the end, we must first find the beginning. Eilean, Nathalie and Maes
??? Katabasis, Part VII Nathalie journeys to where it all began… Nathalie with Inanna, Nanaja, Ninbanda and Shara
??? Katabasis, Part VIII The other side of the coin. Nathalie, Maes, and Nanaja
??? Katabasis, Part IX Conclusion. Nathalie
7/5/21 Rebehold the Stars In the immediate aftermath of the ambush, Nathalie LeRoux's life hangs in the balance. Elliot, Leroux, Nathalie, Richard, and Tay
So How Was The Weather In The Afterlife? Cousins catch up with each other, after one was resurrected from the dead. Nathalie and Richard
7/6/21 Once in a Lifetime Kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer mixed with powdered gold. It treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. Eve and Nathalie
This Peculiar Fate Chess and Nathalie reunite after barely surviving the previous night, and neither survived unscathed. Or unchanged. Chess and Nathalie
Different Circles Different people from many times converge in a muddy field to discuss a tangled web of events. Asi, Castle, Chess, Des, Elliot, Eve, Glory, Nathalie, Nova, Richard, Robyn, Silas, Squeaks, and Zee
7/7/21 Leading Zeros A leading zero is any 0 digit that comes before the first nonzero digit in a number string in positional notation. Elliot and Nathalie
7/8/21 Look Out For Our Own The pair chat about their troubled group, and their troubled journey. Asi and Nathalie
String Theory: Aftermath
Date Title Summary Cast
3/25/19 More Than Blood Berlin and Emily are there for each other. Blood or not. Berlin and Emily
3/28/19 Two Wolves Berlin and Rory discuss a decision she's made. Berlin and Rory
3/29/19 After Me Comes the Flood Berlin comes to Fort Jay looking for help. And to confess to a crime. Berlin, Cesar, Olson, and Waite
Before Me Comes a Ghost Hunting for Avi, Berlin is found by someone else. Berlin and Renautas
3/30/19 Within Me Comes A Calling Berlin finds Avi. Avi and Berlin
3/31/19 Here, Now When her plans fall through, Berlin makes her way back home. Berlin and Rory
4/7-23/19 Phantom Life Avi Epstein is given a new lease on life. Avi and Nathalie
4/14/19 Stop Helping Luce and Nat hash out some details. Lucille and Nathalie
4/24/19 One-Hundred Percent Fatality Months ago, Astor asked for a favor, and this time it's Berlin who names the price for her services as a burglar. What seems initially like a straightforward transaction of services then becomes mired in prophetic symbolism and some alarming science. Astor and Berlin
5/4/19 Hounds Assemble The Hounds begin to rally when one of their family makes a return with grim news. Avi, Devon, Francois, Nathalie, and Rue
5/10/19 Unlucky Berlin follows advice from one ghost and runs into another. Berlin and Gabriel
5/11/19 We Fix It Heavy topics bring Emily and Nathalie together, and keep them together. Berlin and Emily
5/18/19 So About Your Marriage (And Other Stories) Nathalie comes to offer an ear to Francois and they both learn a few things about family. Francois and Nathalie
5/21/19 Undercover Ben Ryans calls a meeting to discuss plans surrounding Adam Monroe. Lucille, Nathalie, and Ryans
5/24/19 Less Than Kind A trio practice at being a family. Avi, Emily, and Nathalie
6/3/19 Gather Round Before Eve goes on a trip she has one more group of people to meet with. Brynn, Emily, Eve, Joaquin, Joe, Lance, Nathalie, Squeaks, Weasel
Don't Burn The Witch Nathalie gets advice from who some would call an old fool. Eve and Nathalie
6/11/19 Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For? I can see it in your eyes… Kellar and Nathalie
6/14/19 P l e a s e H e l p Richard receives a surprise visit from a slightly nerve wracked cousin. Nathalie and Richard
6/19-21/19 Not All Endings Lucille and Nathalie travel to Texas searching for answers and find something unexpected… Lucille, Nathalie, and Renautas
7/23/19 Not Be Alone Emily and Nathalie are both learning what it's like. Emily and Nathalie
8/3/19 Starting Small Nathalie takes the first step in being her whole self around her extended Lighthouse family. Emily, Lance, and Nathalie
8/10/19 Familiar Claudius Kellar speaks truth to power. Kellar, Lucille, and Nathalie
12/6/19 Blue Blood, Part II A joint SESA and NYPD operation converges on the center of Refrain distribution in the Safe Zone. Avi, Cesar, Colette, Devon, Emily, Green,
Lance, Lucille, Modi, Nathalie, and Olson
12/8/19 A Very Wolfhound Christmas Party Someone's halls are gonna get decked. Wolfhound + dates
12/27/19 Open Wounds Some are old, some are new Avi, Eileen, Emily, and Nathalie
Caesuras Of Sisterhood Between Moments Of Crisis On the way from one medical crisis to the next, Nathalie and Emily pause to support each other while discussing the past, present, and future. Emily and Nathalie
Ephemeral After receiving word about Francois' attack, Teo arrives at the hospital. He doesn't receive enough answers about what happened, but instead, the hope of having them soon. Emily, Nathalie, Scott, and Teo
12/31/19 Witness Come together and bear… Devon, Dumortier, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Finch, Isis, Kaylee, Lashirah, Luther, Nathalie, Odessa, Raquelle, Robyn, Rory, Seren, Silas, and Yi-Min
Date Title Summary Cast
1/1/20 A Beacon Eve tries to get a message across. Eve and Nathalie
Something Wholly Theirs While dinner's on, Brynn helps Emily and Nathalie seize the moment. Because you never know when you'll get another chance. Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, and Nathalie
1/2/20 Dreamers Round Work together or die. Dumortier, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Finch, Isis, Kara, Kaylee, Nathalie, Silas, and Yi-Min
1/3/20 Inspired In vino veritas. Nathalie and Rue
1/12/20 The Devil You Never Knew After her kidnapping, Nathalie LeRoux finds herself a fly within the spider's web. Baruti and Nathalie
The Devil You Become Nathalie LeRoux always feared she was a monster. But people choose to become them, and people can choose their own fate. Nathalie and Richard
String Theory: Aftermath
2012 - 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
6/17/17 Operation High Road, Part II Strike Team Wendigo infiltrates a power substation at the Ross Dam as a part of Wolfhound's Operation High Road. Adel, Berlin, Colette, Huruma, and Noa
6/19/17 One of the Pack Two days after the successful execution of Operation High Road, Wolfhound celebrates their victory. Adel, Avi, Berlin, Claire, Colette, Curtis, Dearing, Devon, Francois, Hana, Huruma, Logan, Lucille, Noa, Rue, and Scott
1/19/18 Ground Rules The members of Wolfhound are warned about what's coming, and given clear expectations. Adel, Berlin, Curtis, Devon, Hana, Noa, and Rue
Date Title Summary Cast
2/23/18 Tricky Ricky and the Pony Express "Tricky" Ricky Daselles may not be a mailman, but a member of Wolfhound gets the mail from him anyway. Berlin and Ricky
A Strange Set Of Circumstances Berlin brings her treasure to the boss and finds out the greater context. Berlin and Hana
2/28/18 That Would Be Unprofessional There's a hen in the wolves' den. Avi, Berlin, Curtis, Dearing, Devon, Lucille, Robyn
Wango Tango Two Hound sisters have a sleepover with rum, cupcakes, and chalk. Berlin and Lucille
3/8/18 Not Even Kind Of Over Colette returns from administrative leave to the support of her teammates — and a situation that is still anything but simple. Adel, Berlin, Colette, Lucille, and Robyn
3/10/18 Kids Old And Young Training is Serious Business around here. Avi and Berlin
3/14/18 The More You Know Homemade cookies, homemade education. Berlin, Colette, and Devon
3/19/18 Petit à Petit L'oiseau Fait Son Nid Little by little the bird builds its nest. Berlin and Francois
3/20/18 Tricky Ricky and Charlie's Angels Berlin returns to Staten Island with backup to find out who sold Ricky Daselles a critical piece of information. Colette, Berlin, Lucille, and Ricky
3/21/18 Planning Ahead Like, six years ahead. Berlin, Curtis, Eve, and Rue
3/30/18 Skycastle, Part III Wolfhound moves on Donna Dunlap's safe house in Detroit, but finds themselves cornered by an unexpected adversary. Adel, Avi, Berlin, Colette, Huruma, Lauren, Noa, and Robyn
4/16/18 Speculative Fiction Colette and Berlin hunt down eggs, trade stories, and theorize about what Wolfhound leadership gets up to in their free time. Berlin and Colette
4/28/18 Newb Meet the new Hound. Berlin, Devon, Felix, and Robyn
5/15/18 Bloodwork Lucille visits Elmhurst Hospital in search of answers to her miraculous healing. Berlin, Colette, Julie, and Lucille
5/23/18 Reasons To Worry Both Berlin and Robyn have them. Berlin and Robyn
6/14/18 Chiaroscuro You have two options. LeRoux
6/19/18 Shehecheyanu Hana has plans for a quiet, unassuming birthday evening. Those plans go south, fast. Berlin, Colette, Felix, Hana, Huruma, Lucille, Noa, and Robyn
6/20/18 In Pursuit LeRoux hounds her prey. LeRoux
6/22/18 Above Average Berlin runs into one of the new stalls at the market. Pretty literally. Berlin and Rory
Emergency Sleepover After meeting a cute guy, there's really only one thing for it. Berlin and Lucille
6/28/18 But Do You Have Moon Rabbit? Very important questions are asked. Berlin and Rory
7/4/18 Cracked and Torn Anger blossoms at a punk concert on the 4th of July. Alexander, Anders, Berlin, Lucille, Marlowe, Robyn, Rory, Tamara, and Zelda
7/19/18 Looks Promising A pair of friends hold an emergency sleepover to discuss romance— those that are and that could have been. Berlin and Lucille
7/22/18 Humanis Falls - Operation Ziptie Hana Gitelman, Vincent Lazzaro, and Strike Team Wendigo move in on Georgia Mayes. Adel, Berlin, Hana, Huruma, Mayes, Noa, and Vincent
7/25/18 Guest Pass Rory gets a visitor with an odd request. Berlin and Rory
8/4/18 Proper Procedure A pair of Hounds bring Robyn their concerns. Adel, Berlin, and Robyn
8/29/18 Fuck This Friends come together to help Lucille with the news about her father. Berlin, Colette, and Lucille
9/3-30/18 Thy Eternal Summer Ben Ryans gets a visitor. Leroux and Ryans
9/24/18 Civilian An interview turns out to not be one. Berlin and Richard
Security After a meeting with Richard, Berlin needs to get escorted out. Berlin and Luther
9/29/18 Blanc/Noir Look what you had to start / Why all the change of heart? / You need to play your part LeRoux
If You Stay After a close call, Berlin tries to warn Rory about what he’s gotten himself into. Berlin and Rory
9/30/18 What We Find In The Dark When Lucille doesn't return after a suspicious meeting with Ricky Daselles, Berlin Beckett goes in search of answers. Berlin and Zhao
What We Do To Each Other On the trail of Lucille, Berlin Beckett makes an unexpected discovery. Berlin and ???
10/2/18 An Address Lucille and Berlin ask a family friend for some help on a lead. Grotesque. Berlin, Lucille Peyton
10/3/18 Proverbs 21:15 Berlin makes a fatal decision. Berlin and ???
10/4/18 Après Moi, Le Déluge After a harrowing encounter, Berlin has nowhere else to turn… Avi, Berlin, and Hana
What Do We Call You? After a night of revelations, the harsh light of day. Avi, Berlin, and Hana
10/6/18 Exposé Lucille has an illuminating evening… Berlin, Lucille, and Ryans
10/16/18 Meet the Boyfriend Berlin introduces Lucille to her boyfriend. Berlin, Lucille, and Rory
10/25/18 It's Complicated Avi and Berlin have a heart to heart. Avi and Berlin
11/07/18 Runaways Berlin comes to the one person who can understand her situation. She brings a very supportive boyfriend with her. Berlin, Eileen, and Rory
11/15/18 Awkward Family Reunions Richard and Berlin discuss her situation, their situation, and the origins of all. Berlin and Richard
11/27/18 Wolves in the Library A group of young investigators swap knowledge… Berlin, Emily, and Squeaks
12/11/18 How Do We Forgive Our Fathers? Eileen endures Emily and Berlin. Just… being them. Berlin, Eileen, and Emily
12/12/18 The Book Of Three Berlin understands what she could become. Berlin and LeRoux
12/14/18 The Breakfast Club Berlin and Emily chat over breakfast before another day of healing, learning a little more about each other in the process. Berlin and Emily
12/15/18 Inkvestigations Berlin and Squeaks follow a lead on the mysterious cryptographer. Berlin and Squeaks
12/17/18 Big Fucking Jerk What's a few secrets between friends? Berlin, Colette, and Lucille
12/22/18 New Year, New You It's been years since these women have seen each other, but a bond remains. Gillian, Lene, and Nathalie
12/29/18 Above All Francois and Berlin discuss their shared past. Berlin and Francois
Date Title Summary Cast
1/2/19 The Foresight Saga Richard has a plan to catch the boogeyman. Berlin and Richard
1/4/19 Be Done After making a deal with Samson Gray, Richard leads a team out into the wilderness of New Mexico in search of a forgotten piece of the past that may hold the key to bringing the Travelers home. Alia, Berlin, Des, Kaylee, Richard, and Samson
The Elephant in the Observatory Berlin addresses it. Berlin, Des, and Richard
1/6/19 Favors for Favors Berlin comes to Delia's to fulfill a promise. It goes well. Astor, Berlin, Delia and Nick
1/9/19 Things My Mother Taught Me Berlin sees a vision of what might have been. Berlin, Nathalie, and Sarisa
1/10/19 Operation Hercules, Part III Wolfhound's operation to eliminate the Institute remnant encounters the unexpected. Adel, Berlin, Huruma, Kyle, Matthew, and Pete
1/17/19 What You Are "But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates." - Thomas Szasz Berlin
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