Logs for Emily Epstein
String Theory: Aftermath
Early 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
04/07 A Celebration Of History — Entrance Yamagato Industries throws a charity gala at the Fellowship Center, and all of New York is in attendance. Emily and Many Others, including Devon, Julie and Rue
A Celebration Of History — The Bar Attendees of the Fellowship Gala gather around the bar, and a tapestry of human lives is woven thread by thread. Emily and Many Others, including Devon and Lucille
07/14 Sixteen Missed Calls Emily Epstein checks her phone. Emily and Avi
August 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
08/13 Monkey Shines It's possibly the worst invitation to go scavenging in the history of the Safe Zone. Emily, Hailey, and Joe
08/24 Don't Break The Ice A chance second encounter goes hardly better than the first. Devon, Emily, and Lucille
08/26 Dinos and Dragons A muggy afternoon makes for a great trip to an air-conditioned bookstore Emily, Jim and Peyton
08/28 We Need More Light Sometimes when things seem darkest, the solution is a simple one. Emily and Julie
08/29 Conversational Painting Caspian chats with a passerby as his latest piece of graffiti outside the Red Hook Market goes up Emily and Caspian
A Scene at the Market This one is just what it says on the tin. Brynn, Emily, Frank, Hailey, Lene, and Rue
Time For That Now After a scene at the market two people with much more in common than they realize make a connection. Emily, Lene and Rue
08/30 When You Use a Bird to Write, It's Called 'Tweeting' Emily talks to a tiny visitor. Emily
September 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
09/04 Text Message Tango Emily reaches out to Devon in the hopes of repairing a missed connection. Emily and Devon
09/07 Winslow-Crawford Academy Gala A fundraising gala for the new Winslow-Crawford Academy is not without its conflicts, but nothing explodes. For once. Emily and Many Others, including Eve, Huruma, Peyton, and Richard
09/09 In Pursuit of Second Chances Emily finally tells Devon what she's getting him into with the favor she asked about. Emily and Devon
With Patience and Practice Somehow, Devon and Emily's excursion manages to not go worse than it did. Emily and Devon
09/11 An Unexpected Party Emily decides to not celebrate her birthday alone. She didn't realize how NOT alone that would end up being. Brynn, Devon, Emily, Joe, Lene, Lance, Owain
09/17 charlottesweb17 Emily goes to Gillian's library to access some resources … but Squeaks has a strange mystery she lets Emily in on. Emily, Gillian, Squeaks
Hypothesis n. a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. Emily and Squeaks
Cryptography n. the art of writing or solving codes. Brynn, Emily, Lance, and Squeaks
09/27 The Voice of the People Citizens of the Safe Zone gather for an unconventional town hall… Caspian, Delilah, Emily, Eve, Gillian, Greg, Joanne, Lance, Mira, Short, Sue, Tasha, Quentin, Richard, Squeaks, and Zelda
October 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
10/01 Delia Don't Delia makes a mess inside Emily's head, for a good cause. Delia, Emily, Huruma, and Lucille
Not A Small Thing Concerned by a lack of contact, Emily reaches out to Richard in the hopes of ascertaining Devon's whereabouts. Emily and Richard
10/02 Emergency Brass Injection: Tuba Strikes Back Eve hunts down an amateur paparazzi. Emily might be scarred for life. Emily and Eve
10/03 Dine and Dash An attempt at lunch turns into Days of our Lives. Avi, Emily and Devon
10/17 Ding Dong -- Dog Hailey drops in uninvited to give Brynn something she's missing. Ears. Brynn, Emily, and Hailey
10/18 Approximations Emily crosses paths with a familiar face and confirms there's no such thing as coincidences. Emily and Eileen
10/22 Yamagato Matsuri - Opening Ceremony Yamagato Industries kicks off their fall celebration with an outstanding fireworks display. Emily and Many Others, including Brynn, Lance, Squeaks, Colette, and Robyn
10/25 Yukata and Wishes Determined to make the most of the Matsuri, Emily tries to start her night out with Julie with a little cultural tourism. Emily and Julie
10/28 Bright and Cold Emily awakes distressed from what can only be a dream. God, she hopes it's a dream. Just Emily
10/31 Remembering II A trip is taken out of the Safe Zone to complete a ritual of remembrance. Emily and Devon
November 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
11/07 Finding Ryans In search of the dreamwalking Ryans, Emily encounters a close relation and tries to enlist their help in ending dreams so real, they might actually be visions. Emily and Ryans
11/02 With A Little Help A charitable organization attempts to bring some community to the Safe Zone… Delia, Emily, Eve, Ezra, Luther, and Squeaks]
11/03 Breaking Fast A well-meaning attempt at brunch. Awkward as ever. Devon, Emily, and Jared
11/07 Bomb Scare News of the bomb in Kansas City strikes a little close to home for Emily. Just Emily
11/08 A Different Sort of Memorial On the night of the most infamous date in New York City's modern history, some choose to celebrate life and the future instead of mourn the past. Cassandra, Emily, Eve, Hailey, Lynette, Nicole, Raquelle, Robyn, and Squeaks
11/10 Code Talkers Just because it's Saturday morning doesn't mean there's not work to be done and mysteries to solve! Brynn, Emily, Lance, Squeaks
11/18 Snowball Games After a heavy snow, some Safe Zone residents take advantage of the winter wonders while they last. Emily encounters Sibyl. Brynn, Emily, Jim, Peyton, Sibyl and Squeaks
11/27 Wolves In The Library A group of young investigators swap knowledge… / Emily meets Berlin. Berlin, Emily, and Squeaks
December 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
12/03 Pie Advice For Joe, giving advice is a piece of pie. It would help if Emily gave him some context, though. Emily and Joe
12/05 Resting Grinch Face Emily and Geneva find fellow Grinches in each other, igniting a new relationship. Emily and Geneva
12/06 More Emily has a dream. About a memory. Lifted to the surface by a voice that promises her she is more. Emily and … ?
12/07 A Thorny Patch Emily visits the gardens with the intent of petitioning Delia for assistance, but it takes intervention from Nick to clip the thorns from both of them. Delia , Emily, and Nick
12/10 Instant-Coffee Latte Decisions Tamara helps Emily to come to a decision regarding a complicated matter. Emily and Tamara
12/11 How Do We Forgive Our Fathers? Eileen endures Emily and Berlin. Just… being them. Berlin agrees to heal Emily. Berlin, Eileen, and Emily
12/14 The Breakfast Club Berlin and Emily chat over breakfast before another day of healing. Emily learns Berlin may be her half-sister, even if Avi doesn't want to believe it. Emily and Berlin
12/15 Snoopy Come Home text Emily and Julie
12/17 Gotcha The walls close in around the Epsteins. Emily and Avi are forced to talk to each other. Avi confirms Eileen Ruskin inhabits Sibyl Epstein Black Avi, Devon, Emily, and Richard
12/18 Be Careful What You Ask For They've got questions; she's (Sibyl's) got answers. Emily, Eve, Geneva, and Sibyl
No Good Deed Goes Emily and Geneva bring Sibyl back to the apartment in the hopes Julie can help. Sasha is there unexpectedly, but without him, things would go much worse. Emily, Geneva, Julie, and Sasha
Tough Calls Part I Eileen asks Emily to kill Sibyl. Geneva talks her out of it. Emily and Geneva
Tough Calls Part II Time ticking until Eileen Gray arrives, Emily successfully connects with Etienne Saint James in the hopes of doing the right thing. Emily and Etinne
Tough Calls Part III Eileen arrives at the apartment. Pulling Geneva's mind from her body and placing it into a bird, she tells them both it's to teach them a lesson. Emily. Eileen, and Geneva
12/21 Hummingbird in Winter Geneva returns to the apartment, and plans for restoring her are tentatively discussed. Emily and Geneva
12/28 No Boys Allowed Uncovering some boardgames, Squeaks capitalizes on their discovery to throw together an impromptu game night. Brynn, Squeaks, and Emily spend some time catching up. Brynn, Emily and Squeaks
12/29 Bookslides Iris offers assistance to Emily, who can't decide on just what she wants from the library. Emily and Iris
Scene mentions 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
01/07 Little Seedlings During an April Fool's Day prank on Avi, Devon and Lucille stumble on some private affairs. Avi, Devon and Lucille
07/22 Not His War Heading into a war with Humanis First, Avi Epstein looks to the past. It's not his war he's fighting. Avi
10/04 Terrible Teas After a leading dream, Huruma goes to check on one of the cubs. Delia learns who Emily is. Delia and Huruma
10/10 You Loved Him Gillian celebrates Jolene's birthday. Gillian and Lene
January 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
01/02 Small-Time Revenge Tactics Emily tries to enlist the LHK to help her get revenge on Richard Ray. One of the suggestions causes a fracture needing immediately addressed. Brynn, Emily, Hailey, Joe, and Weasel
01/03 No Coming Back From This Emily finally picks up the phone and tells Devon it's over. He convinces her to give him one last chance. Emily and Devon
01/04 School Shopping Emily, Joe, and Silvia converge on Prufrock's to acquire texts for their upcoming semester at Brooklyn College, forging a new friendship in the process. Emily, Joe, and Silvia
01/05 Queen Of The Stuffed Animals Emily travels to Providence looking for Eileen. She doesn't find her, but she meets Odette and Paul. Emily, Odette, and Paul
01/06 To Kill A Hummingbird II With her health gradually deteriorating, Geneva makes a demand to go see her body. She and Emily are both surprised to find visitors already there. Emily, Geneva, Hailey, and Idiot
01/07 Just For One Night Devon and Emily see each other for the last time before the mission. It's overshadowed by past mistakes and current anxieties, but they both get their feelings out in the open. Devon and Emily
01/10 Someone To Worry About Brynn and Emily share pizza, an Overlay, and have a heart-to-heart about forgiving the people you love. Brynn and Emily
01/11 Burning Books and Bridges After English, Emily and Joe have a chat that gets to be a bit too much for Emily when Joe doses her with some life advice. Emily and Joe
01/13 Lunchtime Confessions Emily drops by Raquelle's place for advice, finding more support than she ever expected. Emily and Raquelle
No Pretty Lies Avi waits for Emily to tell her of Devon's fate. Emily and Avi
01/21 Promises of Change and Violence A changed Eileen comes to restore Geneva to her body. Emily, Geneva, and Eileen
Volume II: Resurrection
February 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
02/04 Just Watch For Big Destructive Messes Starting a search for Magnes Varlane in earnest, Joe brings Emily to meet Elaine, who… did not know he wasn't actually dead. Emily, Elaine, and Joe
02/07 Fake Dead People In her search for a dead guy who's not really dead, Emily finds the first person on her list of contacts to be missing … and learns Squeaks has a belonging from another dead person who's not really dead. Emily and Squeaks
02/09 In Pursuit Of Searching the Ruins of Queens for a momento, Emily and Squeaks encounter … Eve? But not Eve? Emily, Eve, and Squeaks
02/10 Adieu Would Have Worked Just Fine An attempt to get information bears fruit, but not without a hiccup. Emily and Robyn
02/12 For Her Happiness, If Not Her Safety Emily finally connects with Magnes, only to tell him that his princess needs to stay in that other castle. Emily accidentally uses her ability to convince Magnes as much. Emily and Magnes
02/15 Shakedown Throwdown Emily learns you don't fuck with the LHK. Brynn. Emily, Joe, Lance, Squeaks and Hailey
02/16 Shoulder Angels Leo learns you don't fuck with the LHK. Emily, Joe, Leo, Squeaks and Raquelle
02/17 Quick Thinking and Compassion Emily touches base with Eileen, who says thank you. Emily and Eileen
02/19 Common Interest Geneva is introduced to the Inklady mystery and solves the next puzzle. Only one book left. Emily, Geneva and Squeaks
Reindeer Games Geneva takes Emily back to her place so she can return Hailey's Wolves copy. Hailey has a calf. Emily, Geneva and Hailey
02/20 Pizza Parlor Conspiracy Theories A quick trip to pick up pizza leads to the birth of conspiracy theories. Cassandra, Emily and Silas
Deathclouds And Other Stories Emily and Joe catch each other up on recent events. Emily and Joe
02/23 That's How Friendship Fucking Works Geneva and Emily have an argument about the way she handles herself and her affairs. Emily and Geneva
Stubborn Is Squeaks and Emily have the exact same argument Gene and Emily just had. Emily and Squeaks
March 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
03/01 The Equivalent of Shouting Emily thinks very loudly about Eileen and gets noticed by Kaylee. Emily and Kaylee
03/02 Mosaic Emily drops off a tile and sees one of the suspected facestealers, having a small panic about it with Geneva. Emily and Many Others, including Geneva
Facestealing Aliens From An Alternate Dimension Geneva and Emily step aside to discuss the plausibility of MORE reality-travelers. Emily and Geneva
03/03 Nothing Concrete Emily returns something old and lost; Squeaks is gifted something new. Eileen, Emily and Squeaks
03/04 Cutting Through Red Tape Emily semi-knowingly helps someone commit identification fraud. Emily and Dirk
03/06 Donut Mind Me Isis is stuck in Dirk's body and visits Fort Jay. Donut mind the body thief. Cooper, Corbin, Emily, Isis, and Squeaks
03/08 The Other Day Squeaks brings up what she overheard, and the two of them have to work through their trust issues. Emily's ability doesn't help her at all here, whether she knows it or not. Emily and Squeaks
03/13 Ukhozi Something like fate sees to it that Huruma encounters Emily when she needs it. Emily and Huruma
03/16 Unorderly Two strangers on the verge of falling apart acknowledge each other in passing. Emily's ability helps her seem like a person worth opening up to. Emily and Zachery
03/17 March Madness Emily engages in a grouptext to ask them for help with finding a hideout (for Eileen); immediately regrets it. Brynn, Emily, Geneva, Hailey, Joe, Lance and Squeaks
03/18 First Cuts Alia gets dragged for a haircut… and the first meeting of Elisabeth and Emily. Emily insults Elisabeth and slaps her for insisting Devon may still be alive. Alia, Aura, Elisabeth, Emily, and Raquelle
03/19 Coincidence of Circumstance Emily and Ryans have in common between them a healer, and now, a workplace. Emily and Ryans
03/20 Acornkinesis Attempting to househunt doesn't make a lot of progress. Silvia makes everyone think Emily might be an acornkinetic. It's brief, but she'll probably never live it down. Brynn, Emily, Geneva, Hailey, Lance and Silvia
03/23 Flip or Flop Brynn, Emily, and Squeaks try and fail to go househunting in Park Slope. Brynn, Emily and Squeaks
03/24 Brighton Your Day At a community cookout, a body washes up on shore. It's Devon. Aurora, Delilah, Devi, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Joe, Lily, Magnes, Remi, Richard, Ricky, Silvia, and Walter
Detente Elisabeth, Emily, and Richard congregate in the hospital waiting room. Elisabeth, Emily, and Richard
Dodging Obstacles Emily dodges all obstacles in her path for the sake of having a few moments alone with Devon. She confirms he's not a face-stealing alien from an alternate dimension. More or less. Emily and Devon
Icebreakers Emily and Lucille run into each other again, where they last ran into each other. It goes considerably better than the first time, for Devon's sake. Emily and Lucille
03/25 More Than Blood Berlin checks in on Emily to make sure she's taking care of herself. Emily and Berlin
03/30 First Step Emily seeks out Devon to let him know she wants to take the next step. Emily and Devon
April 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
04/01 Pink Tie Gala -- Cherry Blossom Festa Emily catches up with her mother at a gala, somehow keeping her cool. Emily and Many Others, including Rachel
04/07 Little Does She Know The latest adventure-chapter in Emily's series of questionable events involves a *former terrorist named Teo. She joins the lease. Emily and Teo
04/07 No Emily gets a phone-call she never hoped to: Avi's been hospitalized. She has a standoff with a nurse that leaves Eileen shaken. Eileen, Emily, and Richard
04/17 Second Life Emily and Teo go grocery shopping and discuss alternate selves, Emily's past illnesses, and the fact that Eve is still alive. Emily and Teo
04/19 Happy Accidents Emily and Joaquin run into each other on campus, and Emily tries to help him get his shit together. Emily and Joaquin
04/20 Pandora's Picnic Devon tries to get Elisabeth and Emily on better speaking terms, and shares he means to try and find his missing memories. Elisabeth, Emily and Devon
04/21 Fancy Meeting You... Again? Emily and Zachery meet again, and neither of the two slings insults at each other. They're becoming fast friends. Emily casts Bardic Inspiration on Zachery, and it lasts approximately ten minutes. Emily and Zachery
04/22 Ordinary World Devon comes over to introduce Emily to the parts of his life they never really discuss. Teo listens in. Emily, Devon, and Teo
04/23 Pandora's Crumble Kaylee breaks through the locks on Devon's memory, revealing that he died, was reanimated, and that Wolfhound has a spy. Emily stands as witness. Encountering Adam inside the unlocked memories causes Kaylee's curse to activate. Emily, Devon, and Kaylee
Figure This Out Panicked about what she saw in Devon's memory, Emily reaches out to Avi. Surprisingly, he shows up at Julie's. Emily accidentally uses her ability to corral her father indoors. Avi, Emily and Julie
04/24 Anonymous Chat Emily receives an invitation to "safeguard the future" and is welcomed into Richard's budding illuminati called Failsafe. redking36, skepE43, Dagger, cheshire, 1ivewire
04/25 Whole Authentic Self After hearing Raquelle on the radio, Emily stops by to apologize for her earlier behavior in his salon. Emily and Raquelle
04/27 All's Well Devon and Emily visit Kaylee in the hospital. There are lots of balloons. Devon, Emily and Kaylee
Multi-Date Montague Teo provides ninja training to Emily. Emily and Teo
May 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
05/04 What's Worth Knowing Emily runs into Etienne St. James on a pier and decides to ask him some serious life questions. Emily and Etienne
05/05 The Plague After deciding it's worth knowing, Emily goes to Eve in the hopes of learning more about Adam Monroe. She accidentally reaches for her ability. Emily and Eve
05/06 Small Moments Devon shows up to see Emily, and for once, it's not with bad news. They have a nice evening out together. Emily and Devon
05/07 Bowling With Friends Emily brings Devon out to go bowling. Brynn, Devon, Emily, Geneva, and Joe
05/09 Our New World Order After Teo is late to dinner, Emily points Francois in his direction. She immediately regrets it. Emily and Francois
Of Bad Ideas and Broken Hearts Francois and Teo's fight reminds Emily of things she half-remembers. Of a time her parents were together… but not really. Emily
05/11 We Fix It Berlin drops by to share worries about Devon, and Emily lets slip that Francois and Teo are married — but maybe not for much longer. Emily and Berlin
05/20 Meet Maya - Cops Virtual reality is a blast. The Cops simulation does not go well. Emily, Luther, Kaylee, Silas, and Squeaks
05/24 Less Than Kind Berlin Nathalie tries to bring Avi and Emily together so they can all have a family dinner. It ends with emotional blows being thrown. Avi, Emily, and Nathalie
Showcase Devon and Emily go to see the Yamagato/Praxis showcase. Devon, Emily, Huruma, and Many Others
05/30 A Couple of Terrorists and a Teenager At Emily's insistence (read: accidental ability usage), Teo has friends over for dinner. Alexander, Colette, Emily and name
05/31 Face In The Crowd Emily goes to Red Hook Market and runs into Silvia. Alvin, Emily, Silvia, and Sophie
Multi-Date Montague Teo provides ninja training to Emily. Emily Teo
June 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
06/01 Seeking Shelter Emily goes to Rochester to see Devon and runs into a healthy number of Hounds. Berlin, Curtis, Devon, Emily, Huruma, and Lucille
Shelter in the Storm Emily shares she's worried about Devon, even if she doesn't explain everything. Hopefully it's enough. Emily and Devon
06/03 Gather Round Eve shares what she's been up to and what she will be up to. Some of the LHK are less-than-enthused about it. Brynn, Emily, Eve, Joaquin, Joe, Lance, Nathalie, Squeaks, Weasel
06/04 Blonde Kaylee gives Emily an idea of what it's like in the life of a telepath. Emily and Kaylee
06/06 Lighthouse Reborn Emily helps Brynn and Joe clean the firehouse. Brynn, Emily and Joe
06/08 Arguments Against Developing a Habit of Rooftop Drinking Geneva comes over and the girls drink on the roof. Emily and Geneva
06/11 Missing X Failsafe reaches out. Emily becomes aware of the Praxis hack and shares her findings with Devon. Emily and Devon
06/15 Epigenetics, Part I Devon circles the wagons to plot next steps for figuring out what happened to him. Devon, Elisabeth, Emily and Richard
06/18 Epigenetics, Part II Zachery Miller is brought in to examine Devon, and it ends (almost) in blows. Emily accidentally uses her ability to calm Devon. Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Richard and Zachery
Afraid Together Emily and Devon take in air on the roof after… whatever the hell just happened. Emily and Devon
Afraid Alone One Devon experiences what happens to another. Devon
You're You, Maybe Devon, Emily, and Zachery
06/25 Amber Alert Squeaks, where are you? Emily, Felix, Joe, Joaquin, Lance, and Rhys
06/27 Relighting the Lantern The LHK move into their new home — The Lanthorn. Abby, Brynn, Emily, Joe, and Lance
July 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
07/01 Courage Astor the Time-Traveler reaches out to Emily to tell her about genetic destiny, and a task he needs her help with. Emily and Astor
07/03 Like Him Emily and Eileen are both saying things that make each other wary, but when Emily accidentally uses her ability in the middle of a conversation, it crosses a line. Emily and Eileen
07/09 Black Coffee, White Lies Emily runs into Zachery at the local coffee place and tries to apologize for accidentally using her ability on him previously. Emily and Zachery
07/11 Art Therapy Emily happens upon Silvia in one of the art rooms at Brooklyn College, and the two get some things off their chest. Emily and Silvia
07/19 Balmy Weather Devon and Emily catch up during the heatwave. Emily tells Devon about her ability. Emily and Devon
The Same Coin Devon is brought along for the ride when his other half spends an afternoon with Emily. Devon
07/23 Not Be Alone Emily sees the latest Praxis infodump and realizes that Nathalie is mentioned in it. She reaches out to see if her sister needs a shoulder to lean on. Emily and Nathalie
07/25 Take Some Air When Emily sees Huruma at Fort Jay, she takes the opportunity to ask her a bit about how her ability works. Emily and Huruma
07/26 Character Study Joaquin and Emily get together to study, but she finds what's up with his face to be a bigger deal. Emily and Joaquin
07/29 The Why Of It Emily asks Zachery why he was merely an orderly at Elmhurst, and gets more of an answer than she was bargaining for. Emily and Zachery, also Elisabeth
Chicken Legs Aura and Em do some bonding. So do Liz and Em. Emily and Elisabeth, also Aura
August 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
08/02 A Late Start Emily runs late to a meeting with her father. At a bar. Where Zachery is drunk, and Emily tries to use her ability to convince him to make better choices. He's drunk, though, so. Avi, Emily and Zachery
08/03 Starting Small Nathalie discovers that trying to share about the Conduits within her nets her less support than she thought it would. Emily accidentally uses her ability in the hopes Lance sees things from Nathalie's point of view. Emily, Nathalie, and Lance
08/04 Stand By Me, Part I Devon can't sleep. Emily and Devon
08/05 Not The Absence Of Fear Astor holds up his end of the deal by introducing Emily to Benji. Astor, Benji, and Emily
08/06 Operation Lohengrin When Devon is kidnapped to the Virgin Islands, Emily is, too. At least it's to see Richard and Elisabeth get married. Alia, Carina, Chel, Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Felix, Kaylee, Jared, Magnes, Raquelle, Richard, Warren
Cross-Dimensional Smalltalk Magnes and Emily chat after the wedding, getting over their initial bumpy start. Emily accidentally uses her ability in a moment of hope. Emily and Magnes
08/07 Beach Coffee Emily takes coffee with a Cassandra from another world. Emily and Cassandra
08/09 Coming Out Of Hiding Brynn comes to see Emily at home. Emily accidentally uses her ability in a moment of fear about what other people will think of it. Emily and Brynn
Needle Jasmine weaves Emily and Squeaks' dreams together until the shock of learning Squeaks' parentage tears Emily awake. Benji, Emily, and Squeaks
08/10 Late-Nite Riddles At a loss for what to do with what she's learned, Emily calls someone she trusts to have answers. Emily and Richard
Hail Mary Emily leaves Gillian a voicemail with what she's found. Hopefully she gets it in time. Emily
How Things Work Astor could call Emily any day, and she's still not comfortable with using her ability. It's something she'd have asked Eileen for advice on, which she can't, so instead she goes to the next closest person. Emily and Gabriel
08/11 Not Good At Being Vulnerable Joe and Emily witness a shoplifting attempt. Emily accidentally uses her ability in a moment of frustration. Emily and Joe
08/16 Stand By Me, Part II Devon shares what he learned regarding what happened to him before he escaped Praxis' clutches. There's a second Devon out there… and there's so much they don't know about him. Emily and Devon
08/20 Temperance An attempt to make a formal introduction for Joe at Wolfhound does not go at all as planned. Avi, Emily, Huruma, and Joe
September 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
09/01 Tr(e)as(h)ure When Geneva tries to start a fight on the beach with a trash-scooping princess, Emily reaches for her ability. It doesn't work as intended, but the fight is defused anyway. Emily, Finch, and Geneva
09/04 Kindred Spirits Two girls, each with their own spark, make acquaintance on campus. Emily and Ali
09/07 A Secret Chord Zachery looks for something in Emily he can't easily put to words, and what she thinks she hears in him may not be quite what she thinks it is. Emily and Zachery
09/10 Oreos Emily tries to rally Eve to do something about Squeaks, Gillian, and Lene being held at Praxia. When pushed for what she could do to help bring them home, she admits her ability. Emily and Eve
09/11 One Year Later Emily celebrates her birthday with the friends she's made over the last year. Brynn, Devon, Emily, Huruma, Geneva, Joe, and Silvia
09/13 A Fool's Errand Emily is approached by a stranger who invokes Eileen's name as she searches for signs of her missing loved one. Emily and Yi-Min
October 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
10/07 Another Boat Squeaks steals a phone to ask Emily to set up a more secure line of communication, but she has her doubts she'll be able. Emily and Squeaks
10/22 Adventures at the Maize Maze Harvest season comes, bringing outdoor activities to residents of the Safe Zone and Providence both. [Devon, Dumortier, Emily, and Roxie
10/22 A Coming of Age A gathering is held to celebrate Silvia's official coming of age. Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, Joe, Lance, Lynette, and Silvia
10/31 SESAween Halloween pranks turn into a wholesome photo opp. Cesar, Choi, Cooper, Emily, Lance, Robyn, Rhys, and Voss
November 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
11/04 An American Elm Emily and Lance get their first exposure to the Dendrolatry case when a victim is found inside an American Elm. Corbin, Emily, Lance, and Liza ]
Lost Spirits Emily and Liza go to speak with a private investigator regarding missing persons case. Emily, Liza, and Mann
11/08 Years Gone Emily listens to the sound of progress as the Itinerant Dawn prepares for launch … only for the event to turn to horror. Emily and Devon
11/09 Be True To Yourself Raquelle gives Emily a long-needed talk, including a lesson on being a light when all the world is dark. Emily and Raquelle
11/15 Jumpscare Emily thankfully isn't alone when she's jumped by one of her schoolmates in an anti-SLC-E hate crime. Emily and Zachery
Questionable Choices Zachery's full of them, but so is Emily. Between them both, they somehow manage to get cleaned up after being jumped near Brooklyn College. Emily, Julie, and Zachery
The Space Between Us Following some triage, Emily and Julie have a long-overdue heart to heart. Emily and Julie
Hot Toddy After a terrible day, Teo offers to fix Emily a drink. Emily and Teo
11/16 Day One When Emily goes to report what happened to her, it's to Elisabeth's people, and Devon happens to be visiting. Emily, Devon, Elisabeth, and Erin
Bad Communication Skills Emily apologizes for hers while Devon stresses everything will be all right. Emily and Devon
11/18 It's Gonna Be Okay Avi hears about what happened to Emily, and intercepts her when she's put on leave from work. Emily and Avi
11/22 A Yarnball Of Problems And A Helper To Untangle Them During her mandated time away from her internship, Emily Epstein reluctantly decides to find someone to help her 'unpack'. Emily and Everleigh
December 2019
Date Title Summary Cast
12/01 People Do Shitty Things Finch has a powerful reply to Emily's cynicism. Emily and Finch
Alone For the Holidays Emily recruits the Lighthouse to give Finch a home for the holidays. Brynn, Emily, Geneva, Joe, and Lance
12/03 Family Trees While chasing down possible leads for the Baldwin/Thornton cases, Corbin and Emily question an agrokinetic on the matter of trees. The conversation then branches unexpectedly. Emily, Corbin, and Dumortier
Ducking Spooks Emily stands by as Corbin completes a spot of personal business before they leave Providence. Emily, Chris, and Corbin
12/06 Blue Blood, Part II A joint SESA and NYPD operation converges on the center of Ghost Shadows' Refrain distribution in the Safe Zone. Avi, Cesar, Colette, Devon, Emily, Green,
Lance, Lucille, Modi, Nathalie, and Olson
A Moment To Breathe Immediately following Zhao's arrest, Emily corners him to demand answers about what happened to Squeaks. Emily and Zhao
12/08 A Very Wolfhound Christmas Party At the Bastion, Emily comes as Devon's plus one to a shitshow of a holiday party. Avi, Dearing, Devon, Emily, Finn, Francis, Huruma,
Lucille, Nathalie, Rory, Rue, Scott, and Seren
12/09 Dendrolatry The agents on the case come together to discuss where all evidence points. Corbin, Emily, Lance, Liza, and Nicole
12/10 Practicing the Art of Saying Goodbye Devon waits until the last moment to tell Emily he's leaving on a mission, and she does not take it well at all. Emily and Devon
12/11 Christmas Come Early The Lighthouse takes a little bird under their wing. A Finch. Brynn, Emily, Finch, Geneva, Joe, and Lance
12/13 Tuko Pamoja When Emily goes looking just for an outlet for her frustrations, Huruma instead offers fellowship. Emily and Huruma
12/23 Here Matters Zachery meets with Emily to tell her goodbye, again, and receives a stern reprimand for it. Emily and Zachery
12/24 The Promise of Presence Emily demands to know where it is Devon actually went if it wasn't California, and gets more than she bargained for. Emily and Devon
12/27 The Way Out Avi calls Emily to demand answers out of a wounded Eileen. Avi, Eileen, and Emily
Open Wounds Nathalie arrives to help pull Eileen back from the brink, even if it results in more argument than good. Avi, Eileen, Emily, and Nathalie
Caesuras Of Sisterhood Between Moments Of Crisis On the way from one medical crisis to the next, Nathalie and Emily pause to support each other while discussing the past, present, and future. Emily and Nathalie
Ephemeral Nathalie arrives in time to stabilize Francois, and Emily tries to reassure Teo. Emily, Nathalie, Scott, and Teo
A Reprieve for Both Parties Late morning after all of the chaos of the night before, Emily stumbles into Devon's quarters hoping for a break from the family drama that's engulfed her. Emily and Devon
12/29 Reunited The owner of the pup Joaquin found finally reunites with her canine companion. Emily, Joaquin, Roxie, and Silvia
12/31 Witness An unending circle of death. Emily and a haze of others
January 2020
Date Title Summary Cast
1/01 Something Wholly Theirs Brynn grants the gift of a shared tattoo to Emily and Nat to mark their sisterhood. Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, and Nathalie
Dangerous Game, part II Squeaks shows up suddenly, and it's all a bit fucking much. Nathalie leaves early while the rest of the present LHK talk at length with her. Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, Lance, Nathalie, Silvia, and Squeaks
1/02 Dreamers Round Eve summons the dreamers who Witnessed the Entity's message together. Dumortier, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Finch,
Isis, Kara, Kaylee, Nathalie,
Silas, and Yi-Min
Shattered Dreams Emily returns back to Eve's to look for Finch… she doesn't find her, but she overhears plenty. Dumortier, Emily, Kara, Silas, and Yi-Min
1/04 Surprise Bitch While visiting the Lanthorn, the LHK find one of their number inexplicably down in the basement. Brynn, Devon, Emily, Finch, Hailey, Joaquin, Lance, and Lily
1/06 Office Coffee Emily has a frustrating encounter with a new transfer. Becky, Emily, and Nicole
1/07 Cabin in the Woods Disturbed by Nathalie's disappearance, Emily and Devon check her cabin in Providence. Emily and Devon
1/11 No Tea, All Ice Cream Raquelle Cambria offers therapy in the form of ice cream, a spa day, and endless encouragement. Emily, Finch, afchar:Huruma]]], and Raquelle
1/15 Normal Enough Emily declares she'll fight anyone who tries to call Roxie abnormal for having an ability. Emily, Finch, and Roxie
1/16 News From Nowhere Lucille confronts Avi and demands he take action regarding Nathalie's disappearance. Avi, Emily and Lucille
1/29 Hic Sunt Leones Emily is part of a taskforce briefing regarding a kidnappings to fuel bloodsand battles. Cesar, Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Lance, Lucille, Shane, and Veronica
1/30 Et Sanguinem Harenae It's not Nathalie who was kidnapped by the bloodsands organizers— it was Geneva. Emily helps to encourage the crowd to keep to their seats using her ability. Cesar, Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Geneva, Faulkner, Lance, Lucille, Shane, and Veronica
Jamais Vu Emily and Lance are on standby when Geneva and Faulkner wake up in the hospital following their ordeal. Emily, Faulkner, Geneva, and Lance
February 2020
Date Title Summary Cast
2/01 Green Ash What starts out as a normal study session for Emily Epstein leads to the discovery of another victim in the Dendrolatry case. Emily and Ali
2/04 Better Off (Not) Knowing Avi is finally able to tell Emily he knows Nathalie's fate. Emily and Avi
2/12 The Straw That Breaks Emily succumbs to her grief after a week of putting on a brave face. Emily
The Jade Rabbit Rory stops by to check on Emily, and brings some of Nathalie's effects. Emily and Rory
2/13 Spilled Beans Emily and Zachery both have a lot weighing on their minds. For Emily, it's grief. For Zachery, it's… well… Emily and Zachery
2/14 Bday My Valentine On Cesar's birthday, the office starts a betting pool as to what Choi's favorite cake flavor is. Cesar, Cooper, Dirk, Emily, Geneva, Lance, Nicole
2/15 To Miss The Forest For The Trees SESA seeks to arrest Dr. Marten (Menard) for his crimes against Expressives, as well as find evidence toward the case of the girls being turned into trees. Emily, Lance, Liza, and Nicole
Better Late Than Emily calls Devon belatedly for a Valentine's date. Emily and Devon
2/27 The Tale of a Tulip Tree, Part I One loss still fresh in her mind, Emily panics when a friend calls her seemingly in danger… only to be betrayed by them. Emily
The Tale of a Tulip Tree, Part II Emily tries and fails to escape the fate Ali Underwood would consign her to. Emily and Ali
Volume III: Horizons
Date Title Summary Cast
??? What Do Trees Dream With the help of Kaylee, Avi and Devon are able to verify Emily's mental state after her transformation, visiting her in her dreams. Avi, Devon, Emily, and Kaylee
??? Under The Boughs of a Tulip Tree Emily doesn't know how much she's missed, and how what happened to her impacted those around her. ???
??? Falling Leaves A nightmare Emily is thrust into brings her shockingly in contact with friends of hers, who bring a salve of bright into her hazy world. Brynn, Delia, Emily, Finch, Geneva, Joe, Roxie, and Squeaks
??? So Much Better Than Twelve Dogs With Delia's help, Emily visits Finch's dreams for company both girls sorely need. Emily and Finch
October 2020
Date Title Summary Cast
??? Timber A tulip tree becomes a human once more. Ali, Avi, Corbin, Devon, Emily, and Julie
10/31 Overwrite Save? On a quiet night in, Emily convinces Devon to help her with a pranking spree on an empty Bastion. Emily and Devon
November 2020
Date Title Summary Cast
11/02 Someone Who Understands Emily acknowledges the twined path she and another of Ali's victims share. Emily and Caderina
11/08 Disorderly A year and an entirely different hospital later, neither Emily nor Zachery are as shipshape as they might hope to be. Though their circumstances are not as happy as either would like and they're wearing, in some ways, opposite hats as when they first met, enough has changed that this meeting ends differently than their first. Emily and Zachery
Visit from a Not-Daughter Emily lies her way into the ICU so Nicole isn't alone during Zachery's surgery. Emily and Nicole
11/11 Trust and Falling Emily returns something she stole on Halloween, and catches up with Huruma when visiting the Bastion. Emily and Huruma
December 2020
Date Title Summary Cast
12/06 Making Lemonade Out of Nightmares Remembering the nightmare she witnessed a year ago, Emily wonders if there's anything she can do to break an unending cycle of violence and hate. Emily
From The Ground Up Emily approaches friends to see about setting up an unbiased news station that includes SLC topics. Emily, Lance, and Robyn
12/17 Chance Encounter Emily accidentally uses her ability to bring Caderina and Lance together. Caderina, Emily and Lance
12/18 Early Out Emily and Geneva leave early before the holiday. Emily and Geneva
January 2021
Date Title Summary Cast
1/20 Changing/Guard Emily readies herself for another day at work while a new President is sworn in. Emily
10/20-1/21 Help Me Cope Emily seeks to find stability again from her sessions with Everleigh Madison. Emily and Everleigh
1/22 One Drink Avi breaks into Emily's house to share the last of the whiskey in the bottle she stole on Halloween. Emily and Avi
1/25 Dark Roast Emily makes good on her promise to extract from Zachery what's happened to him since she was transformed into a tree. Emily and Zachery
Breaking The Ice Emily meets the new Agent at work and tries to cover up an accidental workplace assault. Byrne, Cooper, Emily, Lance, Nicole, and Robyn
February 2021
Date Title Summary Cast
2/02 Sandman, Part III Following the attempted kidnapping of Jac Childs, SESA springs into action. Cooper, Corbin, Dana, Dirk, Emily, Farah, Hampton, Kenner, Lance, Nicole, Noah, Rhys, Robyn, Veronica, and Voss
Venn Diagrams There's more of an overlap between Emily and Hampton than the former knows, but the latter isn't telling. Emily and Hampton
A Long Game of Telephone Emily and Lance return home to check on Squeaks after the kidnapping attempt briefing. Brynn, Emily, Lance, and Squeaks
2/12 In The Shadow of Apollo Emily is assigned to support Noah on a diplomatic mission to Madagascar. Avi, Dajan, Devon, Emily, Farah, Huruma, and Noah
12/20-2/14 The Gift of Being Together The different ways they lean on each other only become apparent over time. Devon and Emily
2/12-2/15 In The Shadow of the Sun Nothing's what it first seems when the US delegation lands in Madagascar. Avi, Badrani, Dajan, Devon, Emily, Huruma, Noah, and Usutu
March 2021
Date Title Summary Cast
3/01 Crash Space After a night of partying, there's a new face at the Lanthorn. Brynn, Emily, Hailey, Jac, Joe, Kendall, and Lance
April 2021
Date Title Summary Cast
4/13 Shadow Shenanigans Emily gives Dumortier and Kendall a tour about the office. Dumortier, Emily, Geneva, Kendall, and Veronica
4/18 Good Vibrations On the way to the UK, Emily tells Cooper her secret… which he thinks is fucking primal. Cooper and Emily
4/19 Anarchy in the UK, Part I From Kansas City to London, SESA plans to make trouble for the kidnapper suspects in the plane crash case. Cooper, Emily, Gutierrez, Lance, and Liza
4/20 Of All The Places Emily and Zachery marvel at the insanity of their situation briefly before going to face it head-on. Emily and Zachery
Anarchy in the UK, Part V A strike team storms Whitehearth and uncovers the extent of the human rights violations performed against the Expressive prisoners interned there. Alistair, Claude, Cooper, Emily, Esme, Gutierrez, Lance, Liza, Reeves, and Zachery
May 2021
Date Title Summary Cast
5/xx Estate Something was left behind for Emily while she wasn't looking, and she wishes she'd have noticed sooner. Emily
5/01 title desc Emily and name
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