Timeline for Gillian (Aftermath)
gillian_volume01.jpg The pain of war can not exceed the woe of aftermath…
Date Title Summary Characters
Jan 2012 - Jan 2018
07/09/2017 Not A Bird An unknown girl shows up on Gillian's doorsteps with a box that contains a bird. That isn't a bird. Sibyl and Tavisha
07/10/2017 Pancake Breakfast In the wake of the previous night, Gillian makes pancakes and calls an old friend to pass on a message. Colette, Sibyl and Tavisha
01/17/2017 Something Other Than Yes A representative of Wolfhound shows up with some questions about a girl. Gillian is evasive. Rue
February 2018
02/21 It's Called The Safe Zone for a Reason Hailey Gerken shows up at her doorstep with a gunshot wound acquired outside the Safe Zone. Hailey and Julie
02/24 Aunt Gilly! After many unanswered calls (thanks bad cell service), Gillian goes to tell Hailey's younger brother what happened and runs into a few kids she didn't know would also be there. Brynn, Joe and Lance
Shot and Miserable That's what Hailey is. Hailey, Joe and Lance
02/25 Search For Friends With a pack of kids and a guy she doesn't really know, Gillian helps search for a missing monkey. But only finds the horse. Brynn, Caspian, Hailey, Joe and Lance
March 2018
03/02 Animal House Someone found the Monkey. Colette, Eimi and Hailey
03/03 Conflicted Interests Gillian meets with a SESA Agent to discuss Hailey's situation. And based on their previous interactions, there's some… conflict. And interest. And neither are helpful for the case. Cooper
03/05 Trouble and Monkeys SESA comes to interview Hailey. Cooper, Hailey and Rhys
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