Logs for Jim
Date Title Summary Cast
7/20/18 Full Service Joint Luther is tended to at the hospital after getting his arm broken. Jim is a very generous and resourceful attending nurse. Jim,Luther
8/12/18 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen After a support group meeting, a whole different group is formed. Chess, Jim, Lynette, Robyn
8/15/18 Everything You Touch Jim makes a house call, doesn't ask too many quesitions. Eileen,Jim,Lynette
8/16/18 Green Acres To help combat the ongoing food shortages the Safe Zone cooperative works on expanding their gardens, and enlists the help of local volunteers. Peyton, Dequan, Niki, Sue
8/16/18 I've Seen Fire While gardening at the Safe Zone Co-op, Jim has a disturbing vision. Jim
8/16/18 Kind of Useless, But It's Mine Jim's ability leaves him feeling frustrated after a vision he's not sure how to stop. Jim, Peyton
8/19/18 Wind Blows A meeting between the Fates. Eve, Jim, Tamara
8/26/18 Dinos and Dragons A muggy afternoon makes for a great trip to an air-conditioned bookstore. Emily,Jim,Peyton
9/07/18 Winslow Crawford Academy Gala A fundraising gala for the new Winslow-Crawford Academy is not without its conflicts, but nothing explodes. For once. Alister,Cooper,Delilah,Emily, Eve,Gwen,Huruma,Jim,Jonathan,Lene,Luther, Marlowe,Megan,Nicole,Orwell,Oscar,Peyton,Richard, Robyn,Tibby,Zain
9/07/18 I'm Not Me Kaylee brings a wounded Magnes Varlane to someone she believes can help. Jim,Kaylee,Luther,Lynette,Varlane
9/22/18 Who's Afraid of the Dark? With power outages becoming more frequent and longer lasting, some citizens of the Safe Zone find a scapegoat and an unfulfilling release of tension. Devon,Ezra,Hailey,Jim, Lance,Marlowe,Owain
9/29/18 Rollin' Dice The highs and lows of gambling are extreme at the Flying Fish Casino. Delia,Finn,Jim,Lucille, Tania
10/27/18 House of Mirrors The mirrored maze of a haunted house has multiple faces of fear in store for the guests. Delilah,Eve,Jim,Lance,Marlowe,Tania,Weasel
11/04/18 Must Be a Full Moon … or the week of a bad anniversary. The ER is always full on both. Jim,Megan
11/08/18 Tips and Tricks A change meeting in the Children's Library leads to some good advice. Eve,Jim
11/18/18 Snowball Games After a heavy snow, some Safe Zone residents take advantage of the winter wonders while they last. Brynn,Emily,Jim,Peyton, Sibyl,Squeaks
12/03/18 The Babe with the Power Jim is on hand to help talk down a newly manifested Telekinetic at Peyton's school. Jim,Peyton
12/04/18 Dammit, Jim! Quit tempting the Fates, man! What's wrong with you?? Huruma,Jim, Megan
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