Lynette Logs (Aftermath)
String Theory: Aftermath
Book 2, Volume 1: The Way Back
Date Title Summary Cast
01/12 In Other Words I love you. Lynette, Odessa, and Mateo
01/2012 - 05/2013 The Price We Pay For Love Lynette takes the first steps in her life after Mateo. Lynette
07/01 Blood On The Tarmac Eve plays unexpected backup to Zeus and The Olympians as they do their part to retake LAX. Eve, Lynette, and The Olympians
Date Title Summary Cast
06/04 Needs Must …when the Devil drives. Lynette, Nicole, and The Olympians
07/12 Love And Great Buildings Some things survive the test of time. Lynette and Ruiz
07/15 For The Both Of Us Returning from Mexico together, Ruiz tells Lynette a little bit about his life in another world. Lynette and Ruiz
08/19 Give Blood, Get Mud Lynette takes on a mission to rescue a team of captured rebels and friend. Luther and Lynette
09/30 Exactly Where We're Supposed To Be Two people who should have been worlds apart are building a little home at the edge of the pine forests. Lynette and Ruiz
10/06 Family Where You Find It Ruiz brings a version of a sister home to meet the family. Des, Lynette, and Ruiz
10/11 Up In Harlem A reunion of brothers and and those thought long lost begins to build an even bigger family. Des, Isabelle, Lynette, Ruiz, and Shaw
Date Title Summary Cast
11/02 Carnival of Rust Lynette meets a man who died for her— all over again. Lynette, Mateo, and Silvia
11/08 Electric Pull Lynette learns of Mateo's ability due to it's effect on her personal element. Lynette and Mateo
11/10 Point A Finds Point B During some lessons, Mateo and Lynette discover ways to bridge to points in space. Lynette and Mateo
11/11 A Metaphorical Labyrinth Lynette and Mateo play a round of Getting To Know You after getting to know one another. Lynette and Mateo
11/26 Unstable Another lesson does not go as good as the first and Lynette finally sees what he's been warning her about. Lynette and Mateo
12/04 You and Me Maybe we always meet. You and me. Lynette and Mateo
12/08 Tunnel Vision Mateo witnesses just how far Lynette's paranoia stretches and she gets to witness him under pressure. These both go real well! Lynette and Mateo
Jelly Bean In the aftermath of a battle to protect the Benchmark and it's patients, Lynette finally has to introduce her father to her something. And he gets a new nickname for her. Lynette and Mateo
Date Title Summary Cast
01/30 Other Otters When Eve shows up at the Benchmark, she discovers that there's some significant otterness happening. Eve, Lynette and Mateo
03/07 I Love You, Too Let me in the walls you've built around. We can light a match and burn them down. Let me hold your hand and dance 'round and 'round the flames in front of us. Dust to dust. Lynette and Mateo
06/28 What If... Lynette tries out a new aspect of her power and Mateo ends up finding out something new about his. Lynette and Mateo
10/10 That Would Be Enough Mateo and Lynette have fallen into a comfortable routine. So, of course, it has to be shaken a little. Lynette and Mateo
11/08 The Brightest Light The way back is closed, so for one group of travelers, the only way left to go is forward. Alia, Colette, Elaine, Elisabeth, Else, Goodman, Isabelle, Kain, Kathleen, Kaylee, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Odessa, Robyn, Tamara, Ruiz, Shaw, and Tyler
Burning Chrome, Part I The Travelers leave a gilded cage for a wasteland. Alia, Elaine, Elisabeth, Isabelle, Kain, Kaylee, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Odessa, Ruiz, Shaw, and Tyler
Burning Chrome, Part II The Wasteland welcomes some of the Travelers with a horrifying experience. Isabelle, Kaylee, Ling, Lynette, and Magnes
11/09 Ruminations On Revenge Some people want revenge, some don't. Eve, Lynette, Lynette, Odessa, Ruiz
January - May 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
01/29 The Forest Is Red Lynette tries to grapple with the things she sees in the garden of forking paths. Lynette and Ruiz
01/30 One Day at a Time Two companions in sobriety get together to touch base. Lynette and Russo
02/01 Leave the Past Behind WSZR goes live for the first time. Amadeus, Colette, Devon, Elaine, Jaiden, Jonathan, Kay, Lene, Lynette, Mateo, Peyton, Pines, Richard, Robyn, and Tuck
02/21 Favorites Huruma gets to jump ahead in line because she happens to know the bouncer. Huruma and Lynette
02/22 Emergency Brass Injection (Coda) After the events earlier in the day, Eve Mas places a phone call. Eve, Lynette, Mateo, and Robyn
02/25 Life is Beautiful Darkness can stay where it belongs. In the past. Lynette and Mateo
02/28 ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! ...Más o Menos For Mateo's (sort of) birthday, the Ruiz family has a small party. And Silvia gives him his first Dad Panic. Lynette, Mateo, and Silvia
03/01 Four Hands Primo and Secondo find each other in a moment of confusing harmony, followed by discordant chaos. Des, Lynette, and Mateo
03/02 Cobwebs They still lurk in the dark. Lynette and Mateo
Fate or Chance Lynette and Des discuss their intertwined circumstances over coffee. Des and Lynette
03/05 Mysteries of All Kinds Kaylee is introduced to Lynette's husband, solves some mysteries, gains new ones. Kaylee, Lynette, and Mateo
03/06 Thank You For Your Sacrifice The Eric Doyle Memorial Children's Library opens it's door for the first time. Caspian, Colette, Des, Eve, Gillian, Graeme, Joe, Kaylee, Lance, Lynette, Nicole, Peyton, Robyn, Russo, Sibyl, Silvia, and Tasha
Always After a strange afternoon, Lynette seeks solace in the one place she knows to find it. (It's in Mateo's favorite sweater.) Lynette and Mateo
03/08 On The Edge With You Eve's presence is something of a distraction at The Benchmark, but a welcome one for some. Eve, Lynette, and Mateo
03/09 Lighthouses and Sandcastles Mateo gets to calm his first Dad Panic when he meets Silvia's new friends and Lynette gets to reunite with some of the children from the Lighthouse. Joe, Lance, Lynette, Mateo, and Silvia
03/10 Are You Her? Making sense of what's been seen only brings up more questions. Des, Eve, and Lynette
03/13 The Wolf And The Lightning Nothing stays hidden in the past forever. And it's better to come clean before it all comes out. Lynette and Mateo
03/17 Not a Threat Richard and Lynette have an exchange of information that is mostly friendly. Lynette and Richard
Her Most Trusted Advisor Lynette proooobably needs to be talked down. Luckily, Huruma is around. Huruma and Lynette
03/19 Still Night It is still night, so the rules still apply. Lynette and Mateo
03/20 If You Choose To Accept It Huruma and Lynette come to Ryans with a mission and an aim to pull him out of retirement. Huruma, Lynette, and Ryans
03/30 Windows and Doors Hana continues unraveling the thread of people with interest in the Looking Glass — and learns there might indeed be a way to turn the window into a door. Hana, Lynette, and Mateo
04/03 The Circular Ruins Kaylee takes a small group of people into a confusing, twisting mindscape. That had been constructed by a long dead telepath whose influence still lingers in the mind of the young man she raised. Des, Kaylee, Lynette, and Mateo
Better Memories In light of having seen some of Mateo's memories, Lynette wants to learn about the better one— as well as offer him new ones for the future. Lynette and Mateo
04/06 607 Lynette reunites with a memory. Lynette
04/07 A Celebration Of History — Entrance Yamagato Industries throws a charity gala at the Fellowship Center, and all of New York is in attendance. Like Everyone
Bad Habits During the Yamagato Fellowship Gala, the Ruizes find a quiet spot. Lynette and Mateo
04/08 Her First Birthday Party Someone's never had a birthday party. This is rectified. Des, Kaylee, Lynette, Mateo, Richard, Sera, and Valerie
Every You, Every Me In the aftermath of something seen at a birthday party, a couple who has found each other in many timelines talk about it and what it means. Lynette and Mateo
04/11 Sisters of Sorts After nearly dying, Alix awakens to unfamiliar surroundings. Alix, Chess, Luther, and Lynette
04/13 A Community United The Safe Zone Cooperative holds its first quarter community town hall, and discovers that the people of the Safe Zone are united in desiring change, but divided in how that change can happen. Caspian, Cesar, Delilah, Eve, Gillian, Greg, Ingrid, Joanne, Jonathan, Lynette, Mira, Niki, Raquelle, Savannah, Sofia, Squeaks, Sue, Tasha, and Tuck
04/14 Ten O'Clock With Louise Campbell Lynette Rowan Ruiz participates in a panel debate about important issues. Lynette and Oscar
Backstage Pass While recording her talk-show spot, Lynette Rowan Ruiz's husband and good friend look on in the waiting room backstage and finally meet for the first time. Huruma, Lynette, and Mateo
04/15 Busy Work Chess needs something to occupy her mind. And her hands. Chess, Lynette, and Mateo
04/16 Near Miss The Benchmark opens its doors to the community and the community gets a few surprises. Caspian, Cesar, Des, Huruma, Lynette, Mateo, Nicole, Samson, and Veronica
04/17 A Wendigo's Story Huruma finds out one of the side effects to friendship. Huruma and Lynette
Better Than Flowers Cesar and Lynette visit a friend in the hospital. Cesar, Eve, and Lynette
04/18 Old Dogs, Old Tricks Mateo comes home to a new face, but an old problem. Lynette, Mateo, and Rafael
04/20 New World, New Life Robyn drops in on an old friend. Lynette, Mateo, and Robyn
Start Fresh Eimi finds herself back in New York. Eimi and Lynette
04/21 The Weirdest Santa Luther comes by the Benchmark to thank an old friend for all the help. Luther, Lynette, and Mateo
04/24 With All Urgency After a fight for his life, Mateo fights for it all over again. With help. Des, Lynette, and Mateo
No More Bullet Holes Lynette returns home to the Benchmark and tells their daughter what happened. Lynette, Mateo, and Silvia
04/28 In The Neighborhood That's where Vincent happens to be, completely by chance, when he comes to see and old friend. Lynette and Vincent
04/29 Cross Purposes A news article causes a flutter of activity at Fort Jay. Hana, Lynette, and Vincent
05/05 Existential Crisis Insomnia loves company. Chess and Lynette
05/09 Quoth The Raven Mateo and Lynette discuss how it is he came to be shot by a dead woman. Lynette and Mateo
05/11 Sounds From Another World Kaylee brings the Ruizes evidence of the lost otter. Kaylee, Lynette, and Mateo
June 2018 - January 2019
06/03 Stranger Things Silvia learns just how strange things are getting around the Benchmark and her little family. Lynette, Mateo, and Silvia
06/05 Doorstep Luther comes to a friend in a drunken stupor. Luther, Lynette, and Mateo
06/08 Neglect Can Do That The title is misleading. Lynette and Mateo
Given All The Givens Lynette delivers a message to Eileen. Eileen and Lynette
06/09 Worrying Trends Lynette tells Mateo what happened during her confrontation with Eileen. Lynette and Mateo
06/11 It Just Sort of Happened Lynette tells Vincent about her adventure in a mahjong parlor-slash-bar-slash-brothel on Staten Island. Lynette and Vincent
06/12 Is It Real? Lynette asks a very specific question of Sera. She gets a very {click} answer. Lynette and Sera
06/15 All The News That Is Lynette continues her tour of drunken bad news. Eve and Lynette
06/18 Happy Birthday, Here's Bad News Actually, she doesn't even say happy birthday. But they've got to save the world anyway. Lynette and Richard
Bad News All Around There's some good news mixed in too, but it's mostly bad. Lynette and Mateo
06/20 Queen of Cups Corbin and Lynette meet to discuss Odessa Price. Corbin, Hokuto, and Lynette
06/23 Our 007 Robyn Quinn is asked for some discreet assistance by the small but growing Clone Club. Chess, Lynette, and Robyn
Old Man Trouble Lynette has a few extra pieces of news to share with Robyn. Little of it goes over well. Lynette and Robyn
06/25 Before the Fall Lynette and Eve make a pact of sorts. Eve and Lynette
06/26 Eggshells Richard comes to talk to the Ruizes about an alternate version of Des. Lynette, Mateo, and Richard
One Minute More Mateo and Lynette have a small heart-to-heart after thoroughly making up. Lynette and Mateo
07/02 Unearthing Lynette's investigation into Odessa's past continues. Lynette and Sabra
07/13 Not Every Caterpillar Becomes A Butterfly They can hope, though. Lynette
07/18 Mistrust A night out for drinks brings out more than a buzz. Caspian, Devon, Elaine, Keira, Lucille, Lynette, Mateo, and Robyn
07/19 Embers Of The Times We Had Families past, present,and future come together at the Benchmark Center. Delilah, Lene, Lynette, Monica, Nia and Niel
08/12 League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen After a support group meeting, a whole different group is formed. Chess, Jim, Lynette, and Robyn
Terribly Normal Somewhere in Louisiana there's a woman who looks a lot like Chess whose normal life is going to be derailed soon. Chess, Lynette, and Robyn
08/15 Everything You Touch Lynette's past returns to haunt her. Also included: A grave warning about the future. Eileen, Jim, and Lynette
Reversal After a busy night, Lynette comes home. Lynette and Mateo
08/18 Getting a Team Together Richard first stops by Benchmark as he begins putting together a team to save Odessa's life. Lynette and Richard
04/28 – 08/26 This Is (Not) Fine A wayward clone adjusts to her life in the most unlikely family environment possible. Alix, Chess, Luther, and Lynette
09/02 I'm Not Me Kaylee brings a wounded Magnes Varlane to someone she believes can help. Jim, Kaylee, Luther, Lynette, and Varlane
10/18 The Sins Of The Past The Company didn't finish something back in their heyday… something that's coming back. Richard lays out the details for anyone who will listen. Alia, Asi, Atticus, Cassandra, Delia, Eve, Huruma, Jared, Kaylee, Luther, Lynette, Marlowe, Monica, Rasheed, Richard, Robyn, Sera, Squeaks, and Zelda
10/20 I'm Not You What secrets lie within the mind of Magnes J. Varlane? Kaylee, Lynette, Mateo, and Varlane
10/22 The Right Future Two people try to work out if there even is one. Luther and Lynette
The Tempest The travelers depart the Wasteland and find themselves somewhere beyond the sea… Cassandra, Cat, Elaine, Elisabeth, Isabelle, Kain, Lance, Ling, Lucy, Lynette, Odessa, Ruiz, Shaw, Squeaks, Walter
Oar Place or Mine? The Travelers meet with their rescuers and discover just how strange their new world is. Cat, Elisabeth, Isabelle, Lance, Lynette, Odessa, Shaw, Squeaks, Walter
10/24 Two Weary Souls, One Inescapable Truth It doesn't matter how weary you get when there are people counting on you. Elisabeth and Lynette
10/26 This World, Then The Next The waters may be treacherous, but two sisters resolve to forge ahead. Lynette and Odessa
11/07 These Arms Of Mine The Ruizes make themselves a small home away from home. Far away. Lynette and Ruiz
11/08 A Different Sort Of Memorial On the night of the most infamous date in New York City's modern history, some choose to celebrate life and the future instead of mourn the past. Cassandra, Emily, Eve, Hailey, Lynette, Nicole, Raquelle, Robyn, and Squeaks
11/25 The Way Back Is... Elisabeth, Mateo, and Lynette make a discovery. Carina, Elisabeth, Else, Lynette, Ruiz, Woods
Brother Wishes rarely come true in the expected way. Des, Lynette, Ruiz, Woods
12/01 Why Don't You Tell Me My Future A glimpse into the life that was, or could have been. Des, Lynette, Odessa, Ruiz
12/04 Converging Paths Lynette searches through the maze in her dreams once again, only this time she finds something. Lynette and Mateo
Bifurcation Mateo brings news of his interaction within the Garden to Richard. Lynette, Mateo, and Richard
12/12 Rain Keeps Falling After trying and failing to make her point, Njörun targets those she considers her enemies. Luckily they have a dreamwalker of their own. Delia, Lynette, Mateo, Nicole, and Delia
12/17 Speak No Evil Lynette provides assistance to a conspicuously quiet child and a seemingly benign liar. Abraxas, Lynette, and Nico
12/20 Mad Eve's Demand A summit of captains is held when dire news reaches the Pelago. Adam, Cassandra, Doyle, Elisabeth, Eve, Lynette, Magnes, Monica, Odessa, Remi, Ruiz, Ryans, Walter, and Woods
A Knife In The Dark A secret is revealed. Lynette
12/21 There is Always a Cost After learning about a boy from across the timelines, the Ruizes come to find him. Eileen, Finn, Lynette, Manuel, and Mateo
12/23 Sailors Take Warning Three women meet in the hopes of passing a warning to another dimension. Des, Eve, and Lynette
The Dread Pirate Sawyer, Part I The Travelers reach the edge of the Stormfront on their journey to the Commonwealth. Cat, Isabelle, Lance, Lynette, Ruiz, Namiko, Shaw, and Walter
The Dread Pirate Sawyer, Epilogue “This thing of darkness I; Acknowledge mine.” — William Shakespeare, The Tempest Biard, Lynette, Miles, Ruiz, and Veronica
When You Scream Into the Abyss... After surviving their encounter with the pirates of the Stormfront, the Travelers reach the end of their long journey… Carina, Cassandra, Denisa, Des, Doyle, Elaine, Elisabeth, Geneva, Isabelle, Kain, Kenner, Lance, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Miles, Namiko, Odessa, Remi, Ruiz, Silas, Trask, Walter, West, and Woods
...The Abyss Screams Back The Travelers are invited to dinner. Ashleigh, Carina, Cassandra, Denisa, Des, Devon, Edward, Elaine, Elisabeth, Geneva, Gerard, Isabelle, Joy, Kain, Kenner, Lance, Leroux, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Meredith, Miles, Namiko, Odessa, Remi, Roux, Ruia, Ruiz, Shaw, Silas, Stefan, Trask, Walter, West, and Woods
12/25 Closed, Part I The way back is… Elisabeth, Joy, Lynette, Ruiz, and Ria
Closed, Part II The way back is… Lynette, Mateo, Rasheed, Rhys, Richard, Warren
Closed, Part III When one door closes, a window opens. Elisabeth, Joy, Lynette, Ruiz, Odessa, and Ria
The Secret Miracle Her truth is stranger than fiction. Lynette, Mara, and Mateo
12/26 For Everything Mateo finds Lynette in the garden after a disaster. Lynette and Mateo
01/12 Threading the Needle, Part V One journey's end, is another's beginning. Carina, Cassandra, Chel, Denisa, Doyle, Elaine, Elisabeth, Isabelle, Joy, Kain, Kenner, Ling, Lucy, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Miles, Namiko, Odessa, Remi, Ria, Ruia, Ruiz, Shaw, Silas, Walter
Closing The Loop, Part II The serpent opens its mouth and devours itself. Cassandra, Corbin, Dana, Des, Elaine, Eve, Carina, Chel, Denisa, Hokuto, Kain, Kaylee, Lucy, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Mara, Mateo, Namiko, Rasheed, Remi, Rhys, Richard, Squeaks
Book 2, Volume 2: Resurrection
Date Title Summary Cast
02/28 String Theory We begin at the end. Corbin, Joy, Kaylee, Lynette, Lynette, Hokuto, Mara, Mateo, Ruiz and ???
Us Once they find their way home, Lynette and Mateo find out what they still have. Lynette and Ruiz
03/06 Job Hunting It's a bit easier when you went on a dimension-hopping adventure with the owner. Lynette, Miles and Evie
03/20 Lobby Chatter Lynette and Liz finally meet back up post-portals! Elisabeth and Lynette
03/24 Ghosts of You They can be hard to shake. Lynette and Silvia
03/28 The Trial of Odessa Price Every choice she has ever made comes back to haunt her in a battle for her very life. Many
04/05 A Ghost is a Wish A traveler from the Flooded universe meets someone who has been mourning his parallel self in this one. Chess, Lynette, and Miles
04/08 Her One Phone Call Upon her arrival at PISEC, Odessa is granted one phone call, and uses it to reconnect with those closest to her. Lynette, Odessa, and Ruiz
09/11 The Nothing SESA calls in a last-ditch favor to try an understand the anomaly. Lynette, Ruiz, and Voss
10/22 A Coming Of Age A gathering is held to celebrate one teenager's official coming of age. Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, Joe, Lance, Lynette, and Silvia
02/08 Parental Issues Richard has absolutely zero good news for Lynette. Lynette and Richard
02/10 Gone Away With The Snow After a meeting with Richard Ray, Lynette and Mateo drive to the Catskills in search of Karin Brauer. Lynette, Nolan and Ruiz
02/19 Four Difficult Words Best friends are there for you in good times and bad. Lynette and Nicole
03/12 Broken Glass After years apart, Lynette comes to the Bastion to ask a favor of Avi Epstein. Avi and Lynette
Book 2, Volume 3: Horizons
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