Logs for Nicole Miller


When What Why Who
03/06 The Same Mistakes There's a lot of ground to cover. Colette
03/07 Back in the Narrative I ask myself, what would you do if you had more time? Solo
03/10 Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There Feed your anger like fire. Robyn
03/12 Four Names Let's start this on the right foot. Zachery
03/13 Call Them Brothers Just frame the halves and call them a whole. Damian
03/25 Out of the Bag While inevitable, did it have to go like that? Cooper, Lance, and Noah, I think
04/04 Prelude to Armaweddon It's almost showtime. Colette, Damian, Richard, Tasha, and Zachery
Eat, Drink, and Be Married Let's just get wed, innit? Zachery and Guests
Hurricane Sera Ohhhh… dear. Damian, Sera, and Zachery
Cop, Doc, Capo, Politico Colette gives the most thoughtful gifts. Colette, Harry, and Zachery
A Sixpence in Her Shoe The first night of marriage. Zachery
04/05 The Eruption of Mount Giftsuvius Look at all these fucks people gave. Zachery
06/15 Ride Time to get the gang back together. Kara and Yi-Min
06/20 The Color of Twilight Things are beginning to take shape. Pippa and Zachery
07/04 Songs of Summer Good music and better friends. Delilah, Dirk, Faulkner, Lance, Magnes, Matthew, Pippa, Richard, Robyn, Rue, Seren, and Walter
07/06 The Ǝvent Welcome to hell. Abby, Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Gabriella, Gillian, Isabelle, Jac, Kaylee, Kimiko, Nova, Shaw, Yi-Min, and Zachery
07/07 Do we get what we deserve? Yi-Min
07/09 Hollow There are no answers. Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Nova, Squeaks, and Zachery
Real If only it wasn't. Zachery
07/18 The Walls (Better Not) Have Ears Where do we go from where we are now? Asi, Kara, Yi-Min, and Zachery
07/31 Shake It Off I'll never miss a beat, I'm lightning on my feet. Noah, probably, and Voss
See It In Your Eyes Don't you try to fight it. Zachery
Inclusion Zone You must gather your party before venturing forth. Kara and Yi-Min
08/01 It's Dangerous to Go Alone Sometimes it's best to consult those with experience. Lance
08/03 A Buried Past, Part I Some things should stay buried. Kara and Yi-Min
A Buried Past, Part II Some things should be brought to light. Kara and Yi-Min
08/07 Somebody Knows And someone will pay. Faulkner
09/05 Insight What could be more normal? Kenner
09/07 Butterscotch and Theories There's not a lot to speculate on. Bright
09/08 Förrgår, Part II What the cinnamon toast— Chris, Cooper, Corbin, Robyn, and ???
En Krusning i Tidsströmmen What can be learned from a time forgotten? Carver, Chris, Cooper, Dumortier, Elsef, Finn, Jepp, Kara, Mats, Roald, Robyn, Sonja, Stig, and Yi-Min
Djävlarna What the devil? Cooper, Finn, Jepp, Jim, Kara, Mats, and Yi-Min
Hjälpen Behöver Hjälp What can be done has been done. Carver, Chris, Cooper, Corbin, Dumortier, Elsef, Finn, Jim, Kara, Robyn, and Yi-Min
Hemma Innan Mörkret An unexpected ending to an unexpected day. Bright, Castle, Carver, Chris, Cooper, Corbin, Dumortier, Finn, Hedda, Jim, Kara, Robyn, and Yi-Min
10/10 Invasive Maneuvers With no answers forthcoming, a smattering of Sundered take measures themselves. Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Gillian, Isabelle, Jac, Kaylee, Nova, Shaw, Yi-Min, and Zachery
Say Something I'm giving up on you. Zachery
10/11 North by Northwest Why? Why this? Alia, Richard, and Zachery
10/15 !gnaB What? Castle, Pippa, and Zachery
10/17 A Familiar Dance Most of the bad blood has washed away. Gideon
10/26 Sympathetic Threads There's so much more than what meets the eye. Nolan and Rhys
11/01 One Migraine Later Into the blue. Asi, Faulkner, Isabelle, Kaylee, Nova, Yi-Min, and Zachery
11/05 Electrophysiology Well, it's worth a try, isn't it? Chel, Richard, and Yi-Min
11/06 Waking Up is Hard to Do I was wrong. Zachery
11/08 Visit From A Not-Daughter Kindness sometimes comes from unexpected places. Emily
11/13 What Do We Do Now? Lord only knows. Abby, Asi, Bright, Brynn, Castle, Daphne, Faulkner, Gabriella, Gillian, Jac, Kaylee, Nova, and Zachery
12/06 The Hunting Trip, Part I Maybe a new normal can be found. Harry, Pippa, and Zachery
Dinner Missed What time do you call this, then? Zachery
12/23 Fruit of the Scarlet Tree What? Abby, Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Gabriella, Gillian, Jac, Kaylee, Nova, Odessa, and Zachery
When What Why Who
01/17 TD-037-H Slumber parties and scary movies have never looked quite like this. Kara
01/23 Past Is Prologue Maybe there was something to be protected from after all. Irwin Croft
Cake and Counsel Just need to keep moving. Kaylee
01/25 Breaking the Ice Got to bring out the welcome wagon. Byrne, Cooper, Emily, Lance, and Robyn
01/30 What We Had To It's too much to bear. Pippa and Zachery
01/31 Too Big for a Basket Drastic measures are needed. Colette, Pippa, Tasha, and Zachery
02/01 Birdspotting Sometimes the right thing isn't always to the letter. Byrne
02/02 Sandman, Part III Leads need chased. Cooper, Corbin, Dana, Dirk, Emily, Farah, Hampton, Kenner, Lance, Noah, Robyn, Veronica, and Voss
On That List Now no one owes favors to anyone. Lance
For Your Approval The only recommendation not heeded is the one that has the most impact. Voss
02/08 #DIV/0! Part II It'd be a nice change of pace if someone could find some answers. Elliot
02/12 Turn It Inside Out Put your faith in nothing. Kenner
03/01 Echo Chamber These revelations may tear them apart. Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Gabriella, Jac, Kaylee, Nova, S.Attva, and Shaw
03/14 Hard Up Do you trust me? Byrne
03/19 Who Else? Who else knows what you've been hiding from me? Hm? "Rhys"
What Else? The list people that can be trusted just got a lot shorter, but it isn't all loss. Kenner and Samson
04/21 Making Up is Hard to Do They've found something worth fighting for, even if they aren't worth saving. Zachery
04/22 Some Reason to Be Angry The life may remain, but so does the blood on the hands. Lance
04/26 We Don't Talk About UK Someone doesn't understand the super secret part of super secret mission. Kendall
06/14 Mystery Visitor Just a brief stop at the office. Cooper, Dumortier, Emily, Kendall, and Wright
06/29 Chop Six impossible things before dessert. Nathan, Peter, and ????
07/02 Those People We can be whoever we want. Zachery
07/11 The Ǝxecution Time to take back what's ours. Abby, Asi, Avi, Colin, Faulkner, Francis, Kaylee, Kirk, Luther, Mayes, Noa, Nova, Nowell, Verse, Violette, and Zachery
Learn to Survive, Part I It's time to make some hard decisions. Abby, Asi, Avi, Colin, Faulkner, Francis, Jäger, Kaylee, Luther, Mayes, Noa, Nova, Nowell, Verse, Violette, and Zachery
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