Logs for Rue Lancaster


Date Title Summary Participants
03/09 Unlucky Duckling Clarity hurts. Avi
03/11 One More Night The truth is worse. Seren
03/17 Spares No One Grieving is a long journey. Megan
04/02 Bequeathed An unexpected honor. Huruma
08/11 La Ruelle en Noire Whatever. Richard
09/19 Rock the Cradle A visit from an old friend. Elliot
09/21 Coffee Connection Catching up. Wright
09/24 Obstruent Fine. Devon
10/24 Ow I've got you. Elliot
When It Matters Most What can't be undone. Axel and Seren
Ouch Licking wounds. Elliot
11/20 Rue Times Two That cat's out of the cradle, then. Elliot
11/22 The Offer to Help It hurts, but it's a good kind, maybe. Seren
11/24 Sensations Time to open up. Elliot
11/26 Season of Thanks/Season of Grief A Very Wolfhound Thanksgiving. Asi, Avi, Devon, Elliot, Francis, Marthe, Megan, Scott, and Wright
12/13 Traps for Troubadours Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name. Nick, Richard, and Wright
All the Sinners' Saints Just as every cop's a criminal… Broome, Joy, Marcus, Nick, Niklaus, Richard, Ruby, and Wright
Moment of Doubt and Pain Pilate washed his hands and sealed his fate. Elliot
As Heads Is Tails Just call me, Lucifer. Nick
What's Puzzling You There's so much that begs belief. Ruby
12/14 It Was You and Me Well, after all… Nick, Richard, and Wright
12/16 So They Imagined A long overdue apology. Seren
Date Title Summary Participants
01/05 Twelfth Night A gathering of loved ones. Elliot and Seren
02/28 Another Year Older It's all in their head, but also all in their head. Seren
Pas de Deux for Two Merrymakers If it's the last, at least it will have been a good one. Elliot
03/14 The Toll It's much higher than expected. Ames and Marthe
Infected Damn your love, damn the lies. Elliot and Wright
03/16 Still With You Thanks for all of it. Huruma
03/19 Unaccrued I've always been here. I always will be. Avi
03/21 Leaving on a Jet Plane I don't know if I'll be back again… Elliot
03/23 Broken Crown, Part I They're in over their heads. Nick and Rahm
03/25 Broken Crown, Part II Undeniably over their heads. Nick
03/26 Broken Crown, Part III The marks are chosen. Nick
03/27 Broken Crown, Part IV A lovely night for a swim. Nick and…
03/28 Broken Crown, Part V Neither of them is coming back from this alive. Avi, Lockheart, Ra'id, Remi, and Tafero
04/XX Apr├Ęs Moi Write violently about February. ???
07/11 Sunset Everyone deserves to be free. Aida, Arthur, Baruti, Charles, Niklaus, Prince, Ra'id, and Tibby
07/12 Tenuous Alliances It'll all come back around. Tibby
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