Tania Logs (Aftermath)
String Theory: Aftermath
Date Title Summary Cast
3/29/19 The Trial of Odessa Price Every choice she has ever made comes back to haunt her in a battle for her very life. Many
Date Title Summary Cast
2/24/18 Alone and Not Alone The Memorial Wall brings three people together; the youngest of them seeks help in finding what she's lost. Arlo, Hailey, and Tania
3/8/18 A Fine Line It's important not to cross it. Tania and Zain
3/19/18 A Crowd of Twisted Things A peaceful afternoon is fragmented by memory. Adel, Alvin, Caspian, Cesar, Elaine, Eve, Jonathan, Kay, Lance, Robyn, and Tania
3/23/18 Tabula Rasa Yamagato Park residents and guests lose something important to them. Alvin, Cassandra, Delia, Elaine, Kay, Marlowe, and Tania
On Certain Evenings There is a comfort that can only be found at the bottom of a bottle. Logan and Tania
4/1/18 Noodle Dream Two women encounter each other again at the place where they had alarmingly though temporarily lost their memories, and get to know each other's identities. Marlowe and Tania
4/2/18 Bang A dissenter from back West arrives in New York City with information for SESA. Cassandra Eve, Peyton, Tania, and…
4/7/18 Two Russians and an Englishman Walk into a Bar On the eve of the prestigious Yamagata gala, Sasha makes a confession to Tania and Logan. Logan, Sasha, and Tania
A Celebration Of History — Entrance Yamagato Industries throws a charity gala at the Fellowship Center, and all of New York is in attendance. Like Everyone
A Celebration of History - The Bar Attendees of the Fellowship Gala gather around the bar, and a tapestry of human lives is woven thread by thread. Most of them, lbr
A Celebration of History - Ladies' Room What should be a private space is invaded by sharp words and sharper teeth. Colette, Eve, Pearl, Sibyl, and Tania
A Celebration of History - Water Garden Other attendees of the gala seek privacy and comfort in a chilly, outdoor environment. Some of them
4/26/18 Finding Friday Tania and Marlowe get a bite on their lost dog poster. Jevaun, Marlowe, and Tania
5/2/18 If Memory Serves A mental cry for help brings people from both within and without Yamagato Park to the aid of a man in distress — and the source of all the strange visions. Alvin, Arlo, Cassandra, Elaine, Kay, Marlowe, Robyn, Tania
6/1/18 A Friday Reunion Tania and Marlowe reunite a man with his dog and plan other philanthropical acts. Arlo, Marlowe, and Tania
6/2/18 There Was An Attempt Tania and Sasha take advantage of an opportunity that does not go as planned. Sasha and Tania
6/6/18 What's Old Is New Again, Part II With assistance from Hana and Colette, Nicole, Tania and Sasha make a desperate bid to save John Logan from a prison of his own making. Buddy, Colette, Logan, Nicole, Sasha, and Tania
9/29/18 Rollin' Dice The highs and lows of gambling are extreme at the Flying Fish Casino. Delia, Finn, Jim, Lucille, and Tania
Mischief Managed After an empath disrupts a casino, one person takes the time to find out why. Salem and Tania
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