Tasha Logs (Aftermath)
February-April 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
2/26/18 If the Tide Gets too Strong Citizens of the Safe Zone get together to do a little bartering, a little socializing, and a little fortune telling. Many people
3/4/18 Anchors The trio celebrate Tamara's birthday and re-establish their bonds as they celebrate a day of love. Colette and Tamara
3/6/18 Thank You for Your Sacrifice The Doyle Memorial Library is opened. Many
3/12/18 Brave New World Cesar visits Tasha for some information on the food theft in the Market. Cesar
Date Title Summary Cast
1/08/12 Lucky Tasha awakens from what could have been much, much worse, and finds her father at her side. Vincent
1/09/12 I Love You Colette and Tasha are reunited 21 days after the fall of Pollepel Island. Colette
11/11/17 More Than the United States Personal relationships are strained when Vincent asks Tasha to put national security ahead of her heart. Vincent
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