After Midnight


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Scene Title After Midnight
Synopsis Chocolate milkshakes make everything better.
Date February 10, 2011

Dorchester Towers: Remi and Graeme's Apartment

It's late, even by Graeme's standards, which don't seem to match up to any clock, anywhere. While he was in the building before curfew struck, he didn't actually go up to the apartment he shares with Remi. Probably a good thing; instead, he spent a significant amount of the evening walking around the common areas, a significant period of time in the small weight room, headphones in, just zoning out the world.

So when Graeme does carefully, quietly open the door, at three in the morning, he's actually a bit tired. He lets the door click softly behind him before he leans back, not actually walking in further yet. Mainly, he's just tired.

When sharing a bed with a new person, Remi typically ends up having a small case of insomnia. Which is probably why Elaine is asleep in Remi's bed, and Remi is currently sitting out in the living room, curled up on the plush couch, with what appears to be a chocolate milkshake. Because while chocolate certainly won't help miss Davignon sleep, it does taste good, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

She hears her room mate's rather stunned, if not upset thoughts, before she actually hears his key in the door, blue eyes turning toward the entrance as he enters. "What's ze matter?"

"Family stuff," Graeme responds. It's twice true, really. "I was too distracted, this evening, didn't push through the deal I'd been working on. They agreed anyway, and I shouldn't have to do very much more with the estate, but … it's not what Jessa'd have wanted." He pauses. That's not the part that's really bothering him, it'd seem.

Shoes off, he makes his way over to his own room for a moment, a few minutes later emerging in pyjamas: black cotton pants, a black tee-shirt, and light tan leather slippers, his tablet also with him. He pads over to the couch, sets the tablet down, and gently sits down at the corner of the couch, moving Remi over a bit if necessary.

The redheaded Frenchwoman casts a glance toward her own bedroom door, where her companion for the evening is sleeping. Then, she's looking back to her room mate, letting the subject stand while he's disappearing into his room and changing into his pajamas. Once he gets to the couch, she scoots over to let him sit down, before she promptly wraps her arms around his shoulders.

"You 'ave to do better zan zat to omit information from me." She pets her room mate's hair, a smile on her face. "Zat isn't what's bothering you, oui? I'm 'ere to talk to whenever you need it…"

Graeme nods. I know, I know. It's complicated, a lot of it. I don't have words for any of this shit yet. His response isn't verbalised, because he doesn't trust his voice to do so. I was at the mall today, getting some clothes. Ran into the person who is apparently my biological sister. Half-sister, something. It's … there's a lot for me to think about right now. Graeme slips one arm around Remi, and half folds his legs up and under him.

The redhead quite happily snuggles up to her room mate, resting her head against his chest. Gotta love the gay room mate factor. Especially when he's so easy to snuggle. Anyhow, he seems like he needs the hugs after the day he apparently had. "Your sister?" She raises blue eyes up toward him. I can imagine. That's the one you came to New York to look for, isn't it?

Remi gently rests her chin on Graeme's shoulder, peering up at him. Sounds like it all caught you extremely off guard. Are you alright? She squeezes Graeme's waist, watching him thoughtfully. Probably better to stick to telepathy. Less likely to wake up her slumbering companion. Just to be certain, Remi quietly extends her ability to listen in on Elaine. She'll at least know if the woman's going to wake up.

Yeah, that one. There's some comfort for Graeme, in just being able to sit there. The idea of having a family, a family related to him by blood, has this habit of making him feel dreadfully alone in the world. I'd given up on finding her, more or less, and then I ran into her in the mall. I think I will be. He sighs, leans back, one arm around Remi and the other pushing his hair back, a bit. I mean, she's not the only reason, but yes. A big part of it, at least.

Remi smiles faintly up to her room mate, giving him another comforting squeeze. Well, it's good that you found her, at least. I take it the first meeting didn't go as well as you may have expected it to? She's just guessing, but by the looks of it, she's not too far off the dot. After a moment of thought, her milkshake is offered forth to Graeme. Chocolate helps!

No, not very well. To Graeme's benefit, he doesn't even actually think about the exact details of what 'not well' was, just lets it be at that. Chocolate, now chocolate does help. Though it could have gone worse. I was a bit of a mess after, when I met up with Liz. But I'll be alright, I think. Or at least he can repeat the fact that he'll be alright until he makes it true.

Well, did you at least get her number? Or give her some way to contact you in the future? She smiles warmly up at Graeme, reaching up to ruffle his short-short hair. "You'll be okay. We will 'ave to go do something later. Whatever you want, oui?" Remi sighs faintly, resting her head against Graeme's chest for a moment. Oh, and just so you aren't surprised, we have a temporary house guest.

Eyebrows raise, but other than that Graeme makes no mention of Remi's guest. He's got a clear enough idea, in any case. "Yeah, she has my number. I've got hers, but for now I'm going to give her a bit of time to get used to it." Graeme's voice is pitched very, very quietly, not quite a whisper, but close, and there're a few wavering bits within the sentence. His eyes close, momentarily.

Yeah. I went and got myself a bit of a wardrobe, since I never had much of one in New Mexico and even with my temperature tolerance most of my clothing from there's inappropriate for New York. It's all in my closet, already. And it's even mainly things Remi'll approve of, if not necessarily what she'd have picked for him.

It will probably take Graeme a few days to realize that Remi stashed a few Davignon pieces in Graeme's closet. She did her best to mix it in, but there's definitely a few pieces of clothes that cost far more than Graeme would likely be willing to spend on a piece of cloth. A small benefit of having Remi as a room mate, free designer clothing.

This conversation is probably a very odd one to overhear, if one doesn't have the ability that Remi has. That's good. She'll call you back, I am sure. It's probably a good idea to give her the time to grow accustomed to this. It's a big change, especially if she didn't know about you beforehand. She smiles up to her snuggle buddy.

Something like that, yeah. There goes Graeme not trusting his voice again, thoughts conflicted, and though he appreciates Remi's asking, there's obviously only so much of it he'll talk about with her. That, and he is in fact tired, having spent a good deal of his early afternoon and all of his evening trying to throw himself into physical activity to the point of forgetting.

The woman smiles softly, nodding up to Graeme. "You going to be okay?" Remi offers another squeeze to her room mate, her eyes hooding. After a moment, she leans forward long enough to pluck up the remote, turning on the television and setting the volume on low.

"I will be." Graeme chuckles a bit, if only because he's saying something he's not sure he believes yet, and picks up the tablet. It rests to one side, where he can scroll through news and other webpages he had open. A lot of stuff on some Deveaux Group, and a lot more on the Dome, an email back to a fellow teacher in New Mexico. Graeme does wrap his hand around the glass again, taking it back to have another sip, with a grin. Chocolate does help, even when he's not particularly wanting things to help.

There's the quiet sound of movement from the direction of Remi's bedroom, the door creaking open just slightly as Elaine peers out, bleary-eyed to see what's going on.

Remi quietly peeks over Graeme's shoulder, brows raising. Deveaux Group? What on earth is that? As he turns to a page on the dome, Remi points. "I 'ave a friend stuck in zere." She mumbles this quietly, surled up close to her room mate. "I 'ope 'e will be okay." This is said with a slightly worried tone to her voice. She kind of worries about Jaiden.

As the door creaks open, Remi's eyes raises toward her bedroom, straightening her posture just a little.

"I have a friend in there too," Graeme says quietly. It's the simplest answer at the moment, though he's never met her, nor talked to her. "It's a mess, really." And it's causing other friends of mine to lose sleep, and they still don't have a clue in hell what's causing it, or how to deal with it … The man tenses slightly at the creak of a door, even though he's been warned. Involuntary muscle response, really.

The redhead peeks out at the two in the living room, but given the conversation, Elaine doesn't seem to want to interrupt. She slowly pushes the door shut again.

The woman nods slowly toward Graeme. "Oui, it's very much a mess." She frowns. "'Ere is 'oping zat zey figure it out soon." She misses Jaiden. He came back into her life, then the dome drew them apart again. It kind of sucks, really. They'll figure it out. I'm sure someone will figure it out, right? They can't keep that thing up forever…

Remi tilts her head toward the bedroom door, brows raised. "Elaine, cher, you can come out 'ere." She calls this in a soft tone, just loud enough for Elaine to hear. Quietly, she reaches out with her ability, to listen in on Elaine's thoughts.

Mm, tired. Maybe I shouldn't interrupt. Elaine opens the door a little, peeking back towards the two. "You two seem like you're having a conversation of some importance. I don't want to get in the way if the two of you need to talk."

Graeme nods, letting the conversation slip back to being a silent one. It's funny, even to him, how quickly he's gotten used to his roommate's ability. I hope they do. "No, really, we're not." Graeme gives Elaine a bit of a smile.

"You are fine, cher." Remi leans over the couch, still half hanging off of Graeme, to offer a charming smile to Elaine. "You remember Graeme, my room mate." Damn chocolate, keeping her awake and cheerful. She'll probably crash here in another half an hour or so. "Come, join us."

Quietly heading out of the bedroom, Elaine's pulled on some clothes as she heads over to find a place to sit near the two. "If you're sure. Really, I don't want to get in the way," she insists, a tiny smile still on her lips. "Graeme. Nice to see you again." At least she's more relaxed than in the bar!

"Elaine, yes?" Graeme grins a bit, setting aside the tablet once more. In fact, Elaine coming out has helped the man regain some semblance of control over his thoughts, pushing the events of the day further in the background. He can be remarkably good at focusing on now.

And Graeme too is more relaxed than he was while in the bar. Of course, that's not particularly difficult. "It's good to see you again."

Remi…is just about always relaxed, or so it seems. As Elaine slips in, Remi promptly pats the spot next to her. Then, one of her arms is transferred around Elaine's waist, the woman leaning over and planting a small kiss on Elaine's cheek. Still nice and snuggled up against Graeme all the while, no less! "Nonsense, you would not be in ze way." She smiles.

Easier in a more relaxing climate to be more relaxed. Elaine settles in, leaning lightly against Remi. "I just try not to nose in to things that aren't my business, if they can be helped. The two of you couldn't sleep?" She questions.

Graeme nods. "Something like that. I don't typically sleep very much," he says. "It has to do with my ability, which is physical endurance." Once more, he snakes an arm around Remi. "I don't tire easily, and rarely sleep very much." He laughs, softly.

Remi smiles faintly toward Graeme, then over to Elaine, quite happily sandwiched between the pair. "I occasionally get insomnia. Tonight was one of zose nights, oui?" The woman smiles. "I am sorry if we woke you." She squeezes both Graeme and Elaine, looking quite content.

"Oh, no, it's not that, you were just fine," Elaine insists. More like just not used to waking up and not having someone there. She nods towards the two. "I guess that just means the two of you get quite a few late nights together. Keep each other company. It's good. Roommates are quite good for that."

Graeme shrugs. It's a pretty fluid gesture, even with someone leaning on him. "Most of the time, I spend my late nights in the weight room downstairs." Which would be why he'd only just recently come back up to the apartment. Then he grins, leans back.

Remi smiles faintly. She won't say that she woke up because there was someone in bed with her. She loves to snuggle in her sleep, but it just keeps her awake sometimes. She's not used to it. Not to mention the fact that her ability makes it even more difficult to sleep with someone next to her. She's strange like that, really. "I usually 'ave something sweet, zen go to bed and 'ave strange dreams." She giggles.

"I don't need something sweet to give me strange dreams, I'm afraid. I get them all on my own," Elaine laughs. She looks back to Graeme. "I can imagine you get to work out a lot then. That's nice. I wish I had time for the gym. I could use some muscle."

"It's good for thinking," Graeme says. "I envy the both of you. I just don't dream, not really. I think it comes with not sleeping so much."

The woman smiles, squeezing the two she's sandwiched between. "I should teach you some ballet, cher." She leans over, planting a kiss on the woman's cheek. "You 'ave ze perfect form for it." She chuckles softly. Flirt. Then, she's suddenly grinning to her room mate. "I should teach you ballet, too, Graeme. You would do wonderfully, and ABT 'as no issues with Evolved dancers."

Elaine laughs at the idea. "I would enjoy dancing, I suppose. I do not know I'd be so graceful at it. I never really tried. I wasn't much for physical activity. Most of the stuff I've done has been intellectual."

Graeme makes the most dubious face, really, and looks between the two. "Mayhaps." It's not like he has that much else to do with his time, and he's not going to be looking for actual work until summer anyway. "I doubt that the grace in playing soccer is anything like the grace one needs for something like ballet." It's not that he has anything against the idea of ballet, he just starts cracking up a little at the idea of himself doing any of it. Only a little bit.

Remi giggles softly. "Grace comes with practice." She smiles. "When I first started, I was clumsy as could be. When I first went en pointe, I felt like a gazelle." She smiles, resting her head gently against Elaine's shoulder. "But zen, I won't expect either of you to dance like a prima ballet dancer." She giggles. "But yes, I think zat both of you would enjoy it."

"I suppose I might use a little exercise… but I'm not sure that I have much time for that. I mean… I've got two jobs, school, and helping out Quinn with her music," Elaine points out, though there's a smile.

Graeme bites his lower lip, just to keep himself from laughing. "Where are you going to school?" The question to Elaine is one with genuine interest behind it.

Remi smiles. "It will be fun! Just twice a week can 'elp, oui?" She winks to Elaine. Not only is she quite enjoying Elaine's company, but she's also trying to get some business out of it. Ah, the life of a socialite. "What my room mate said, and what are you studying?"

Elaine leans a little more on Remi. "I'll give it a shot. I suppose twice a week couldn't hurt. It would be fun." She does perk a little at the interest in her schooling. "I'm at Columbia, studying linguistics. The actual language classes are a little too easy for my tastes, but I think the study of language in general is fascinating."

Graeme nods. "I took a set of courses in sociolinguistics, while I was in school, though several of the primary theories that were taught then have since been … discredited, at least somewhat. But it's an interesting field." He grins a bit sheepishly, as if he's suddenly aware that he's talking a bit much, or at least a little fast. "I… they were sort of required courses, and such. I was a sociology major, at a small men's college in New Mexico."

It's the Frenchwoman's turn to offer a sheepish smile. "I— didn't actually go to college. I 'ave danced most of my life. From ten to sixteen, I trained at Moscow State Academy of Choreography, and zen when I was sixteen, I was accepted into Bolshoi." She chuckles. "I 'ave education, but not an actual college degree." Remi squeezes Elaine around the waist, smiling over to Graeme.

"Sometimes that's more important, Remi," Elaine points out, but she smiles towards Graeme. "It's an interesting field, I think. I hope I can further it someday…" She says, grinning. "I'll make something of myself eventually. For now, I simply work hard and hope for the best."

"I think that's something a lot of us want, to some degree. To be able to further our field of study." There's the passion of someone who obviously likes academia behind Graeme's words. "None of the rest of the soccer team at college ever understood why I liked studying. But I do. And it gave me a well-rounded base of knowledge, so that later, when I had the coaching job, I could do things like sub for history or science." It was extra hours, too, especially after he'd lost the job as a bouncer, but that wasn't necessarily the most important part of it.

"And well, that's all any of us can do. Work hard and hope for the best." A sheepish smile. "Not to um… lecture, or anything. I can get carried away."

Remi giggles. Acting like a school teacher again. She winks over at her room mate, before smiling warmly to Elaine. "Oui. Well, if zere is an example of 'ard work paying off, I am it." A bright smile. "I worked 'ard all my life, and I earned my dream of being a Prima Ballerina Assoluta." She smiles brightly. "I still 'ave ze title, even if I don't dance on stage as often as I once did.

"That's something you can always have to show off. I never really thought I'd end up going to college." Elaine says. At least, not after the bomb. "I hope my work efforts allow me to be as successful as you." She states, hopefully. "God, I must sound so young."

Graeme chuckles, and reaches around Remi to pat Elaine's shoulder, just once. "Well, if it makes you feel any better, right after I stopped talking a moment ago, I … it was just that god, listening to myself talk I sound so old." He grins at her.

Remi laughs. "I am right in ze middle! Or something like zat." She can't help but giggle softly, offering both Graeme and Elaine a squeeze, while Elaine gets a kiss to the shoulder. "Don't worry, Elaine. You are young, oui, but zat just means you 'ave a lot of life a'ead of you to make yourself into something amazing, oui?" She kisses the woman on the cheek.

A glance is spared to Graeme, and Remi grins. "You're not old until you're fifty. And you certainly don't look old."

"Thank you, Remi. You're sweet." Elaine says, smiling warmly as she looks between the two of them. "And, for the record, I agree with her on this. You aren't old, Graeme. Not even remotely. You're, what, 29 maybe?"

"Nearly thirty-two," Graeme says, with a feigned, too-obvious grimace at admitting his age. "Though thank you." It's that over-thirty thing, really, that makes such the difference, and for all that Graeme isn't vain in the slightest, there are some things.

"I must agree with Elaine. You do not look your age, Monsieur Cormac." She giggles, squeezing Graeme once. Then, the woman leans back, a yawn escaping her mouth. "Mon dieu! Zere is zat second wave of tiredness." She smiles. "I may 'ave to return to bed."

Elaine laughs, looking back to Graeme. "You're very young at heart, I believe. Don't worry too much about it." She glances back to Remi. "Sleep sounds like a decent idea. I could probably use some more… a lot of stuff to do tomorrow."

Graeme flushes a bit at Remi's statements, and then gently pushes both of them, with this half-smile on his face that he's giving them both a hard time. "Go, go," he grins. "Sleep." The tone that's stated in suggests that he doesn't necessarily expect it of them, though, and he disentangles himself, standing up, grabbing his tablet, before resting a hand on Elaine's shoulder, and bending down to kiss the top of Remi's head. And thanks. I think… I think it'll all be okay.

Remi smiles softly, chuckling as Graeme pushes at them. Then, the slender woman raises to her feet, offering Elaine a hand up. She also gives Graeme a hug, and a kiss on both cheeks. "Sleep well, roomie." She smiles up to him. You'll be fine. Just get some rest, and let her have some time to wrap her head around the fact that she has a brother she never knew about.

Then, Remi is leading Elaine back to her room, for some snuggling and some sleep.

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