Log Icons

This page houses all log icons used In String Theory: Aftermath logs. These icons have a template and cannot be created by players.

Requesting an Icon

Icons are made for player characters, but may also be made for often-used or important NPCs, whether player-run or staff-run.

An icon can be requested in the following ways:

Method One:

  • On the Discord server, navigate to the #wiki-work channel
  • Ping @electrochemistry to alert Hudson to the fact that you'd like a new icon made
    • See below for requested information

Method Two:

  • Use New Post on the lower left hand of the Icon Request page to create a new thread
    • Provide the requested information (see below) and post
  • Go to the Discord server and navigate to the #wiki-work channel
    • Ping @electrochemistry to alert Hudson to your request and she'll check on the forum

All Requests Need:

  • The character's name
  • Timeline, if applicable (e.g. Wasteland Elaine)
  • A link to the image desired for the icon or request Dealer's Choice
Things to Note:

Method One is preferred, but either will work.
If opting for Dealer's Choice and the request is not for a default icon, please provide a vibe, mood, or physical trait desired (i.e. "angry," "sad," or "aviator sunglasses — just trust me, it's going to be funny").
For any number of reasons, the image provided may not be usable. In these cases Hudson may search for another version (higher quality) or a similar image (e.g. another image from the same appearance, scene, show, or film).
In the event that a similar viable image cannot be found, Hudson will attempt to match for mood.
If you are playing a character that has not yet debuted who is ~mysterious~ or otherwise a surprise and the icon needs to be held, just let Hudson know and she will refrain from uploading the icon until it is go time!

Tips and Tricks:

All images should have an unobstructed view of the PB's face.
Images with more width provide a more optimal canvas than an image that has enough height to display the PB, but is narrow.
Open, uncluttered backgrounds are best, but if you ask Hudson nicely, she may work some minor miracles. No promises.
For characters without PBs, such as unrevealed persons or those without form, let Hudson know and she'll work with you to find an image that fits the vibe you're going for.
When making your request directly through Discord, you can provide the image(s) you'd like for your icon(s) either directly in the #wiki-work channel or by PMing to Hudson. (You must still make a request on the channel even if you do not link the image(s) there.)
Players may request a new icon at any time. If this is not the character's first icon, please indicate if the request is for an additional icon, or if it's to replace a previous one. (e.g. "I picked this image to replace eve6.")
For any unanswered questions, please ask on either the Help or Wiki channels on Discord.

Please allow a few days for completion of your request.

That said, do feel free to ping Hudson if you feel your request may have been forgotten.

Displaying Your Log Icons On Your Page

That's cool, Hudson, but now that there's no gallery here, I have no idea what my icons are called.

That's rough stuff! Fortunately, I'm here to show you how to create a quick an easy table on your wiki page that'll help you reference your icons at a glance. First of all, let's take a look at an awesome example!


It's great, right? Got everything you need. Right away we're told it's her current icons. From there, the first row of the table tells us with what emotion or concept each icon is associated. Downtrodden, optimistic, the job, the family business, and the realm of dreams. We see what each icon looks like on the next row of the table. And the final row informs us of the name of each icon.

So, how do we create this? Glad you asked. I'm about to show you! It looks a little somethin' like'a dis…

= **Current Icons**
||~ Broken ||~ Better Times ||~ NYPD SCOUT ||~ RayTech ||~ In Dreams ||
|| [[image aftermath%3Alog-icons/kaylee6_icon.gif]] || [[image aftermath%3Alog-icons/kaylee3_icon.gif]] || [[image aftermath%3Alog-icons/kaylee5_icon.gif]] || [[image aftermath%3Alog-icons/kaylee2_icon.gif]] || [[image aftermath%3Alog-icons/s_kaylee_icon.gif]] ||
||~ kaylee6 ||~ kaylee3 ||~ kaylee5 ||~ kaylee2 ||~ s_kaylee ||

If you copied that text and pasta'd that right into your own page, you'd have exactly what's shown in the image above. So, what you wanna do from here is make this work for you! If you have any questions on how to do this, please just let me know. I can help you come up with different ideas for formatting if you like (my character pages utilize this concept, but in slightly different ways). And if you need assistance actually figuring out what each of your icons' file names are, hit me up.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License