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Active NPCs

NPC Role Contact
Aaron Smith A paralegal with more in his past than he knows about. Father of Bolivar Manhattan
Ace Callahan An enforcer for the d'Sarthe group who enjoys getting artistic with getting his way. Emily
Adam Monroe He's Adam Monroe. Manhattan
Adel Lane Wolfhound Operative, Sable and Elaine's future baby (via Magnes sperm) Queens
Adrienne Allen Former Institute scientist, now missing Manhattan
"Agent Castle" Classified Secret Agent Queens
Agent Davis Bright A smiling agent of the DOE, always with butterscotch candy on hand. Greenwich
"Agent Gates" An agent of the DOE who has seen too much, and now he'll see the end of the world, too. Manhattan
"Agent Hall" A DOE Agent hailing from a flooded world, and capable of getting into someone's head. Literally. Manhattan
"Agent Placard" Classified DOE Agent Queens
"Agent Tower" A warm and amicable agent of the DOE. Jug
Aida Baraka Sa'id One of the seers who founded Mazdak. Manhattan
Aislinn Graves A former Raytech biologist who was arrested after being found to work with Shedda-Dinu. Robyn
Alexander Alonzo A federal prosecutor who takes his job very seriously. Manhattan
Ali Underwood A very bad girl who has done very bad things. She seemed so sweet. Queens
Alistair McKeon A retired, emigrated Ferryman who thought he'd moved far enough away to escape more things like the Second American Civil War. Manhattan
Alix Glass Runaway genetic experiment. Manhattan
Alphonse Baumann "Problem Solver" Manhattan
Alvin Mott
Amanvir "Aman" Binepal An ability thief who works as both a tutor and a "non-chemical negator" when he's not working his day job. Emily
Amanvir Binepal An agent affiliated with the OEI's Remote Office. Emily
Ames Burgess-Tracy Child of Wright Tracy, Marthe Burgess, and Elliot Hitchens Elliot
Ande Kazah Ande runs a messenger service within the Safe Zone. Potential employer! Lynette
Anders Dennison Former DoEA lackey Greenwich
Andrew Mitchell A Naval Captain in a flooded universe. Manhattan
Angela Petrelli Mom's back, and we should all be afraid. Manhattan
Antje Kallenbach An old woman living her days in Providence talking to her bees and very few others. Manhattan
Antoni Paloma Director of Operations, SESA-NY Brooklyn
Antonio Garza Ally of Adam Monroe Manhattan
Aoi Housen An American expat come home again after Mugai-Ryu reassignment to Yamagato Park. Manhattan
April Silver Former Company agent, time-displaced leader of the Guardians Hana
Aria Baumgartner Deveaux Society Agent, Claudia Zimmerman's Assistant Manhattan
Arlo Lloyd Homeless man in the SZC Greenwich
Astor Loukas The son of Eileen and Gabriel Gray — in another, darker future. Chinatown
Astrid Nyström Rowdy criminal with a checkered past Brooklyn
Athan Stone A philanthropist who's secretly the son of a future Richard Cardinal and Gillian Childs. Manhattan
Athena Green Daughter of Leonardo Maxwell, bringing a whole lot of trouble to Staten Island. Eve
Aubree Finch Mother to a very special Finch. Manhattan
Audra Kane A mercenary working for Durandal. Manhattan
Aurora A drag performer and medical student with criminal underworld affiliations Brooklyn
Aurora (Aura) Harrison Daughter of Elisabeth Harrison and Richard Cardinal Ray. Experiences chromesthesia! Elisabeth
Ava Selinger Unsociable agrokinetic who just wants you to get off 'her' property Emily
Azadi Jahandar An agent of Mazdak, working in Yamagato. Manhattan
Azami Cambria A tiny hurricane of care, concern, whoop-ass — and mother to Raquelle
Babar "Bob" Barazani Head of Raytech Security and Kaylee's bodyguard Kaylee or Luther
Badrani Dunsimi Grandson of Huruma Dunsimi, with a penchant for sports and getting into trouble. Manhattan
Banri Komura Mugai-ryu Director, Japan Manhattan
Bao-Wei Cong Scientist Manhattan and Huruma
Barbara Tracy Bad role model. Mother of Wright Tracy. Elliot/Rawnie
Baruti Naidu One of Mazdak's founders, and father to Tibby Manhattan
Beatrix Reeves A bright agent of the Department of the Exterior, with the ability to open many doors. Greenwich
Becky Taylor SESA agent Eve
Benjamin Ryans Jr. Son of a Ryans, born in a flooded world. Kaylee
Bi'ch Nguyen Telepath and talented markswoman. Possibly up to something. Chinatown
Bruce Maddox Former Institute employee Manhattan
Bryant Kotch Attorney Manhattan
Buddy Arrowood The other Arrowood brother and gun-for-hire Rockefeller
Caderina Garbo NYPD File Clerk Hudson
Camilla Ball Sedro-Wooley Resident Robyn and Ellis
Candice Wilmer Former Company, Ferry; now associated with the Guardians Manhattan
Carina Harrison Mother of Elisabeth Harrison Manhattan
Carl Eli Sumter Joseph and Kaylee's son Kaylee
Carlos Melendez Former Mexican Coyote who worked with the Ferrymen Queens, Lynette & Manhattan
Carol Praeger First Lady and board member of Hope for America Brooklyn
Caroline Short Safe Zone Mayor Staff, Shared
Cassi Hayes Former Ferrymen ward Manhattan
Catherine "Kitty" Chesterfield An older Cat, from a darker future. Manhattan
Cecilia Weiss Former daughter of Kazimir Volken, with a new identity and new outlook. Also has a company all her own. Manhattan
Cedric Hesser Former presidential candidate, now the Secretary of the Department of the Interior. Manhattan
Charity Thornton Sedro-Wooley Resident Ellis
Charles Royce Award Winning Independent Photographer Queens
Charles Sharrow Former Vanguard Operative. Whereabouts Unknown Manhattan
Charlotte Roux Robyn's Mother Manhattan
Chase Kjelstrom Daughter of Else Kjelstrom, wielder of a magnificent sense of style. Manhattan
Christine Dowe That's Vice-President to you. Manhattan
Cindy Morrison Surrogate mother of Squeaks; "Last Existing Blockbuster Video" Manhattan
Claude Rains A man who barely knows who he is, much less what he's doing. Former Company Agent. Full-time difficult person. Manhattan (but Zachery come claim your boy already)
Clover Hull Guardians Organization Member Manhattan
Cora Wenyi A trusted woman within Yamagato, and also with other competing organizations. Manhattan
Cyrus Karr Founding member and former leader of the Guardians Manhattan
Daiyu Feng A Vanguard agent from another world, and seemingly has an agenda in this one. Manhattan
Dajan Dunsimi Son of Huruma Manhattan
Damian Deveaux A memory manipulator and son of a man who put a plan into motion long, long ago. Manhattan
Dana Carrington SESA Agent Manhattan
Daniel "Niel" Trafford Long-lost father of Delilah Trafford… and likely more. Manhattan
Daphne Millbrook A once-speedster turned synthetic human. Greenwich
Darryl Lincoln A technopath arguably more at peace in the flooded world owing to its general lack of still-functional technology. Manhattan
David Cardinal Ostensible father of Richard Ray, in hiding, believed dead by the rest of the world Manhattan
David Mann An Expressive detective who keeps his case notes in ordinary objects. Queens
Deacon Jones The head of the DOE. But does he really have any idea what's going on? Manhattan
Denisa Mendoza A Lighthouse Kid from another future — a far wetter future Queens
Devorah Weiss President of Brooklyn College Greenwich
Dheeraj Modi NYPD-SCOUT Sergeant Manhattan
Diana Hahn Security officer with Raytech. Manhattan
Donald R. Kenner SESA Agent Manhattan
Donna Dunlap Former Institute security chief turned fugitive Manhattan
Dr. Edwin C. Menard Professor at Brooklyn College Queens
Eizen Erizawa Ex-Chief of Security for Yamagato Industries NYC Manhattan
Eleanor Arrowood Red Hook Market coffee vendor none
Elena Moreno Agent of Durandal, get the fuck out of her way. Manhattan
Elia Faulkner Mother to both Faulkner and Isa. It's complicated. Manhattan
Elisa Zolotov Greg's Assistant Manhattan
'Ella Damaris Kay's Daughter Hudson
Ellen Cooper Thomas Cooper's daughter Kaylee/Cooper
Eloise Cosgrove Formerly an actress on River Styx, now a refugee after being kidnapped and detained by her government. Manhattan
Emmeline "Emmie" Sommerfield Secret Government Agent Queens
Eric Thompson A former Company agent, come forth with secrets. Manhattan
Erica Kravid Cross-Temporal Interloper Manhattan
Esme Leighton A child escapee of Whitehearth whose insistence on returning for her brother saved lives, but caused many deaths. Manhattan
Etana Huruma's seeress grandmother. Manhattan
Eugene Arrowood Gun-runner, smuggler, horrible scoundrel. Manhattan
Evelyn Waugh An executive of the Crito Corporation; Teleports in his free time Brooklyn
Evran Foster Member of the Ashen Emily
Ezra Castro Ezra is new to the NYCSZ, but eager to be involved with the community. Lynette
Farah Nazan-Gutierrez SESA Director Manhattan
Faruq Mansoor The uncle and adoptive father to Shaw. Manhattan
Francis Harkness Wolfhound Member Manhattan
Frank Collins An agent of SESA. Queens
Frederick Medina Anti-Expressive Politician Manhattan
Gabriella Milos A fashionista who's not who she believes. Greenwich
George Nowell British Minister of Evolved Affairs, leader of TORCHLIGHT. Manhattan
George Strickland A Deputy-Director with the CDC, overseer of mysterious projects. Manhattan
Gerard Gerken Mysterious Queens and Eve
Gerrit Van Dalen The father of Nova Van Dalen, caught up in a project gone so very wrong. Manhattan/Greenwich
Ghost A Teodoro from a brighter future, who goes by… Chinatown
Gideon d'Sarthe Leader of the d'Sarthe Group. Huruma
Gideon d'Sarthe
Greg Sharrow Co-Leader of the Sentinel Manhattan
Gregory "The Barber" York Criminal Ellis
Gregory Tracy Former US Army captain. Father of Wright Tracy. Elliot/Rawnie
Hachiro Otomo Chief of Technology, Yamagato Manhattan
Hampton Dartwell Fed oversight of civil and private agencies affiliated with Law Enforcement, currently overseeing programs in the New York Safe Zone. Greenwich
Hannah Emerson A woman from another universe, working security for the Deveaux Society. Manhattan
Hayate Kawahara A man who— at long last— has seized control of Yamagato Industries. Manhattan
Henry Hunter The head of Corporate Strategy for Renautas-Weiss. Manhattan
Herman Dreyer A mercenary working for Durandal. Manhattan
Hiro Nakamura Another Hiro, from another time, another world. Manhattan
Hokuto Ichihara Psychic phenomenon in Corbon Ayers' mind. Manhattan
Hollis Fitzroy Teacher at Winslow-Crawford Academy Hudson
Hugo Villanueva A child adopted by Tasha and Colette after navigating a manifestation that saved his life. Greenwich
Iago Ramirez Former Vanguard cell leader, and former dead man. Brooklyn
Indira Laghani International Observer with SESA Manhattan
Indy Lewis A metallokinetic jeweler with a stand at Red Hook Market. Rawnie
Ingrid Ryans Rose and Trellis owner, SZC volunteer Ellis
Iov Oblonsky A 'businessman' who goes by Sandman. Manhattan
Isidora King Lynette
Iván Allende An everyman looking to put his money to use back in the communities that made him millions. Emily
Jaiden Mortlock Shedda-Dinu Operative Manhattan
Jakob Tafero A former Marine who turned to Mazdak following his time at war. Manhattan
James Wells A SESA field agent assigned to various cases. Rawnie
James Woods Former Company Agent Manhattan
Jane Pak Jane Pak serves on President Praeger's cabinet as Attorney General. Lynette
Jared Harrison Chief Legal Officer, RayTech Industries Elisabeth
Jason Pierce DHS Operations Director, Head of Domestic Terror Task Force Manhattan
Jayce Cutter A man who used to go by "Moose". He hangs out with the d'Sarthe Group these days. Queens
Jayesh Singh Director of Admissions, Brooklyn College Greenwich
Jennifer Childs A literal mermaid who thrives best where there's water. Good thing the world's flooded. Queens
Jeremy Rowan Lynette's loving father and co-owner of the Benchmark Center. Lynette
Jesus A healer fixture of the former Crucible. Brooklyn
Jevaun Robinson Sheepshead Bay resident who serves as the neighborhood's eyes and ears. Greenwich
"Jiba" Artificial Intelligence; formerly Miko Otomo Manhattan
Jibram Montes Jibram is second in command of a local criminal group. Lynette
Jo Bevilacqua Deveaux Society Security Manhattan
Joanne Dair Former Ferry smuggler, member of the SZC Citizen's Watch Manhattan
Joel Burke SCOUT Detective Queens
Joey Stark Undiscovered Artist and Forger Hudson or Sack
Johannes Moser Resident of Sedro-Wooley Colony. Ellis
Jonah Tyler Whitney Son of Peyton Whitney. Loves dinosaurs. Greenwich
Jonathan Smith An invincible man living in a flooded world. Manhattan/Kaylee
José Ángel Manuel Ayala SLC-E Interpol Agent, on the case Chinatown
Joseph Sumter Former Ferry, now mental health counselor at Benchmark Brooklyn
Joshua Harding Mister President. He doesn't sleep. Manhattan
Joshua Lang Horseman Member Manhattan
Josiah Sanderson Formerly Security for Praxis Heavy Manhattan
Joss White Member of the Guardians Robyn
"Joy" Ancient former-ally of Adam Monroe. Manhattan
Jun Primo Psychologist formally working in Boston, MA until he was abducted. Chinatown
Juniper Whitmore Selling Pastries and possibly meeting up with the Former Lighthouse Kids Queens
Justin Potts A lawyer specializing in unique defense cases. Manhattan
Justin Warren Student/Former Lighthouse Kid Queens
Juwariya Naika-Dunsimi Madagascar Ambassador to the UN, daughter of Huruma Dunsimi Manhattan
Kara Prince A Pure Earth spy responsible for the onboard sabotage of the Itinerant Dawn… stranded in time with information that could shape or destroy a future. Manhattan
Karen Thatcher Kaylee's mother, a woman with a past different than she recalls. Manhattan
Kasha Abby's daughter, adopted as a baby. Abby
Kasha "Cash" Beauchamp A statue in Park Slope. A gardener at the Satoru Gardens. Looking in on the Lighthouse Kids Queens
Kate Archer A private consultant forcibly released by her previous employer. Manhattan
Kathleen Brooks SESA agent, negotiator, and profiler; sister of Tamara Rose & Manhattan
Kimberly Oliver Clone Manhattan
Kimiko Nakamura Disembodied consciousness Manhattan
Kjerstin Lind Swedish contractor working for Praxis Heavy Industries Ellis
Kotoe Kobayashi Child Living in Yamagato Park, Daughter of Ruri Queens
Kristopher Voss SESA Deputy-Director Manhattan
Kyla Renautas "Kyla" is an information handler for the Institute remnant and twin sister to "Kyle." Manhattan
Kyle Renautas "Kyle" is a former information courier for the Institute remnant and twin brother to "Kyla." Manhattan
Layla Bomber A precognitive member of the Exiles. Eve
Leah Hesser Daughter of Cedric Hesser, one of the few people who can sense that Something Is Wrong. Manhattan
Leon Heller A General who outlasted the wars of the flooded world. Manhattan
Leona Salvatore The Hands of Mary's financial expert. Queens and Lynette
Levi Walker Member of the Guardians. Lynette
Lexington Lane She runs a Pleasure Island style corner of Staten Island. Oh, and a criminal enterprise. Lynette
Libby Case Sister of Tyler Case Manhattan
Lily Adams Former Lighthouse Kid, currently ??? Queens
Limerick Gun-for-hire and fighter in the Crucible Ellis
Linda Tavara A terrifying woman serving with the Royals of the flooded world. Manhattan
Lisa Bradbury CLASSIFIED Manhattan
Lou Marconi RayTech Security Kaylee or Luther
Louis Chambers IV An asylum applicant with a highly recognizable face. Manhattan
Lucas Van de Walle A mercenary working for Durandal. Manhattan
Lucien Crane A man with a penchant for controlling others, nested in a bed of secrets. Manhattan
Lucine Halebi Former Ferrymen ward, ex-Mazdak prisoner. Possesses strange and unknown ability. Manhattan
Lucy Tanner A transplant from a flooded future, finding her future in underwater salvage. Queens
Lyndon Altas Dillons A businessman harboring a quiet desire for a Pure Earth. Isis
Lyuba Kolosova Brooklyn College professor of foreign affairs, author of Wolves of the Valhalla Rose
Madeline Choi SESA SecretaryManhattan
Mala Patel A super-strength empath from the Lighthouse of a flooded world Queens
Manny Calavera A bodyguard with a complicated past and question marks for a future. Manhattan
Mara Angier Staten Island Trade Commission Auditor/Face Breaker Manhattan
Marcus Donovan NYPD Commissioner Manhattan
Marcus Donovan
Marcus Raith The man behind the curtain at the OEI. Manhattan
Margaux Maxwell Con-artist and member of the Staten Island Trade Commission Ellis
Marie d'Sarthe Daughter of Gideon d'Sarthe Huruma
Marlon Toussaint A sympathetic agent of the DOE with a marvelous accent. Greenwich
Marthe Burgess School nurse at Winslow Crawford Academy for the Gifted. Wife of Wright Tracy. Elliot/Wright
Martin Pines Owner and manager of WSZR Radio Manhattan
Marvin Whitlow To be defined soon. Brooklyn
Matthew Olson Safe Zone Military Police Major Staff, Shared
Matthew Parkman Jr. Orphan Manhattan
Maude Winn A portal user member of the Exiles. Eve
Maxwell Huber A brilliant engineer for InVerse, in way over his head. Manhattan
Mazhar Basim Nader An agent of SESA. Queens
Michel Fabien Harris He's MF Harris, an agent of the DOE. Manhattan
Michelle Cardinal Richard's Mother Manhattan
Miguel Cambria Raquelle's Father Manhattan
Mihaja Naika Celerity Technologies CEO Manhattan
Mira Sadowsky Member of the SZC Citizen's Watch Manhattan
Miriam Gold Miriam is a member of The Hands of Mary. Lynette
Mohinder Suresh World-Famous Geneticist/War Criminal Manhattan
Monica Dawson A valkyrie who rides the land as well as the seas of the flooded world with flair. Monica
Morgan F. Atkins The CEO of InVerse Technologies. He's a very patient man. Until he's not. Manhattan
"Mr. Claremont" A man with a rare form of metallokinesis he's never supposed to use. Manhattan
Mr. Stanley Raytech's favorite janitor. He's seen it all. Kaylee
Nagano Genki Government agent of Japan, consultant for the Mugai-Ryu Asi
Namiko Wesley Khan A DJ in one world, employee of Yamagato in another; adopted daughter of Isa and Shaw in both Lynette
Nester Conroy An intern tasked to listen to a radio that changes everything. Manhattan
Nia Dawson Deveaux Group volunteer Manhattan
Nigel Fernsby A friend of Agent Reeves, owner of a magnificent cat. Greenwich
Niklaus Zimmerman Deveaux Society International Operative Manhattan
Noa Gitelman Time-traveler, former Ferry, Wolfhound operative Greenwich
Noah Bennet Former Ferrymen founder; Town Councilor of Snoqualmie, WA. Manhattan
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Deceased NPCs

NPC Former Role Contact
"Agent Duvall"
Alice Shaw Deveaux Society Leadership, SESA Public Relations Manhattan
Antoine Boulle
Caspar Abraham Information retention specialist for Company and Institute; whereabouts unknown Manhattan
Celeste Wax
Charlotte Roux Robyn's Mother Manhattan
Claudia Zimmerman Secretary of SESA Manhattan
Claudius Kellar Ally of Adam Monroe, Consulting Company CEO Manhattan
Colin Price Odessa's Father Manhattan
Colin Verse Institute technopath, but not always of his own free will. Goes by V.Iris Manhattan
Daniel Espenosa
Dima Mansoor
Eilean Ni Chuilleanain
Eric Mas
Erica Kravid Former Institute R&D administrator turned fugitive Manhattan
Erling Olsen Information broker on Staten Island Ellis
Georgia Mayes Former DoEA official, Humanis first! war criminal Brooklyn
Howard Lemay Former Company, former Institute, former DHS Liaison to the CDC. Currently? A lifetime occupant at Liberty Island detention center. womp womp. Manhattan
Ivy Hollows Genetic experiment. Manhattan
James Dearing Former LAPD and bounty hunter, now Wolfhound operative Manhattan
James Quill Once an agent of the Company, but now only dust in the wind. Manhattan
James T. Kirk A fully-synthetic PHARO being. But don't let anyone tell him he isn't real. Manhattan
Jason Mines Enforcer for the d'Sarthe Group Manhattan/Huruma
Jonathan Zarek
Kam Nisatta Resurrected by the Entity. Manhattan
Kazimir Volken
Kenji Saito SESA Agent-Trainee Manhattan
Kin Egami President of Yamagato, New York Safe Zone branch Manhattan
Lanhua Chen Praxis Heavy Industries Assassin Manhattan
Lauren Gilmore Former Company agent, former Arcology chief of security, now missing Manhattan
Lukas Maes
Madeline Rouen Former Black Conduit Bearer Manhattan
Magnes Varlane Presumed clone of Magnes Varlane. Manhattan
Marigold Wax
Mark Ryans
Michael Green Self-serving criminal, former right hand of Adam Monroe. Manhattan
Michael Lowell Former CIA turned SESA agent, murdered Manhattan
Michal Valentin Former Company, Humanis First!, war hero, and whereabouts unknown Brooklyn
Miko Otomo Daughter of Hachiro Otomo and fiancee of Eizen Erizawa Manhattan
Ra'id Abdul-Jalil Sabbagh
Rebecca Ayers
Richard Drucker
Richard Schwenkman Institute-remnant scientist Manhattan
Rodney Dearing
Roselyn Darrow
Roy Raith
Siobhan Delaflote Former Ferrymen safehouse operator and human trafficker; whereabouts unknown as of 2013 Manhattan
Stefan Morrison Squeaks' Adoptive Father Manhattan
Stephen Verse
Valerie "V" Mas
Violet "Vi" Sharp Mysterious Figure Manhattan
Wai Ching Tsai Ghost Shadows Triad Underboss Manhattan
Walter Renautas Historic figure Manhattan
Wenzhuo Zhao Former head of the Ghost Shadows triad. Currently a confidant of Adam Monroe. Manhattan
William Sadler A mysterious killer stalking the streets of the Safe Zone. Manhattan

Inactive NPCs

NPC Status Contact
Amalia Hoffman Rose
Flint Deckard Rockefeller
Hector Steel Rockefeller
Jasper Shambrook Brooklyn
Kayla Reid Rose
Klaus Fleischer Rockefeller
Taiki Mori Rose
Tanith Caldwell Active Remi
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