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Active NPCs

NPC Role Contact
Noel Hazel Daughter of Julien Dumont and Sabine Hazel Manhattan
Nolan Harper Son of Desmond Harper, Caretaker of Ruby Manhattan
Nova Leverett A bright Brooklyn College student with more secrets than she knows. Greenwich
Nova Van Dalen
Odette Lang Magnes and Virus Elaine's Daughter, Raised by Joshua Lang Queens
Oliver Wilson Jr. NYPD-SCOUT Captain Manhattan
ON1 A ghost in the machine. Manhattan/Asi
Orwell Gidding Rabbity prophetic painter living in the NYSZ. Greenwich
Oscar Nyström Talk show radio host, media personality, and professional provocateur Brooklyn
Paul Rodriguez Former Lighthouse Kid, Farmhand in Providence Queens
Penny Birch SESA Administrative Agent Manhattan
Percy Finch Just a man with a certain set of beliefs. Manhattan
Peregrine Bail Johnson A talented young scientist working for SESA. Keeps his cool when being burgled Chinatown
Pete Varlane Former Institute leadership, whereabouts unknown Manhattan
Peter Petrelli Shedda-Dinu Operative Manhattan
Peyton Whitney
Philomena Haas Mysterious and Unknowable Manhattan
Phoebe Frady Safe Zone Siren Editor-in-Chief Manhattan
Phoenix One of several time travelers who sought to change the future in 2010. Greenwich
Pippa Ryans Daughter of Benjamin Ryans and Nicole Miller
Poppy Norwood A young woman who moved to New York with her best friend — who was murdered Eve
Rachel Raith-Epstein Mother to Emily, thorn in Avi's side Emily
Rahm Malka An information broker stationed in the Middle East. Manhattan
Raymond Praeger President of the United States Brooklyn
Rex Kallis Staten Island drug supplier Greenwich
Rhys Bluthner SESA Agent Manhattan
Rianna Cardinal Manhattan
Richard Drucker A powerful technopath of a flooded world. Manhattan
Ricky Daselles Drug dealer, smuggler, fence, friend Manhattan
Ricky Daselles Captain of the Trawler Manhattan
Roger Bomber Member of the Exiles, keeper of a surviving electric rat named Sparky II Queens
Roman Santos Member of the Ashen Emily
Rosario Alicea Spanish-language interpreter for SESA, NYCSZ emergency services Emily
Roy Raith A powerful persuasionist who's named himself US President of the flooded world. Manhattan
"Ruby" Mysterious Benefactor Manhattan
Rue Lancaster Alternate Timeline Rue Lancaster Hudson
Rue Messer Alternate Timeline Rue Lancaster Hudson
Ryuji Sako Mugai-ryu Officer Manhattan
S. Attva Once three separate beings, now a bodiless conglomerate whole. Manhattan
Sabine Hazel An agent of Adam Monroe primarily operating out of the California Safe Zone.
Sage Abernathy One incredibly patient executive assistant to the DoE Secretary. Manhattan
Salem Mayhew Empathic former Lighthouse orphan living in the Safe Zone. Greenwich
Samantha Lee Tanner
Samson Gray Notorious serial killer, father of Gabriel Gray Manhattan
Sarah Hart NYPD-SCOUT Data Analyst Manhattan
Sarah Hart Seafarer and tinkerer Manhattan
Sarisa LeRoux DoEA Undersecretary of a flooded world. Manhattan
Sasuke Kitada Mugai-ryu Officer Manhattan
Scott Harkness Former Ferry, now Wolfhound facilities manager Manhattan
Sera Lang Raytech Industries NYC office manager Manhattan
Shahid "Shaw" Khan A former Institute prisoner with a power not his own Luther, Manhattan
Shengjiao Wu Praxis Heavy Industries cloning expert. Former Vanguard. Manhattan
Shu-Fen Yeh An agent of the Chinese military, and half-sister to Yi-Min. Manhattan
Sieghilde Ozean Hella-qualified SESA agent Chinatown
Sigrid Black Leader of The Hands of Mary. Queens and Lynette
Silas Redd A man who trails red in his wake Manhattan
Simon Broome An Institute leader, very much not dead like many think he is. Manhattan
Skye Archer
Sofia Sharrow Co-Leader of the Sentinel Manhattan
Sparrow Redhouse Drifter Manhattan
Sue Gandry Former Ferry, now SZC Citizen's Watch member Manhattan
Suzie Osbourn Former member of the Ashen Emily
Sylvester Sandoval SESA agent and human trafficking Ellis
Tae-hwan Ko Cultural anthropologist gifted with a unique psychometric ability Manhattan
T.Amas Digital assistant, snoop, and conversationalist Hana
Tamsine Whitaker A teleporter affiliated with the Guardians. Manhattan
Tara Miller Tara is a dream manipulator often found in the company of Joshua Lang. Lynette
Tavisha Information broker on Staten Island Brooklyn
Taylor Epstein An Epstein son, alive and well in another universe Manhattan
Taylor Kravid Daughter of Erica Kravid Manhattan
Taylor Reed Guardians Organization Member Manhattan
Tetsuzan Kaori Agrokinetic sister to the technopath Asi Asi
"The Entity" {click} Manhattan
Theo Leighton A small boy imprisoned in the UK for the crime of having a dangerous ability. Manhattan
Thomas Moriarti
Thomas Nowak Chief Engineer of Latimer, Inc. Manhattan
Thomas Redhouse A precognitive artist reunited at last with family. Manhattan
Tom Porter A fry cook in over his head. Manhattan
Toni "Freezer" Member of the Exiles, acts as their Freezer Queens
Tracy Zimmerman Whereabouts unknown Manhattan
Tyler Case Former captive of the Institute; now… well… it's complicated. Manhattan
Ulysses Ngata A Raytech security agent who has the ability to face his problems even if they're shrouded in darkness. Or behind walls. Manhattan
Usutu A prophet and painter who has a way of showing up in unexpected places. Manhattan
Valerie Ray Ray Industries CDO (Chief Design Officer), Architecture Masters Student Queens
Valerie Swift Genetic experiment. Manhattan
Veronica Sawyer SESA Agent Greenwich
Viktoria Jäger An Evolved agent of Torchlight, possibly married to her job. Manhattan
Vör Shedda Dinu's hoppiest murderer. Lynette
Walter Trafford Child of Teodoro Laudani and Delilah Trafford Huruma
Wes Lode Artist Brooklyn
Yao Sze Chief of Operations, Praxis Heavy Industries Manhattan
Yustina Kozlow Mother of Tania and Sasha Kozlow Ellis
Zachary Becker Rumored Pure Earth extremist, at large Manhattan
Zachary Stone Assistant to Alice Shaw and the Deveaux Society. Manhattan
Zyanya Morin Lynette
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Deceased NPCs

NPC Former Role Contact
"Agent Duvall"
Alice Shaw Deveaux Society Leadership, SESA Public Relations Manhattan
Antoine Boulle
Caspar Abraham Information retention specialist for Company and Institute; whereabouts unknown Manhattan
Celeste Wax
Charlotte Roux Robyn's Mother Manhattan
Claudia Zimmerman Secretary of SESA Manhattan
Claudius Kellar Ally of Adam Monroe, Consulting Company CEO Manhattan
Colin Price Odessa's Father Manhattan
Colin Verse Institute technopath, but not always of his own free will. Goes by V.Iris Manhattan
Daniel Espenosa
Dima Mansoor
Eilean Ni Chuilleanain
Eric Mas
Erica Kravid Former Institute R&D administrator turned fugitive Manhattan
Erling Olsen Information broker on Staten Island Ellis
Georgia Mayes Former DoEA official, Humanis first! war criminal Brooklyn
Howard Lemay Former Company, former Institute, former DHS Liaison to the CDC. Currently? A lifetime occupant at Liberty Island detention center. womp womp. Manhattan
Ivy Hollows Genetic experiment. Manhattan
James Dearing Former LAPD and bounty hunter, now Wolfhound operative Manhattan
James Quill Once an agent of the Company, but now only dust in the wind. Manhattan
James T. Kirk A fully-synthetic PHARO being. But don't let anyone tell him he isn't real. Manhattan
Jason Mines Enforcer for the d'Sarthe Group Manhattan/Huruma
Jonathan Zarek
Kam Nisatta Resurrected by the Entity. Manhattan
Kazimir Volken
Kenji Saito SESA Agent-Trainee Manhattan
Kin Egami President of Yamagato, New York Safe Zone branch Manhattan
Lanhua Chen Praxis Heavy Industries Assassin Manhattan
Lauren Gilmore Former Company agent, former Arcology chief of security, now missing Manhattan
Lukas Maes
Madeline Rouen Former Black Conduit Bearer Manhattan
Magnes Varlane Presumed clone of Magnes Varlane. Manhattan
Marigold Wax
Mark Ryans
Michael Green Self-serving criminal, former right hand of Adam Monroe. Manhattan
Michael Lowell Former CIA turned SESA agent, murdered Manhattan
Michal Valentin Former Company, Humanis First!, war hero, and whereabouts unknown Brooklyn
Miko Otomo Daughter of Hachiro Otomo and fiancee of Eizen Erizawa Manhattan
Ra'id Abdul-Jalil Sabbagh
Rebecca Ayers
Richard Drucker
Richard Schwenkman Institute-remnant scientist Manhattan
Rodney Dearing
Roselyn Darrow
Roy Raith
Siobhan Delaflote Former Ferrymen safehouse operator and human trafficker; whereabouts unknown as of 2013 Manhattan
Stefan Morrison Squeaks' Adoptive Father Manhattan
Stephen Verse
Valerie "V" Mas
Violet "Vi" Sharp Mysterious Figure Manhattan
Wai Ching Tsai Ghost Shadows Triad Underboss Manhattan
Walter Renautas Historic figure Manhattan
Wenzhuo Zhao Former head of the Ghost Shadows triad. Currently a confidant of Adam Monroe. Manhattan
William Sadler A mysterious killer stalking the streets of the Safe Zone. Manhattan

Inactive NPCs

NPC Status Contact
Amalia Hoffman Rose
Flint Deckard Rockefeller
Hector Steel Rockefeller
Jasper Shambrook Brooklyn
Kayla Reid Rose
Klaus Fleischer Rockefeller
Taiki Mori Rose
Tanith Caldwell Active Remi
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