Ain't No Katherine Marks


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Scene Title Ain't No Katherine Marks
Synopsis … but she'll have to do. Elisabeth brings Homeland in on the Wight case.
Date May 5, 2009


Minea's not far away, walking through the halls, heading for where she was told Lizzy would be. The message recieved, she hadn't stoppby my primatech yet, had flashed her homeland badge and eventually was knocking on the door to the room that held Liz's desk amoung other desks. "You said it was urgent Liz. What's up?"

"I did…. C'mon in, Minea," Elisabeth says as she turns to see the agent in the doorway. She doesn't look particularly pleased at this one, but… given the situation, she hasn't got much choice. "I have a case that may require Homeland's …." she pauses and the sarcasm is evident, she can't help it, "'delicate touch'. Ivanov and I came up against someone the other night who was thoroughly beyond our own talents to contain. I'm figuring you guys have some tricks up your sleeves that we might be able to take advantage of."

Minea says, "I feel so loved Liz. First Shelby, then Rodriguez, now you." but she eases herself down into a seat regardless. "Name? I can take it to them, see what we can do about it, sniff around for you if you want" THe brunettes in her homeland uniform today, kahki's, blazer, ect ect."

Elisabeth glances around the squad room and encases them so no one can hear. It looks like a regular, quiet conversation to anyone outside, Elisabeth isn't being obvious. Just keeping their sounds next to them. "There's a catch, Min." She studies the other woman. "I think we could be talking a time-traveling kind of catch. Niles Wight is an electrokinetic. And I think, if you go browsing through databases, assuming you're even allowed to do that, you're going to tell me he's already locked up. A young man in his late teens or early 20s. Trick is… the guy who tried to fry me and Ivanov the other night? He's…. older. Maybe a decade or more older than the recent mug shot of Wight. And yes… I realize this sounds insane, but then again… I know you've met people who can travel in time before, so…. you won't think I'm totally nuts."

Only, you know, Minea's not got that surprised look on her face. Just a grim line for a mouth. "Ten years older to be almost exact" Nile Wight. One of the one that April, the future April, had said that were marked and running around. "Got a file on him? Any picture of him? I need anything you can get me from the scene, it's pertaining to another case i'm working on. I'll go see about commandeering any security tapes from around wherever you had the incident. I was already asking Laudani about things and we traded information"

Liz nods slowly. "All right. It happened inside a theater, I doubt they have much in the way of security footage and I didn't think to ask. But I'll double check and forward it your way." She pauses. "How did you know that? The ten years part? If we're sharing information, I could use some too." She grimaces. "God knows, I hate running in the dark." She turns to her computer and pulls up what little is in it on Niles Wight — it's not much at all. And then she turns to Minea as it prints out. "We know Wight's been making moves on people he believes wronged him. Thea Barberis, one of Ivanov's cases, is also tied in."

"I've come into contact with one of them imitating someone I recognized. I'm trying to gather everything I can about them. There's at least four others that I know of, four of them evolved at least" She won't say how she knows. "So that leave the person I recognized, this Niles Wight and Tyler Case. So there's 2 more evolved individual's out there. I'll hit up Ivanov about the Barberis case and get what I can from him. Much as it's hard to swallow, this might be cases that I need to shuffle to homeland. I hate saying it. God knows I got Doctor Shelby pissy with me before I'd even laid eyes on him thinking I was gonna take his case"

There's a sigh and Liz nods slightly. "Yeah… I'm so not thrilled with this, Min. Really not. Homeland may be the cause of all this, whisking Tyler Case and Niles Wight off to the fucking Evo Black Hole of Calcutta. We know for sure of six… Robin Hood's one of them too. And apparently that fucker can jump into other technopath's BODIES, thank you muchly." She sounds aggravated.

Okay. Now Minea's surprised. "Fucking hell Liz…" She looks at her blackberry then back to the woman. "Need a pad of paper. If they got a technopath, shit." Technopath, She didn't know that. Would he count as one of the marked ones? no, couldn't. "Who's he' posessing. I need to write this shit down. Your giving me more than laudani did last week"

Elisabeth watches Minea quietly and says softly, "I'm telling you, I'm not telling Homeland. Because I trust you to sanitize when you need to, Minea. If Kat taught me anything at all, she taught me that like cops and feds and anyone else in law enforcement, we're all out here doing the best we can with what we've got. And if Homeland's going to come dog my ass for this Wight case because the guy just attacked two cops, well… I'd rather it be you. So if I cooperate with you, I'm hoping you'll use some prudence about what you tell your bosses, right?" She grins a little. Min's never given her reason up to this point to doubt. "I'm not going to tell you who he's taken control of because I think I may have a serious chance of knocking the technopath out of commission. The person he's taken over happens to have close enough ties to me that I might be able to pull the body in and trap the technopath."

"You can't fathom Elisabeth how much sanitizing I'll have to do. I can't just say "so i met a time traveler". This will help though, you've given me a few more people in their little group and I need to see if I can find a bit more. I won't take over the case, but I'll help you guys with it as best I can because if does match what I'm working on." Minea inhales softly, shaking her head. "I wish Kat were here. She'd kick my ass and point me in the right direction."

With a soft laugh, Liz says, "Nah…. she'd kick my ass and take the case away." She shrugs. "It's what she did. Almost always. Up til the 36, anyway." She nods though. "I do know how much sanitizing we're talking. But hell….. maybe you should tell them you think you met a time traveler. *Give* them Niles Wight and see what they do with it? Hell, I don't know what the right answer is."

"Because there's more to it than just time traveling Liz. stuff that I can't tell. The kid of shit that if I write it up and submit it to the wrong person, your likely going to find my either a vegetable in a hospital bed, or in a ditch with a bullet in my head."

Elisabeth grimaces, in complete sympathy with Minea's concerns there. "Believe me, I get it, Min." She sighs. "It's why I didn't trust Kat with a lot of stuff," she admits. "Kat believed that no matter what, Homeland would do the right thing with whatever she handed them. I'm not as trusting in her higher-ups, you know? I do, however, trust you to do the best you can with it. In spite of who your employer is," she grins a little. "What else do you need from me to make this work?"

"Just everything about Niles Wight that you have, the theatre, who he attacked. I'll hit up ivanov for information about his case, and anything the teo or phoenix will part with about the others they know of. If i'm getting trickle down information i'll take it into account that he maybe didn't know about the others at the time, just like i didn't. I'll see what we can do on our end" Minea chews at her upper lip for a moment before tapping her hand on the desk as if she's done. But she's not. "If htings go to shit, end of summer, I might have to disappear. How good are your.. undergroudns with with non evolved people?"

That brings a half of a smile. "Our undergrounds are good," Elisabeth replies quietly. "If you need it, if you can get to me, I'll get you out, Min." She won't leave the agent hanging. Not after everything she's done to help take down the Vanguard and everything else.

"Just a matter of whether your friends would do it" Getting ID's wouldn't be an issue when she can make them herself. "I should go, got that stuff printed out yet? I'll try to keep you informed. I think it's related to Dr. Shelby's case as well I just.. don't want to drag them into it. They were already looking at me weird when my theory had been based upon a shapeshifter"

With a shrug, Liz says quietly, "They'll do it. It's a leap of faith, but we have to trust each other to know what we're doing when it comes to judging people." She grins a little. "My judgement on guys is pretty shitty lately, but you? I think we're square." If Minea weren't trustworthy, Liz is pretty sure her ass would already be in Moab. She turns around and whisks the sheets out of the printer, handing them over. "Be careful, then. And lemme know if you need anything else, okay? I'll try and turn over anything else that's relevant, do likewise when you can?"

"When I can" There's a pause once more as she gathers the papers. "Do you think.. that the bird could find out what they could on a man named Roger Goodman?"

Elisabeth looks thoughtful and asks, "I can put out feelers. Who is he? And how careful should I be with this?"

"Very careful. He's.. a dangerous man. Teleportation and.. he can break down guns to their individual pieces. Just.. that and.. pinehearst? Pinehearst. I figured maybe the Bird might know something. They seem to know everything and I could use something"

"So Homeland has you investigating this guy and … Pinehearst is what? A company?" She considers, and then nods. "I'll see what I can find," she replies. "If I disappear or something, you'll know where to look for me," she quips not-quite-funnily.

"Nah, this is is just me. But, it could all be related I don't know. But Pinehearst is a company just, be careful, looking into both. Anything you find would be good. Watch, only I could dip a fish hook into a pond and come up with a fucking shark" All this because she saw a woman who was where she shouldn't have been, "Just be careful.

Elisabeth hesitates and then says, "Oh, this ought to be amusing. All right, give me a few days and I'll see what I can turn up." She's not sure if she ought to drag Minea into the rest of this, but … you know, the other woman always seems to wind up in the middle, so… she'll run it past Cat and Teo and see what they think before she gives the agent answers.

"Thanks Liz. Call if you need me" And with that Minea starts heading off, making for the door at a relaxed pace.

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