Portrayed By Gerard Butler
Sex Male
Ability Replication
Age 34
Date of Birth July 13
Date of Death
Occupation Engineer/Specialized Thief
Family None
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character summary.

Character History:

Born straight into the Detroit foster care system, there was never much of a chance that Alec would turn out… normal. He was to be his 'parents' success story, the oft told tale of the heir, conveiced by a pair of rich parents in a surrogate mother. Sadly, three quarters of the way through the pregnancy the couple got pregnant via miracle and they left the surrogate to fend for herself. Which of course leads straight to a life of countless foster homes, hand-me-down Goodwill clothing and foodstamp nutrition. Early school was rough. Smarter then most of his classmates, he was an outsider. Never large, never athletic, and always a little to white to truely fit in in his housing project neighborhood, beatings became a regular thing. Home life, when it lasted for more then six months, was almost always a dismal failure. Little food, poor conditions, Alec learned early on that fending for one's self was the only way to survive. So he did. Starting with petty larceny, he started to spend more time on the streets and less time in the classrooms. School after all, was a sucker's game. He learned to pick pockets, to judge wealth and status, boost cars, pick locks, even how to case a job from a few professionals who needed a smaller body to run errands and fit into tight places. He learned never to trust your partener and always look out for yourself. By the time he was fourteen he had managed to hold a semi solid average GPA in school while putting enough money aside to keep himself should he need to. Which is when everything went straight to hell.

Three things happened within the space of one week that forever altered Alec's life. First, there was the new foster home, this one run by seemingly nice parents who, while perhaps a little over protective, feed him well and seemed interested in his life. A little to interested sure, but interested none the less. Second there was the note from his 'real' parents, delivered by an odd man in a suit with a female partener that spent most of her time looking around nervously. Thirdly there was the day he woke up in his room to find himself stareing at… himself. The short version of what followed was simply that he left his home. Taking the money he had and fleeing a family that couldn't understand what he himself didn't, he thought to make it on his own. Alone on the streets at fourteen, he quickly discovered that he was merely prey for the truely wicked who cluttered the filthy streets of Detroit. Beneath the smog laden skies and the buildings made black by to many years of ash from the plants that constantly pumps clouds of death into the sky, Alec discovered something else. He was special. One night, when confronted by a drunken oaf of a man and his gap-toothed female 'company', Alec decided he wasn't ready to 'go home with them', and he fought back. The man's fist hit his face and the young man went flying. Where he flew, two Alec's landed. Where he landed, four stood up. It was then that he realized alone on the streets he was prey… but then he was also never, ever, alone. Leaving the alley that night Alec's mind was awhirl with possibilities, the to adults behind him suffering the fall out of a severe beating he began to formulate a plan.

It took him three months and the last of the cash he could gather to begin formulating his plan. Never having been the biggest or the strongest child, Alec tended to solve his problems with his mind, and he choose to do so again. He began to break off clones of himself, and test his abilities. He learned that every clone was a mirror of himself and that they were linked to his mind like a network of computers, he learned that he could not simply make more because he wanted to, it required a transfer of energy, most commonly from hitting something, though he wasn't limited to that. He learned that when a clone returned he could learn what it had, and that, more then anything, began to shape his life. He joined school again, and returned to his 'happy' foster home, crying and sobbing and telling a tale of woe about his running away. He kept a low profile until graduation, keeping his secret tightly contained. After graduation he accepted the governments help, and his 'parents' money to get into Michigan University in Ann Arbor. Which was only the begining. Knowing his goals he started a slightly more high risk form of education on the side. While attending classes he sent a clone to Chicago to learn from one of the countries premier safe crackers. Another to Atlanta to learn about security systems, another to Milwakee to study Ciminal Justice and police precedures, another to Boston to learn the finer workings of high end jewel hiests and how to plan a proper hit from a professional there, one to New York to learn the ins and outs of organized crime… so on and so forth. Every year or so a clone would return, and with it the knowledge it has learned. By the time he graduated from Michigan with a Masters in Engineering, Alec had the experiences of someone nearly twice his age. And he was ready.

The following years are a blur of crimes and oddly legal employ that make Alec a comfortable man. Never trusting many others, Alec tends to pull his rare jobs on his own, useing his combination of perfect team work and overly educated style to pull off amazing heists. Of course, he leaves no fingerprints and he's always 'seen in public' at the same time the jobs are pulled, just in case someone ever has a chance to link him to the crimes. Still. He's careful about how and what he does, eventually setteling on a different style of income from most theives. After a few run in's with unsavory types, he decides the real money is in corporate America, and begins, not to steal for cash, but steal on comission. He becomes one of the nations leading industrial espionage experts, helping companies get ahead of their competators by stealing secrets and selling them. This, combined with his legal income as an engineer leaves Alec riding high on the horse, his investments do well, and he is, for the first time in his life, nearing 'obscenely' rich. Four weeks after his thirtieth birthday, everything goes to hell. Wall St. crashed with the bomb and takes the majority of his wealth with it, the exsistence of the Evolved is made public, for the first time informing Alec that he is not alone in the world, and now he's bordering on poor… and he's angry. The suddeness of the new laws, the isntant hatred of his kind, it puts Alec on edge, and suddenly he's back where he started, a boy, alone in the world, and afraid… Which is when his employer sends him and his skills to New York to help with the rebuild. Alec would refuse but frankly, he /needs/ the work and he can't help but feel the pull, the draw of the epicenter of everything Evolved in the world. It's in New York that everything is happening and for the first time there might be others like him out there. It's enough to push him over the edge. New to the city Alec is seeking a new life, one perhaps with more then just theft and wealth. Perhaps. Unbeknownst to him however, someone out there suspects that he's more then he is. A man and a woman who once showed up at the door of his foster parents asking to speak, and a pair of wealthy parents who are New York natives, aware of their own gifts and seeking the son they abandoned now that thier own has fallen in the blast.

Evolved Human Ability:

Alex has the ability to instantaneously duplicate his person and any item he's wearing/touching at the time. However, the laws of physics still apply, which is to say he cannot generate matter just on a whim, he requires an act of equivalent exchange. E after all, still equals MC squared. Unable to simply replicate at will, Alex must fuel the process with energy from the outside. A sharp impact is all that's required, or a significant increase in tempature or a jolt of electricity, but he can easily be over loaded. A punch replicates, a bullet simply over loads his ability and cuts through him like any other man. High tempatures are one thing, but fire still burns, so on and so forth.

Alec can communicate with, and even control his clones at a distance, but it's rarely necessary. Acting as a human network however has it's ups and downs. The further away a clone is, the harder it is for him to communicate with, requiring great concentration once it reaches a limit exceeding 3 miles. As he's never tested the numbers he can create, he's uncertain how many voices his mind can handle speaking at once, though he knows that he's still reasonably fine at around 20.

Each clone is fully capable to act on it's own and are often sent on missions or errands he himself hasn't the time to complete. Upon return Alec has the option to either dismiss the clone completely, which causes it's atomic bonds to fail and for it to quite literally blow away as dust in the wind; or he can reassimilate them and in doing so learn all they have learned since they were made, allowing him to amass several times the regular amount of life experiences others can. Again, these abilities have their pros and cons. Among the cons is the obvious danger that the more of him that are running around, the higher the likelihood that his Evolved status will be outed.

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