Alice Meets The Blue Caterpillar


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Scene Title Alice Meets The Blue Caterpillar
Synopsis An exchange of gifts is customary. Some gifts are swift in the night, some gifts go boom.
Date May 15, 2012

Upstate New York

Sometimes she has dreams of the future, sometimes she just gets lucky and other times. She gets notes. And that is exactly what Eve Mas received today, there was a note telling her to meet someone.. Reoux? No no, Roux. "Yea that was it." the dark haired woman says aloud as she leans against the black and red 64' mustang she's driving, it's survived up til now and boy has she come in handy.

It's a nice Spring day in upstate New York, this particular batch of countryside had been quiet the fighting moving more inward and west, the bodies had mostly been cleared away or buried.. Or eaten by crows. The thought of crows causes Eve to frown as she briefly thinks of Young Falcon before putting her from her mind, there is no time for that right now. Eve is here for supplies!

She grumbles under her breath, something about Snickers. Taking out her metallic cigarette case she pulls out a half smoked joint and sparks it up. Sliding up to sit on the hood of the car, whistling as she blows the smoke out. "I'm a little tea pot.. Short and stout.." a light grin plays across her lips. The echoes have been more quiet this week.

The old loading dock that Eve Mas has found herself in is as abandoned as the small warehouse it sits attached to. Old, rusted, disheveled from disuse and years upon years of abuse. It is likely not the safest place that could've been picked out for a meeting like this. But then, "Roux" isn't the one who sent out that note.

She's been directed here as well, through contacts of contacts, friends in the Ferryman network. So yes, this might not be the safest place to do business, but it's the kind of place you can to get in and out of quickly - and at the moment, that's something that someone values more than a false sense of security.

"Bonjour. Cherchez-vous quelqu'un?" a voice calls out from the back of the loading dock - french words but not quite a french accent. It's hard to place, mixed with the choice of language as it is - European, but certainly not proper French. As Eve turns to the source of the voice, she sees a woman, jeans, t-shirt, sleeveless jacket, hat, and sunglasses. Smoke escapes from a cigarette as she sits at the edge of a platform, staring up and in Eve's direction with a scowl on her face. "Je partirais immédiatement, sinon."

"Yes yes I'm looking for Cheshire Cat, I'm the Blue Caterpillar. We've got a rendezvous and let me tell you, you do not wanna be around when this cat is around, it fucking stinks!" Eve puts one hand on her hip as she puffs on her joint, smoke trailing and wafting around her face. She takes a couple steps towards the woman, her battle dress clean today and of a muted green shade. She peeks at the woman through her messy midnight black locks.

Eve's been running around all over the damn country, helping the Ferrymen out with taking packages and people places but staying pretty set on her agenda which nobody has seemed to be able to work really but looking at how Eve does things usually that's not something that's hard to believe.

Light gray eyes stare intently at the woman in the hat and the sunglasses.

Well, she's said what she needed to, and everything else that comes out of her mouth just gets a raised eyebrow. What's more concerning is that she knows that voice, eyes widening behind sunglasses as she rises to stand at the edge of her platform.

"Eve Mas?" She takes in a deep breath. "Jesus. They could've just told me they were sendin' you." Without the faux French accent the voice is noticeably much recognisable, a keen Irish voice Eve last heard just a few months ago. Slipping hands into pockets, Robyn Quinn - or Alice Roux, as she's going by - starts her way down the platform and towards the songstress.

"Never figured you'd be one a' my first customers, Eve," she responds with a bit of amusement. "Y' picked a good day t' come by." Because in another day or two, she's going to be headed back over the border. "What're y' here for t'day?" She has a guess - this is Eve, after all, which means she probably wants things that go boom. But she's open to being surprised.

When her full name is called and Quinn reveals herself, Eve blinks and continues to smoke on the joint. "Quinnie!!" Smoke sputters out of her mouth and she flies at the younger woman drawing her in for a tight hug. "You've gone and become a Cat!" Who woulda thought it. Eve snickers and baps Roux in the head with a wink. "What a great accent you know, like Gaston but more epic." Eve is impressed okay?

Well it's a good thing her good friend Eve is one of her first customers, because Eve wants all the things that go boom. "Well, Quinnie, ya see. I gotta go make some shit happen and I need tools. Monty is out until the next month he's saying and he's always getting me the coolest little boom knockers."

"What do you have that goes boom?" She leans in with a wide grin at her friend. It's so good to see her! She was so worried she was really going to leave. "And I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T LEAVE ME." Another hug has Roux's face smooshed into Eve's bosom.

"Jesus, Eve!" As Roux is pulled into the hug, she swats Eve's head. "Are y' daft?! Christ, y' have no idea who could be listenin' in!" Granted, she could stand to heed her own advice, having had no particular problem calling out Eve's name moments before.The hug, though, is returned, Roux giving a roll of her eyes afterwards.

"Alice Roux, at your service," she replies, taking a step back and offering a shallow bow. "I'm not the cat." She is tempted to remark that Cat is a cat, but she is anything but - a lyrical sort of rebuttal. She keeps it to herself. "Simply lost an' adrift in this… macabre wonderland/" She had once dressed as a sinister version of Alice for a Halloween party - now she had become a sort of Alice.

The subjects of her not leaving and her accent are met with a distinct frown, Roux turning away from the seer and making her way back down the platform. "Pull your car down t' the end of the dock. They didn't give me much t' drop off this time. Still learnin' the ropes, an' all that." She waves Eve down as she walks her way down towards a shuttered door near the back of the dock. Moving people, that was something she had experience with. Moving hardware? Well. That was something she was much newer to.

Eve ows and rubs her head before shoving Roux with her hip. “Well you sound like one.” In reference to not being a cat. “The only people who can hear us are the monkeys and the bears Alice don’t he draft.” Yea draft.

As she is given instruction to drive her car down a bit she hops too, whistling as she does so. Turning the engine over before slowly guiding it to where Roux has indicated. “Alice, the Smuggler. Roux… that makes me think..”

Eve taps her chin as she slides out the car, keeping the door open and rounding the vehicle to stand in front of her friend. “Red!” Aw Red! The darker haired woman gives Alice a look. “I'm so happy you're here. Don't get shot or anything. I'll have to kill someone.”

If Eve could see the glare behind Roux's sunglasses, she might be able to anticipate her thoughts - the desire to reach up and smack the upside the head again, likely starting a repeating loop of the motion between the two of them. Neither of them have time for that, though. "How does a cat sound, Eve?" There's a hint of dry amusement in her voice as she watches Eve get out of the car, hands on her hips.

Red is the most literal nickname anyone could be giving her right now, but Roux has no intention of arguing. She offers her friend a smile. "Can't make any promises on that," she responds as she moves the lowered sutter - old and rusted, but with a noticeably new lock keeping it pinned to the floor. She bends down, pulling a from inside one of her boots and popping the lock off.

As she pulls it up, it reveals a small number of crates inside - only enough that she, herself, was able to transport over the border without drawing too much attention to herself. "I knew y' were going t' be lookin' for some boom, Eve. Well, where Monty let y' down, I'll see what I can do. Shipment's light, an' I got another stop after this one. Nothin' too big but I think I can part with some stuff for y'." Of course she can, that's why Eve's here after all. But maybe Roux enjoys playing the part a bit.

“Like you duh” Eve teases as she walks down to where Roux has the crates. Her eyes become alight with excitement and and looks from her friend to her packages. “Oh these will be so lovely.” The seer claps her hands together and rubs them smiling that devilish grin. “You've found a calling here huh?” That makes Eve happy, she was worried for her friend.

“Ah!” She says snapping to stand straight before she turns and dashes back to her car, reaching in and grabbing something from her bag she bounces back over. “I have a gift for you.” Cupping her hands behind her back she nods her head at the woman. “Close em and hold out your hand. Trust me.”

Yes, trust Eve.

"A calling?" Roux lets out a quiet chuckle. "Oh God no. But somethin' I can do t' help that isn't-" Being out where people are shooting, not if everything went well. Which it doesn't usually, but those are still better odds than being with some of the others. "Yeah, no." Turning back to the various crates. "The ones marked with a white W, Eve," she motions, moving to sit on one of the crates - all of her crates are marked with letters, either in black or white. "The others are for my next stop."

The request for her to hold her hands comes with a bit of surprised, eyes moving behind her sunglasses to meet Eve's. Roux purses her lips. "I don't like surprises, Eve." Surprises get people shot and/or killed, particularly in situations like this. She watches the seet for a moment, before she sighs and does as asked, closing her eyes and putting a hand out.

With the other, she reaches into her pocket and draws out a pack of cigarettes of her own - of the more mundane, cancerous variety, though, rather than one like those Eve tends to carry with her.

There's a ringing as Eve presses a cold metal object in her friend's hand. It's a small curved dagger, the edges seemed to have been sharpened recently. “Every pirate needs their Mcstabby.” Heh. There's a holster for her to slip it in as well.

Backing away to bend and grab the designated crates she waddles over to her car, slipping them in the trunk space with a grin and coming back for more. “If someone gets to close, take their ear. They’re know better next time.” Or they’ll be dead.

“You're quite good at the shooting Red!” Eve looks shocked at her friend. “I'm coming to get you when I need a partner.” She has many ‘partners’ for adventures but Robyn is one of her favorites. She's got reason. Just like Gilly. “You don't need your bzzzzzzzz right now.” Referring to her ability.

"I can't shoot for shit," is a quiet correction from Robyn as she stares at the knife in her hands, the sight of it makes the side her face twinge with a sort of phantom pain. "Not anymore." Not since Cambridge. She's been practicing, but it hasn't been great so far. "I'm not a pirate, y' know. Just another one a' the powerless folk doin' what I can t' help."

She does smirk a bit, pointing up to her sunglasses. "See? Sunglasses. No eyepatch. Eyepatches are so tacky, you'd never catch me with one unless I actually lost an eye." She takes the hip sheathe for it, and looks it over. "I appreciate it, though. Never hurts t' be safe. Never really got much hand t' hand trainin' out ot Raith, Avi, or Ryans, but I figure I can get a few swipes in."

Sliding the blade into its sheath, Roux clips it to her hip, turning her attention to Eve. "How are things out there, Eve? I know know what I catch on the radio or what people tell me when I drop off things t' them." She frowns. "How is everyone holding up?"

“Then you'd be cliche Red you are not a cliche. You're a remedy.” To her sadness earlier in the week. She lost a friend briefly made on the battlefield. Eve placed another crate in the trunk and then comes to lean against her hood. Pulling a joint out of her cigarette case and lighting it she stares across at Roux they’re all changing so much.

“Holding up just barely by their bootstraps. Lots of boom, lots of blood. People aren't happy.” Eve looks at her friend with a sad expression. “If we want to be happy.. we need to punch through that dam wall.” She hammers a hand on the hood of her car.


Smoke trails from her lips as she takes a puff. “Stay close to friends Red,” she worries for her friend who doesn't really fight but can if necessary.

Roux laughs and rolls her eyes. "I'm not a remedy. Unless I'm the remedy t' people bein' alive," she says with a bit of a sassy half smile, "in which case, pleasure doing business with you." She smirks, a hand still resting on the holt of the knife. "You'll have t' show me how t' properly use this thing sometime, Eve. Not t'day though."

Rising up from where she sits, she makes her way over to Eve, and gives her a hug. "Well, hit it extra hard f'r me. An' don't die doin' it, either. We need t' be able t' get drinks after all a' this is over, yeah?" She doesn't help Eve unload, instead looking back to the rest of her shipment, or what little is left of it. "Give 'em hell for me. Make sure people stay alive, 'kay?"

“You help keep me alive.” Eve comments quietly and looks over to her friend with a serious expression. “I won't let anything happen to you Red,” Not if she can help it, “You're bright way deep down there,” she points at Roux’s chest. She doesn't want to lose anymore friends. She does know this is war though and there will be lives and loves lost.

At the thought of drinks later once the dust has settled from the fighting Eve grins as she runs forward to give Roux a kiss on the cheek. “I love you!” She slides over to her car and hooks a leg inside as she stares at her friend. Her light gray eyes study the other woman for a long few seconds. “Drinks on you then.”

“I'll keep em alive! You don't trip over a boulder or something Quinni- Red!

And then she's slamming the car door shut and revving the engine with a squeal of delight, new toys. She looks nervously out of the corner of her eye but there's nothing there. Just time for the open road. Eve grabs the volume knob on the stereo and cranks it up, waving a hand out of the car as she yanks the wheel to the right to have the mustang spin around the opposite direction.

Here come old flat top

She come groovin’ slowly

She got joo joo eyeballs

She got holy rollers

She got hair down to her knees

The raven haired woman smiles that impish smile as she sings along to the tune, substituting ‘He’ with a cackle.

Got to be a joker

WE just do what we please

The car zooms off onto the highway leaving a trail of dust in its wake. The driver singing along and drumming the steering wheel with one hand and pulling a pair of sunglasses onto her face. It's getting to the hook and she grins widely looking in the rear view mirror at her friend but Eve can't look back for long. There's too much going on in front of her.

Come together, right now

Over me

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