All About Miranda


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Scene Title All About Miranda
Synopsis Miranda Dobson is apparently back and Kat has a lead, snags Veronica and they go talk to parents.
Date March 14, 2009

Assigned Car of Katherine Marks.

Katherine really can drive. Honest. Just.. when she's in a hurry, things like traffic lights and signs and pedestrians are all ignored and swerved around. She slows down when she gets to a residential area. Her passenger? Veronica Sawyer, another Homeland Security agent. Well, that's the cover at least. Shh. "Sorry to drag you into this." she says as she navigates obstacles that really aren't obstacles but just in her way. "You were handy, so I grabbed ya." She glances over at the woman who she's gotten close to in the last few days. "Dobson, Miranda1. Evolved. Some sort of 'glow' power. Caused a public panic in a diner a month or so ago. She made an appointment to register but failed to show2. Last good intel shows she fled to Mexico.3" She passes over a pink slip. "Got a tip she's back in the country. I figured it was only a matter of time. If she's going to stay, we just want to make sure she gets into the system." Hopefully that brings the other agent up to speed. "Hope you don't mind tagging along."

Veronica's fingers are wrapped around the 'oh-shit handle' and she laughs as the car swerves around a van that's daring to drive a mere, measly ten miles above the speed limit. "I didn't know driving this fast was even possible in New York," she says. "And gotcha. So just a bag and tag? Or are we trying the nice approach — talking her into it, all cooperative-like?" Vee asks. She doesn't mind helping Kat out, as she owes the other woman for her assistance already.

As they hit the residential area, Kat slows down to the respectable speed limit as she actually feels that children should probably not be run over. One of the few things on that particular list, along with kittens. "Not sure just yet. Going to talk to the parents and see if they've heard from her. She might even be there. If she is, we'll snatch her up. Otherwise, we'll just see what they know. Maybe send someone out to keep an eye out on the place." Kat glances over. "So, what did you tell Winters about the other night?4" she asks a grin on her face.

Vee laughs at the last question. "Just that we drank a lot and I decided it was better to stay rather than navigate the streets of Manhattan with a blood alcohol that would rival Jack Daniels'," Veronica says with a smirk. "I think he might've gotten jealous since he got a bit snuggly after. I fell asleep on the couch though, so he didn't get very far." She watches the sidewalk roll by the windows for a moment. "So what's my part in this… just back up? Follow your lead?"

She glances over with a chuckle, "Snuggly, huh? Well, I don't know him all that well, but seemed a little high strung, if you ask me. Hope it's working out for you." As she turns the corner moving further away from any sort of commercial area, the sidewalks are cracked and most of the houses look like they could use a little tender loving care. Kat shakes her head. "If she's there, I don't want to go into the situation alone. I have no idea other than 'she can glow' what she does. All I saw was the glow and we were able to calm her down. Hope you signed out that tranq." she grins.

Those wonderful dimples show as Veronica grins, her dark eyes watching Kat drive. Her hair's still fakely auburn, but the contacts are out now. "You're not jealous of him, are you?" she says playfully. "Goodman wanted us living together but it's just a cover…" she says. "And yeah, glowing can mean a lot of bad things… radiation, worse. Better not to be there by yourself, you're right. You don't have a normal partner?" she frowns at this news.

There's a scoff from the driver as she pulls up next to the curb and puts the car into park. "Jealous? Hon, I don't get jealous. And I hope you don't either." She says, her eyes a sparkle with something mischievious. She holds back the urge to reach over kiss those lips as she shuts off the car. "You do what you need to do, hon. When you feel the urge, give me a call." It's as simple as that. She pops the door open and steps out. She smoothes down her jacket, making sure she looks professional. "Ready?" She looks at the modest house that stands before them. An older model station wagon sits in the driveway.

Veronica laughs as Kat tosses those words back at her. "Nope. No jealousies here. No strings, just good times, girl," she says, getting out of the car and shutting the door with a dull thud. She nods to Katherine. "Ready," she murmurs, her dark eyes assessing the house, flicking around the street to check for anything that might be out of the ordinary. "Lead on, boss."

Katherine leads the way up to the door. The porch has leaves and a few bottles lying around. A glance to Veronica is given before Katherine reaches and sound several loud raps at the door. There is some shuffling heard from behind the door before it opens up and an older woman stares at the two from behind the screen door. "Ma'am, I'm Katherine Marks and this is Veronica Sawyer. We're from Homeland Security. We would appreciate it if you would let us come in and have a word with you. We promise not to be long." The agents flash their badge. The door closes almost all the way as the woman yells. "Looks like the cops or something. Homeland Somethingorother." "Well, let 'em in, Maude." a male voice is heard bellowing from inside. "Sure. Come'on in."

Veronica lets Katherine do the talking, since she doesn't know much about the case and because the case is Kat's to begin with. She murmurs a polite "Thank you" in that sweetly husky voice she has when she's trying to be polite. Her dark eyes take in the surroundings of the house, looking for any problems that might lurk in shadows or behind curtains, but she does it in a way that just looks like a curious glance around a room one has never been in.

The door is opened and Katherine leads the way inside. The inside of the house is kept rather nicely, compared to the outside. Everything is in its nice neat little space. There is a hint of cigarettes in the air. There's an older man sitting in a Lazy-Boy watching something on TV. Kat doesn't wait to ask to be seated. "Ma'am, Sir. We are looking for your daughter, Miranda. She's not in any trouble, but we have her reported missing and we have heard that she's back in town. We'd like to clear up the missing persons report if you could just let us know if she's here or where we could find her." She nods to Veronica that she should quietly look around the place, but not be too intrusive. Just peek around and see if she sees the girl.

Veronica nods, letting Kat sit to talk to the older couple. She leans against the entrance for a moment until the man and women are both focused on Katherine, then slips out of the room, to begin peeking about. She moves into the kitchen, then down the hallway, glancing through a window to glimpse the backyard, looking for signs of the missing young woman.

"I'm sorry. We haven't seen her since she disappeared." The woman says. The man says nothing, as he continues to watch his game show. Kat knows this woman is telling the truth, as she seemed very surprised to be asked about Miranda. "We've been worried sick that something's happened to her." Kat offers a smile. "I haven't heard anything like that. I just want to make sure she's safe, ma'am. If you hear from her, would you please consider giving me a call? That's my direct number." The man suddenly speaks. "Dun want her around here." "Al!" Maude chastises. "She's our daughter." "She's some kinna freak, is what she is. She ain't my daughter." Kat turns her attention to see if Veronica has made her way back down yet, while the couple argue and accusations of infidelity are tossed around.

Veronica comes back from investigating the rest of the house, and she appears behind the arguing couple. She gives a shake of her head to Katherine, to indicate nothing's out of the ordinary. Her lips curve into an amused smirk at the man's accusations — Veronica might not be the nicest person in the world, as she finds the argument humorous.

The woman is having none of his tongue as she responds something back about a secretary. Kat's expression is a little different. She's trying to figure out whether to shoot the old man, or tranq him and just shut him up. Patience wins over. At least what little she has as she stands. "Well, please be in touch." She motions Veronica towards the door and she leads the way out, leaving the couple to bicker amongst themselves about who slept with who.

Veronica heads to the car, waiting for it to be unlocked, then sliding inside. "Did you leave a bug or anything?" she asks. "I doubt she'll return there, if her father feels that way about her," she offers. "Any other friends? Boyfriends? That she might show up on their doorsteps?" she asks, trying to be helpful, though of course all that will have been thought of by the other agent.

Kat slips into the drivers seat and starts up the car. After she puts it in drive and presses forward she turns to the other agent. "Well, she has an ex. I might check that out in a day or two. She can't go back to Hollingwood's without us knowing about it. I'll put someone on the ex's and see if that turns up anything." As she drives down the road she turns to Veronica. "So, where am I taking you? Your place or mine?" she grins, reaching for her cell to call in the request to have the boyfriend's place staked.

Veronica laughs and checks her watch. "Yours for a bit?" she says with a grin. "I don't think I should stay the night this time, though… gotta keep the ol' ball and chain happy, right?" Veronica smirks a bit as she takes out her cell phone to skim any messages she missed while inside the house. "He's working on something for a couple more hours, at any rate."

Kat presses on the gas as she gets back into commercial area. "Well see how long you stay." she says. She'll be damned if she gets beat out by Agent Winters.

Veronica laughs aloud at that, then eyes the dashboard as Kat drives. "Try to get us there in one piece, though, will ya?" Veronica asks. "I'd rather you be the one to shatter me into a million pieces in other ways…" she teases, putting her phone back in her pocket.

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