All In The Delivery


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Scene Title All In The Delivery
Synopsis Aman and Kaylee both try to play it smooth when it comes to delivery.
Date February 4, 2020

Raytech Apartments, Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office

With a forceful sigh, Aman settles a package against his hip while he makes his way toward the building he’s parked his bike in front of. He should’ve bought a pair of damn sunglasses, but instead, he’s left to squint in the sunlight. His uniform shirt for the Pigeon Courier Services is tucked into his pants to present a professional appearance, which can be seen since the riding coat he wears is left unbuttoned. It’s warm. Ish. Forty’s warm-ish, right?

Between his own thoughts and the glare in his eye, he almost walks right past the entrance he needs to buzz at. A softly muttered swear brings him back around, and he swings his hip out to look down at the number printed on the label one more time before he starts thumbing the correct button on the directory.

The moment he hears the line open, he doesn’t bother waiting for someone to eke out a suspicious ‘hello’ or any other kind of response. “Yeah, uh, package for Kaylee Thatcher?” Aman tells the voicebox without looking up to it. “I need a signature.”

«“Package? I.. oh… uh. A moment.”»

That could only be the one and only, Kaylee Thatcher. She sounded a touch flustered.


«“Who the fuck is that?”» Comes over that line, the voice heavily middle eastern and a distance away from the com.

«“Courier. One sec—”»

The com cuts out mid sentence suddenly leaving Aman to listen to the sounds of the city. In fact, he’ll wait a few moments more then he expects, before the door opens to an older man. He’s wearing a suit, but it is obvious he’s wearing armor under the suit jacket and carrying a weird weapon. Has he seen the Banshee before? “You are not the normal guy.”

“Geez, Bob. Stop.” The feminine voice from the com, orders from behind the man. Dark eyes narrow before he steps aside for a smaller woman behind him.

An apologetic smile is offered to the courier, fingers tucking long curly blonde locks behind her ear. “Hey, sorry about that. Bodyguard. Security here is rather tight right now.” That gets a grunt from that man behind the blonde, he looks so thrilled to be there. “I’m Kaylee.” An ID is offered in case he needs it.

When the door opens up, Aman slowly looks up from the ground. “Yeah, if you could jus—” he starts, then abruptly stops on seeing the well-dressed, armed man before him. He looks ready to jump out of his skin, the only thing keeping him there being the fact that the bodyguard says what he does. Jesus. Okay. Okay, it’s fine. Relax.

By the time the more petite figure emerges from Tall, Dark, and Serious, Aman’s put on a smile of his own. A charming one, and he meets her eyes to stick the delivery of it. “Pigeon Courier Services here— service with a smile,” which is flashed just a little brighter for her sake, done with an ever so slight tilt of his head. “Thanks for confirming ID. We try to make sure we deliver directly to avoid porch pirates and such. You know how it is these days.”

Likely she does, if her bodyguard’s identified him as not the usual guy.

Aman shifts the package to his other hip, unclipping a handheld from his belt. A few taps on the bulky buttons later and he offers the device out to Kaylee directly, trying to ignore the presence of the man looming over her. If he ignores him, it’s like he doesn’t exist, right? Maybe.

“If you wouldn’t mind using the pen, that’d be great.” Helps keep the screen clean. God knows it’s a bitch to wipe off in the cold.

That extra bit of effort on the smile gets Kaylee’s own smile to tug to one side in amusement, her head tilting a bit to match the tilt of his. Service with a smile, huh? The device is reached for, while she says coyly, “Nice smile. More of you should.” Of course, she doesn’t always get her own packages either.

“Make sure to tell her she's pretty,” Bob pipes up from behind her, tone as dry as the Sahara Desert; a glance would reveal a small smile on the man's lips. “She made herself pretty for you.” This is where Kaylee goes from mildly flirtatious to completely mortified.

That explains why it took so long between call and the door opening.

Cheeks flush red and her chin dips a bit lower out of embarrassment, hair shifting to cover the sides of her face. Kaylee is quick to scribble her name on the screen, making sure to using the pen. Once done, Aman will have the device thrust at him and the woman unable to even look at him, focusing her gaze on a point on his chest.

Behind her, Bob suddenly lets out a low chuckle. Little does Aman know, Kaylee might have just told the bodyguard he’s fired… in his mind. He doesn’t believe it. He shouldn’t… she won’t.

The smile slips from Aman’s face, too, when Bob makes his little interjection. What? His confusion is brief, though, a tinge of annoyance at the tease. “Pretty?” he scoffs, offended on Kaylee’s behalf. “Why would I ever stoop to calling a beautiful woman merely pretty?” The look he shoots Kaylee is vaguely apologetic. Maybe she didn’t choose to get hit on, but he’ll go to bat for her, especially if she did go through all that effort.

For him? She shouldn’t have.

No, like, she really shouldn’t have.

Gotta be on a day I’m not on my A-Game, too… he thinks wistfully to himself, taking a moment to really look at her. “Really— making me feel a tad underdressed over here,” Aman tells her, a playful lift to his voice.

The warm flush in Kaylee’s cheeks doesn’t fade, even as Aman says such nice things about her. She allows the feeling, even if she can hear those thoughts swirling on the surface of his mind. There is some scepticism in the lift of her brow, tilt of her hip and the hand that perches there. “Underdressed?”

Kaylee looks down at herself. Oh yeah. She was wearing the dress shirt and slacks she had worn earlier in the day. Her hair had been let loose and makeup touched up. “Would you believe me when I say this isn’t my normal look? Doing my brother a favor.”

Bob says something under his breath with a humored scoff. Instead, he steps forward and motions for the package to be handed over to him. “I will take that.” When Kaylee starts to process he gives her a look. “Procedure.”

The telepath sighs and says. “He’s right. You can give it to him and don’t worry, he’s all bark and no bite.” Bob rolls his eyes hard enough they might fall out of his skull. It’s ignored by his boss. She studies the courier, much like he did her. “You know my name…” Kaylee gives Aman an expectant look. “I’d like to know who to request to deliver my packages from now on.” She regrets it as soon as she says it. Wow. He isn’t the only one off his game.

This guy’s gotta be an absolute delight at parties, I bet. Aman thinks to himself as he looks over to Bob. He holds that smile, more customer service than trying to make a good impression, but it’s something. “Sure, man.” he humors him as soon as Kaylee gives her permission, waiting for just that moment to happen before he does. The box is offered out with both hands, a sympathetic pop of his brow given when Kaylee starts giving as good as she got.

Look at her go. he thinks to himself, glancing back at her. His smile warms when she makes her request of him. “Well, I can’t make any promises…” he warns, some honesty in it. “But if you ask for Aman, maybe Ande will throw me a bone and let me come back out this way.” Weight shifting, he starts to move like he might offer his hand out for a shake. Polite, professional. Suave? … if he’d have done it. Instead, he just flashes that smile. Cool your jets, man, don’t rush this!

“Hey, ain’t nothing wrong with a little business chic,” Aman assures her with a chuckle. “Everybody’s got their uniform. I’m not that big a fan of gray, myself,” said with a pat to his chest to indicate his shirt. That’s what he meant to do with that hand in the first place, right? “But you just grin and bear it til you get in the finery you want to be wearing, you know?”

There is a slight tilt of her chin up, like he’s offered Kaylee a sort of challenge. “I’m sure I can persuade Ande to make you the regular for Raytech.” Those words are filled with confidence. She could do it. Then again, what he might not realize is she was one of Raytech’s owners… that had to hold some clout. Right? “In a business like this, consistency is important.”

Behind her, Bob is quietly talking on the phone with the package tucked under one arm. While he glances at the pair chatting, the head of security is calling to confirm that the package was scheduled and who was supposed to deliver it. Aman might hear his name spoken to whoever is on the other line.

It was hard to flirt under these conditions, like having your parents watching while you awkwardly say goodnight to a date. Seriously… But Kaylee can’t exactly push the bodyguard to go away. Fingers tap on the door, as she tries to not rush things. But what else should she say?

“Ah… so… I should let you get back to work.” There is an obvious reluctance to do so. “I doubt this will be the last time we see each other.”

What was she doing? Why did she feel so flustered? She honestly didn’t know. Kaylee was just winging it and trying not to seem desperate.

God, these guys really do take their security seriously, don't they? Aman glances to Bob for only a moment as he angles himself more openly at Kaylee, making sure it's clear she's got his attention. He waits ever so patiently for her to take the handoff he gave her in the conversation… but it looks like she's been distracted. Though, he can't even be disappointed he's being turned loose.

After all, she seems determined it's not the last time they see each other. Kinda nice being wanted. Heh. His grin at her warms and widens a touch. "Well, I'd be happy to get out of your hair for now as soon as you quit holding me hostage." Aman remarks a touch wryly.


He gestures at the device still in her hand, venturing a step closer, just a hair closer than necessary to reclaim it. Bob is ignored entirely, eyes only for her. "But it's been real nice meeting you… Kaylee." He turns his hand out for handheld and pen. "Hoping we could run into each other again real soon."

What is right. Kaylee isn’t sure what to think about that, until he points out the device still in her hands. Didn’t she give it back already? Her eyes drop to the small grey-green screen and her signature on it. Oh.


A small self deprecating chuckle escapes Kaylee at this weirdly enduring moment. “I guess I subconsciously didn’t want you to go,” she comments with a touch of mischief in the smile she offers him. “It’s been real nice meeting you too, Aman, despite the gray uniform,” she teases. He’s not the only one that takes a small step closer. Kaylee does as she relinquishes possession of the handheld to the courier.

“Though, kinda hoping to run into you outside of work sometime?” Kaylee asks with a curious tilt of her head, that mischief on her lips lacing itself through her words. “I guess we’ll see what fate has in store for us, hmm?”

Oh, man.

"You know," Aman shares. "I think that'd be pretty nice. We'll just have to see, won't we?"

When he goes to take the handheld back, his fingers brush over hers, bringing with it a rush. Heightened pulse makes it feel as though she can hear her heartbeat right in her ears, accompanying that wave of quiet noise. Deeper insight into his state of mind doesn't come with that connection, only the onset of that soft static, fuzzy at its edges.

The touch is brief, and then he's clipping the device back to his belt, adjusting his coat over it. "Well…" he supposes, a little lighter of breath than before. How daring he'd been, after all. "Bye for now." Aman murmurs, turning on his heel to head back for where he'd parked his bike. Brown eyes linger on Kaylee's for as long as they can, accompanied by one last half-smile before he goes.

Only after he's taken a few steps away does he let out a subtle sigh, head tucking. Phew. He lifts it as he sets his hands on the bike's handlebars, kicking up the stand on it.

That wasn’t something Kaylee expected from the touch, the warmth of his fingers on her cooler ones brightens her smile. Distracted by her own scrambled thoughts and the effect that touch has on her heart rate. Wow. “See ya,” is all she can manage at the moment, her head swimming a bit… not that she allows it to show.

One thing is for sure, Kaylee’s curiosity about the man is piqued that much more.

Kaylee leans against the half closed door watching Aman go, blue eyes following him until he’s out of her sight, head tilting slightly to watch that last bit of him. Only then she lets out a breath. “Holy cow…” That happened.

Wait. What had just happened? A hand lifts to her head, fuzzy like that it makes her a bit disorienting.

Those thoughts don’t get too far, before her view is blocked by a package. “It’s safe.” The sudden appearance makes her jump, which isn’t easy to accomplish with a telepath. Attention pulled from where Aman had been, Kaylee finds Bob looking at her with a flat look. There was so much judgement in that look, like a disapproving parent.

“What?” Kaylee says in protest, letting the door close and take the package. “He was cute and I’m obviously single.”

Bob’s brows lift with disbelief, but he tries to look like he doesn’t care. Hands come up to ward off those protests. “Hey, I did not say a thing about anything.” The door secured, he moves to lead her back to her room. “It’s not my place to point out what you already have and won’t let yourself see.”

Outside, Aman hesitates. His head lifts even higher to peer up at the clouds, eyes plaintive. He'd almost gotten onto his bike, but something stops him, and he kicks the stand back down.

His heart's still racing, more than he'd thought it'd be, but it's for good reason.

His hands jam into his pocket, fumbling for a Sorry We Missed You pad he normally keeps shoved in there. A pen stammers out of his other pocket. He looks over his shoulder, hearing the door close again and mutters darkly to himself. His window of opportunity was closing! He doesn't wait any longer, scribbling on the sheet while he walks before tearing it free from the pad.

Aman jogs back to the door, seeing the two on the other side of the glass still. Perfect! He perks up as soon as he sees— "Kaylee!"

A short exhale of relief leaves him. He's still on the other side of the glass, but he speaks through it as best he can. "Hey, um, fuck it, right?" he figures, voice raised so it hopefully carries through. "I figured, you know, just in case…"

He lifts his hand in explanation. The postage reminder is stuck to his palm. A phone number is written prominently upon it.

The sound of her name draws the telepath up short, her heart might have done a little skip. “Oh.” There is shock on her face, lips parted with surprise, when Kaylee turns back to the door. Maybe she hadn’t expected him to come back like that or maybe she was giving what Bob had said merit and had been caught.

In fact, Bob hears him too, pausing and looking back with narrowed eyes. Something is said under his breath, but it's spoken in his native language leaving Kaylee clueless. But with a heavy sigh, he resigns himself to follow his boss back to the door.

This time Kaylee opens it, but just a little so that she can peer at him through the crack of it. Bob just works on making him uncomfortable by glaring with annoyance through the glass, a little distance behind her.

Kaylee can’t hide her amusement with this turn of events, scrutinizing the number for a moment. Maybe, she didn’t do so bad. With a short laugh, the telepath reaches through the opening to pluck the note from his hand. “This saves me having to call the courier company and leaving you mine.” There was something rather… charming? adorable?… about this.

Again, there's that momentary brush of hands while she peels the paper away, a warmth to it. It's more than that, it's…

A hum. It returns around her. She can sense Bob's disapproval more clearly, is aware of the vague amusement that accompanies it at giving Aman a hard time.

"Well, that'd not be very gentlemanly of me, I realized," Aman is saying, pulling his hand back to himself and sticking the pen back in his coat pocket. He's still a source of soft white noise until he steps back from the doorway. "And this way, my boss doesn't have to get involved. Think there's enough side-eye flying already for a first impression."

Letting out a small laugh, he lifts his hand as he keeps navigating away, not looking behind him. Luckily, he hits nothing. But he looks relieved— she took the note. Amazing. Couldn't have gone better.

He seems to think Kaylee didn't do bad at all.

This time when he turns off he doesn't come back, heading away at a jog. He's definitely going to be behind on getting back now.

Where she had blamed the fuzziness on the encounter, this time is different for Kaylee. There is a sharp awareness of the change, with it a blink of surprise and her breath catches. How had she missed that? With everything going on in her life, there might be a tinge of alarm. In fact, she almost expects more to happen, something bad. But… it doesn’t.

It should make her flee, but instead, Kaylee finds herself fascinated. He was clearly special like her. “Wouldn’t want the boss involved,” she agrees after a moment of recovery, the smile having only fallen a little. There is definite interest on her part, he can see it while she waves at him with three fingers, the other two preoccupied by the slip of paper. “See you later, Aman.”

Once Aman’s back is turned, Kaylee lets go of the breathy sigh. “That was…” What has it? It was many things. Surprising was the one word that sticks in her mind. Using the sticky to fan herself, Kaylee watches that retreating back. “You’re gonna do it ain’t you?”

Bob looks at her, but it is obvious she’s talking to herself. What was she going to do? He doesn’t have to wait long.

The telepath opens the door a bit more, so she can lean out. “Aman!” Kaylee shouts after him. “Hope you’re a morning person.” Lord knows she isn’t, but sacrifices could be made. “Saturday. We’ll say around eight. The coffee shop in Red Hook.”

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