All Mine


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Scene Title All Mine
Synopsis Elle and Warren watch the news, and have a generally interesting conversation.
Date August 13, 2010


Warren is very aware of what goes on at the hospital. He has robots designed specifically for watching places of interest… well this particular one was made for watching who's coming and going, but last night was absolute insanity. He very much wondered if every enemy he has in the city were just going to die all at once. That's what Harper gets for not letting him work in the hospital, he could have controlled it, and that fact is going to be thrown in his face as soon as possible. But right now he's on the couch wearing a black tanktop and blue jeans, with a blanket around both him and Elle from the waist down as they watch the morning coverage on the news. "That serves them right for not letting me work in the hospital. I could have stopped most of that. Poor bastards, but this works out for me. Gives me negotiating power."

Elle is curled up against Warren as she watches the morning news. She has coffee, and she looks tired. But the good thing is, she's moved into the Octagon by now (though still collecting some furniture, slowly but surely), so she can get away with riding the elevator up to Warren's apartment, instead of having to deal with the long commute. She watches the television quietly, sipping at her caffienated beverage. "Looks like a total clusterfuck, really." She tilts her head to the side as she watches, yawning. "Glad I wasn't there."

"They call us insane, but who are the ones who were blown up?" Warren laughs, keeping an arm around her shoulder, his metallic forearm simply dangling lazily. "I'm sure that sneaky bastard Harper survived, I'll try to get a better deal out of him soon. I need workers. I may be a genius, but I only have one and a half hands, I could do so much more if I had an entire team to follow my plans." He leans down and kisses her cheek, then sits up and focuses on the television again. "Whatever you want to do, I'll go along with it." he doesn't add any real context to that, he just says it.

Elle smiles warmly up at Warren, snuggling up to him just a little closer, offering him an electro-kiss to the cheek. "Maybe. Hopefully he'll be a bit more open to the suggestions after last night." She shrugs. "I'm just doing what he told me. I'm finding Dessa, and I'm getting in good with Agent Ryans at the Company, and keeping an eye on my dad." She leans back, scowling at her sling for a moment before sipping at her coffee. His last statement makes her blink, and she lifts her head to peer at him upside-down. "What do you mean?"

"Do you have a picture of this Dessa chick?" Warren asks before looking down at her again, giving his offer a brief few seconds of thought. "I mean if you want to do something that involves me having to betray a few people, you just have to ask. I don't have any organizational loyalties. I need the Institute's resources, that's true, but I don't want anything to cause a rift between us. So I'd always choose you over the organization."

Elle offers a bright smile. "I do, but Odessa isn't going to be betrayed. I grew up with her. Harper asked me to find her and try to get her to join the Institute. And I figure, maybe I could at least try to make things right between she and I." She snuggles a bit closer to Warren, then, smiling. "I'm loyal to the Institute. For now. I really don't know how much I trust them, though. Somehow, it feels like I'm trading one thing for something almost identical." She tilts her head to one side. "I'll let you know if I change my mind on the whole loyalty thing."

"If you're loyal, I'm loyal. I want my freedom, but only if the freedom I have is making me happy." Warren's metallic hand raises to run a finger through the hair that flows over the side of her shoulder, careful not to get it tangled in the bronze joints. "I wanted to know what she looked like, in case I know her. I've met a lot of people. And if my memories are just jumbled other memories, and I was involved with the Company, maybe I recognize her from them."

Elle smiles, pulling out a photo from her picture of Odessa, offering it to Warren. "I spoke to Molly Walker the other night. I know where Dessa was last night, and that's better than anything else." She smiles warmly, idly twirling a finger in Warren's tank top and smiling up at him. Okay. So despite that he's crazy as hell, she can't help it. He's grown on her. She leans up, planting a kiss on his chin.

For a long moment, Elle's silent. Then, she peeks up at Warren, tilting her head to one side. She then reaches her good arm up, running her fingers over his cheek in a strangely affectionate motion.

"It's that woman who seduced me and escaped. I kidnapped her once, she's a drug addict, I wanted to free her of her addiction, but she spread her legs and one thing led to another…" Warren shakes his head and hands the picture back to her, staring down into her eyes when she starts to stroke his cheek. "I know you're an old fashioned girl, with virtue and everything, but…" He swallows for a moment, about to raise his hand, then takes a deep breath and sits back. The mental training's apparently took, since he for once doesn't make any move and just sits where he is. "Nevermind."

Elle just…stops. And stares at Warren, with an incredibally shocked look on her face. She sits up, suddenly, staring at Warren with an expression that would scare the socks off of a wolverine. "You what?!" Suddenly, Elle Bishop is standing up, her good hand on her hip. "You slept with ODESSA?!" Suddenly, she aims an uncomfortable zap at Warren's chest…then, she promptly begins to storm toward the door.

She knows she really shouldn't be mad at him for something that he did when he didn't even know her, but…well, that's Odessa. The girl she grew up with and was raised to hate. Despite her knowledge of the intentional circumstances of their upbringing, there's still that little bit of resent that she can't quite shake.

As she nears the door, though, she changes her direction and storms instead into the kitchen, firing up the Slusho machine with a scowl on her face.

"I didn't even know her name, and I regretted it after." Warren is quick to say as he stands up and follows her into the kitchen. "I called her a seducing harlot the next time I saw her, and told her I never wanted to see her face again or I'd kill her." He makes sure to give the rest of the information now that he's seen Elle's reaction. "It wasn't even that great, I was just celibate for nearly a year, and I was weak."

Elle scowls at the slush machine as it fills up her cup with that blue slush. She still looks pretty irate, though she certainly seems to calm down a bit as he explains the rest of the information. Well, that's a little bit better. But still! He slept with Odessa. That little tramp! After a moment, she sighs, shaking her head and rubbing her forehead with her good hand.

"Okay…I'm sorry for freaking out at you. I grew up with Odessa. We had a…strained relationship. More of my dad's wonderful parenting skills." She frowns. "He pitted the two of us against each other all our lives. He praised her like I wanted to be praised, and gave me the freedom that she wanted. He raised us to be completely dependent on him. She probably still hates me…in any case, that just kinda…brought up old feelings."

"I need a doctor to help with building my new arm, I don't know a lot about biology, and this will probably involve some minor and very painful surgery involving the nerves in my arm." Warren slides a hand down to her thigh, sighing as he almost visibly uses his willpower to raise his hand back up to her shoulder. "Good. You're probably more experienced with subduing a person if they become violent, I almost always cut something off. But I've been scouting him out, he probably won't react poorly."

The girl nods slowly, grinning to Warren as he wills his hand back up to her shoulder. She giggles a bit, leaning up and planting another electric kiss on his chin. "I usually just zap them until they're unconcious. Kinda like I did with you." She grins up at the man. "Just let me know when, okay?" She grins, spinning around so her back is against her front, and she leans, grabbing her slush.

"I will. I have a little project to finish, since your ability inspired me to make a new weapon for myself." Warren starts walking back into the living room, stretching with his hands behind his head for a moment. "We need to track Harper down, too, if he's still alive."

The little blonde grins, following Warren with her slushie in hand. She promptly flops down on the couch, propping her feet up. "That would probably be a good idea, tracking him down. Something tells me he wasn't there for the attacks, though…or at the very least, that he's alive and well. I think he's too smart to get caught in an attack or anything. Well, except for getting his jaw broken by a Company Agent."

"And waking up a spree killer with multiple personalities. The look on his face when I took over for Alex… I wanted to kill him just for the reaction." Warren laughs and lifts her feet up, then sits down and drops them into his lap, going to his usual foot rub duties. "Only a few days, and then we can start going out again."

Elle laughs. "That must've been amusing." She really can't fault Harper, herself. He's been fairly kind to her, and given her no reason to hate him. And she really can't fault him for trash talking the Company, because it deserves trash talking. "I dunno. Harper seems fairly okay to me. I certainly don't hate him in the slightest. He hasn't done anything to make me dislike him yet."

"I just think he's funny." Warren crosses his arms, a number of thoughts running through the mind that can only be described as non-Euclidean. "Do you want to run the Crazy Eights division of the Locos? You could be the leader of the women. They normally dress like Stepford Wives, but I'll let you dress them up however you like."

Elle grins widely, her brows as he suggests she run the Crazy Eights. Oh god, this is so perfect. Harper will be happy, she'll be happy…it'll be great. "Hmm…that's definitely something to think about." She rubs at her chin. Hench(wo)men? For her? She then offers a large grin. "Sure, why not?" She giggles a bit, propping her arm behind her head as she watches him rub her feet.

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