All My Friends Are Dead


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Scene Title All My Friends Are Dead
Synopsis Frank is feeling too much, and comes to Eve for advice on how to manage your emotions..
Date June 16, 2018

Cat's Cradle

Countless surgical experiments on animals, countless people cut into, some of them untimely deaths. The dead, the dead were his friends, he appreciated them being there for him, whenever he needed them. Every time he has access to a corpse, he appreciated every experiment he performed.

They were his friends.

The feeling of scalpel into flesh…

The thought of it, it gives Frank a rush, a rush like he's never felt before, as if the floodgates are open, and his feelings finally sync up with his thoughts. But he still doesn't quite understand, there's so much he doesn't understand. "I need a large beer!" he says as he walks by the bar, looking around.

"Eve Mas! I need to talk to you, I need to talk to you right now, are you here, Eve Mas?!" It's the middle of the day, and he's shouting her name, as if he's completely lacking in restraint

Previously, his impulsiveness was only in short bursts, short bursts that would get him kicked out of schools, close to being arrested. But now… now it won't die down, now it's like his mind is going a mile a minute. "Eve Mas!!!"

He's wearing a zipped up hoodie with an exceptionally large hood, and the white buttoned up shirt under it is unbuttoned a bit. He doesn't seem like himself at all right now.



“Whooooooo moooooooos at my doooooor.”

A cackle can be heard and if Frank turns his head he would see the woman he's searching for sitting on the edge of the stage. A joint lit in her hand and two tucked away behind each ear. “Well then! Hello Cow, what's the explosion of crazy for?” A snort as she puffs on the joint, her head twitches a bit and she swings her good leg. A deep burnt orange dress wraps around her body and she's just laying there. Her metal staff shortened and down at her side.

The crowd is nice for the middle of the day, not everyone has jobs in the post apocalyptic world. And often people were trying to drown their sorrows from the war. Heal their wounds, or pour liquor in the open ones. Death, something that Eve knew well. She had died twice after all. Maybe a friend then. The manner of her moods determined that, whether she was too crazy for that person to understand or if she forgot about people and things when presented with something shiny and new in front of her remained to be seen.

Her dark hair is braided into two long braids one halfway undone, the strands wavy. There would be more time to undo the rest of the braids when the joint is finished. A “large” (bottled) beer is handed over to Frank from Sassy as he makes his way past. “Cool your jets honey bun what's this?”

"Someone unraveled me, something is wrong! I can… feel all of these things! The air, my memories. I'm angry! Odessa left, she went away to hide forever, she thinks she can think and decide for me! Fine!" Frank takes the beer and then starts to chug it, though he doesn't finish, he starts coughing.

He's very erratic, starting to pace a bit, then he approaches her. "I want to cut someone, I have an erection, I need food, cheese, I need cheese! And meat." He crawls up onto the stage to sit next to Eve, sipping more. "My heart's beating like I'm going to drop dead at any moment. I can feel everything. Do you feel the air? Someone just opened the door!"

Blink.. blink.

She fidgets and looks down at Frank’s pants as he walks. “Put that thing away before someone faints! This is a Christian Environment!!” no but still. “Unraveled hehe I know all about the Unraveling. Do you think your brain is soup or stew?” Eve’s head tilts and she reaches down into her bra and pulls out a lighter, throwing it in his direction before taking one of the joints behind her ear and throwing it towards him as well. “Smoke it.”

“I feel the air. It's lovely, nice and smooth on the skin. Ooooh.” Shivering with excitement at the sensation. It would seem a that coming to Eve while you're having a psyche awakening is a strange thing. She senses that something is different from the way he looks, how he holds himself. The mentions of Odessa don't go unnoticed but for the moment she just pulls from her own joint and looks at the man. It doesn't need to make sense for her. She's a kook. “We have food! We have cheese! We have don't have erections!”

“S A S S A P A N T S!! A chili cheese hotdog for our friend Cow here!”

“You don't pay me enough.”

“There is a poor hungry soul here! He needs to feed his erection!”

"I don't understand anything, nothing mattered, I didn't… is this how everyone feels? I just, I never realized how much I enjoyed surgery…" Frank takes the joint, lights it, then takes a small drag.

It relaxes him a little, just staring out over everything. "The world is so significant. I just want to smoke and drink and eat everything! I feel like an animal." He stares over at her, then reaches out to touch the back of her neck, staring, then leans in to sniff her neck, inhaling deep. "I need to feel more. Let's go smash something, or cut someone, anything! I don't care what!!!"


Eve’s pale hand has slapped Frank. “Pull it together man you're popping off at the top! Boiling over! Meltinggg.” A minute shake of her head, a twitch of her eye and the seer is pulling back. “We only cut the bad guys silly. Who taught you the rules?” because maybe they needed to get cut. The older woman takes a drag from her joint and blows the smoke in Frank’s face with a rogue grin.

“I like smashing things though! How about we eat first! I'm getting the munchies. You can tell me who Unraveled you! I,” lowering her voice. “I think you should get your money back, they went a little overboard Cow.”

"Erica teaches me the rules." Frank says while staring down at the floor now, his face stinging from the smack, joint inhaled and exhaled. "I was sitting down, the world was collapsing, I think I wanted to be angry, or sad, but it was all… frustrating, like it always is. And then everything came out, and an African woman did things to me, I don't know what!"

"Food…" Then, looking over at Eve again, he asks, "Teach me how to live. I can't do this alone, I don't… I don't know what to do! I feel like I have to do everything!"

“She is a naughty woman,” that just won't do. “Sneaky, maybe she's pulling your strings. Are you sure she's not in there?” Tapping Frank’s temple with a tilt of her head. The dark haired woman blows smoke out over her shoulder, it mingles with Frank’s smoke becoming a large cloud of marijuana smoke. Rocking from side to side Eve grins. “Emotionally unraveling. Was she tall, dark and mysterious oh oh and scary!?

Brown eyes wide as she laughs and slaps her leg. “Could have been Huruma, she's a wise lady. Did you listen to her words?”

Then Frank is going on about learning how to live and Eve sighs and throws her hands up. “That's what they always want! Desperate to learn how to live, direction on which direction to walk. But look at you! You're already living!”

Rushing to place her ear at his chest she listens for her heartbeat. Ah well he's alive. “You're breathing! You're living!” Duhhhhhhh. The pale woman looks up at Frank with a smile. “I told you! My sassy friend has to be almost done with the dogs!”

"She was tall, and dark, and mysterious. But nothing scares me. No… no… I felt afraid because my emotions are everywhere!" Frank stares down at her, then reaches up to touch her cheek, staring down at her when she stares up. "I don't know what to do with my feelings. They're telling me to do a million different things. I don't know how to do it, how do you do it? I feel like I'm getting pulled in every direction!"

“Ahh she flicked your switch with a nail, ping! Ladies and Gentlemen! We have FEELINGS!! And the crowd goes wild! AHHHHHH!” Tongue out as she moves her head in all directions emulating the sound of a roaring crowd. “They love you, see!”

Her tongue slides under Frank’s chin as she laughs and looks up at her. “Oh you just go in all the directions! Up, down, sideways. I bet you know all about that!” A sly grin on Eve’s face, she pokes him in the spot where she licked him. Someone was coming to Eve for advice on how to manage their emotions. Hm.

“You've turned on.” She whispers, “Welcome to real life.” A wider smile from the woman eyes wild.

"I don't know anything about sexual relations. Until now, I've only been aroused by Odessa. But now I'm like a wild animal!" Frank suddenly roars, yelling at the top of his lungs, before he looks down at Eve, and leans in to lick her forehead. "I still don't care about anything, but I feel everything. I just want to do things, I don't care why, I don't care what it all means!"

“We’re all animals!” Snickering as she pushes Frank backwards. “You should watch porn! There's all types, you might like… Hot For Teacher!” Eve grins and pokes Frank in the chest. “Listen up buddy, before you get all frisky sowing your oats on everything that moves I need you to tell me.”

Where,” Snaking a hand over the back of Frank’s neck, “Is…”, fingers lay on her neck, “Looking Glass.” she squeezes with a wild grin on her face. “You were kissing the ground that stone wall of a lady walked on! You have to know! Tell me!!”

Who knows when both of Eve’s hands ended up around Frank’s neck but they are and she’s choking him like Homer chokes Bart, completey lost. “Tell me where it is Cow!”

Frank struggles, he's weak, grabbing her wrists, trying to pull them off. But Eve is stronger.

The thing is, Frank has never been one to care, even with his emotions… who cares about death, who cares if he dies… "What… is… that?" he asks, straining, and then he bites his bottom lip, before he starts to smile. "I… think… I like this…"

“Oh no you're one of those!” Wrinkling her nose Eve stops choking Frank and turns her back crossing her arms. “I cannot proceed any further until you get Krabid on the phone.”

"I'll give her your number." Frank says as if it's no problem, sitting up, clearing his throat and coughing a few times. He holds his hand out, waiting for it. "I don't know what you want or what you're talking about. I did genetic and biology experiments."


Tapping her long fingers on her chin looking away from the man. “Tonight. Tell her I want to check on the naughty girl.” Cackling to herself she slaps her knee before stopping. Her painting might have helped Kravid and the Institute Remnant allude capture from Wolfhound for all these years. Eve frowns before turning her gaze back to the man feeling all of the things.

Reaching out slowly she lays a hand on the back of Frank’s neck but doesn't squeeze just lightly stroking her fingers on his skin, “What kind..?” Curious.

“What kind of subjects?”

"People, animals. I liked doing experiments, so Erica took me in and protected me. I didn't feel anything except excitement, it's one of the only things that made me feel good things. Flesh is art, and beautiful." Frank reaches up, touching her hand with no feat. "I don't care if I live or die, I don't have a reason to live, I just like music, admiring flesh, and genetic research."

He looks deeply into her eyes, leaning against her hand. "You want to kill me?" he asks, sounding earnest in his question. "I feel all of these things, but I don't know if that matters. I don't know what the big deal about being alive is. You can kill me if you want, I don't mind."

Another slap, “Stop saying that! You sound like the ghouls in the cemetery.” An idea, “Maybe you should work with dead bodies. All your friends are dead.” Except Eve. And Des. “There's a… mortician! The death and gloom, you never have to die cause you’ll be surrounded by it silly boots.”

“I want you to get Krabid on the line and then we can talk about some strangulation dangalation.”

Eyebrows waggle and her eyes don't betray the feeling of unease about someone wanting them to kill them. Maybe some therapy for him. For the both of them! That's much to soon couples therapy. “I have a friend you should talk too!” Patting his cheek where she slapped him. “What did those little experiments entail? I love science fairies.” A sly grin.

"Surgery, genetics, immortality. I can't talk about specifics, I might go to jail, and Erica wouldn't be happy. Though I suppose Doctor Gregor is dead now, so it wouldn't matter what he did." Frank stares at her, his heart still beating quickly, reaching out for her hands, for human contact, something he's rarely sought before. "I was young, I still had a lot of impulses. I still have impulses now, I just want to do things, and experiment. These feelings… all of these feelings in me, I barely know what they mean, I just know that I have this deep urge to act…"

"I'll get Erica for you, but it's not simple. She'll probably contact you through her phone." Frank holds up a finger before she can say anything. "Her phone is a person. She has people who are phones."

A finger strokes the side of Frank’s face and Eve leans in to bite his lip. “No jail my dear Cow, you're much too special for that.” The dark haired woman whispers against his lips and and runs a hand through Frank’s hair, her hand stopping at his neck.

“You tell Krabid, I remember everything. And if she wants to keep her secrets.. She’ll want to talk to me. That naughty girl.” Her free finger going to tap Frank on the nose. She's bluffing, she doesn't remember everything. But she remembers, “Tell her the Structure.. is incomplete.”

And as Eve says this she goes to squeeze Frank’s neck again for but a moment before withdrawing, “We’ll continue once I get to talk to her phone.” She's not lying.

She keeps her promises.

Unless she's crossing her fingers.

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