All's Whale


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Scene Title All's Whale
Synopsis Dee's okay, even if she scares the crap out of Magnes in five seconds flat.
Date September 21, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

Superficially, Delilah was scuffed up last night; internally, they weren't entirely sure, and so they made her stay overnight at Saint Luke's. Incidentally, it happens to be the most peaceful sleep she's gotten in a short while- no dog, no doorbells, no cellphone, no knocks on her door, no strangeness waking her up in the middle of the night. The morning comes and wanes before Delilah is allowed to move around on her own; the first thing that she did last night upon getting patched up was send out a mass text to Phoenix and the Ferrymen about the accident. Out of habit, she does check for returns, though is not surprised when there are none on the phone. Her next calls and texts go out to various phones, scoping the network for someone that can bring her a ride and possibly a change of clothes.

After sending it out, however, she sits back in the hospital bed to wait for either a reply, or in time, for someone to actually show up.

She has a bandage over the side of her forehead, a few smaller ones here and there on her left arm and leg- but mostly there seem to be purple bruises up and down where the initial impact was. There is slight bruising on the side of her face, but luckily she looks to be doing well regardless of the imagery.

There's sudden sounds of surprise throughout the halls, definitely enough for Delilah to hear. Magnes is wearing his Green Lantern t-shirt with the logo and everything, under an unzipped black fleece vest, with a pair of neatly fitting black jeans, and black sneakers.

The ruckus is followed by a repeated, "Magnes J. Varlane, NYPD, registered Evolved!" he repeats, flying through the hospital as fast as possible, which is pretty damned fast. When he finally gets to Delilah's room, the door flies open and he's dramatically floating a few feet above the ground, looking around frantically.

"What happened?!"

Holy crap. That was quick. And unnecessary, but hell. Delilah braces herself when she hears the noises in the halls, finding her phone once she actually hears Magnes. She is typing something to the effect of 'Magnes came, all's well' into the keypad when he bursts in the door. It ends up sending 'Magnes came, all's whale' thanks to the jump of her thumb when he appears, and the automatic wordpicker.

"God damnit. All's whale?" Delilah groans into the little screen before looking up with a sudden smile. "Hello, Magnes. A little- uh- car accident." Which itself may be odd, as he knows that she does not have a car. "You got here fast- were you waiting for something to happen?" Lilah laughs a moment, shifting to put her feet off the side of the bed again. She doesn't suppose he had time to stop at her place, so maybe she should pull on the bloody dress for now. It's lain across the chair nearby, merry in its clashing colors of flowers and the spotting of red.

"Damn, the clothes. I forgot the clothes. Sorry, I was just worried. I kind of flew faster than I knew I could fly." Magnes quickly walks over, moving to take her hand as he lets out a deep sigh. "Damnit, Delilah, with all the stuff that's going on, you wanna go out in a car accident? Look both ways, be careful next time…" He sounds genuinely worried, turning away from her to wipe his eyes. "Stupid allergies…"

"I was driving a friend's van. Some car came around and rammed me in the doors." She says this as she is finding the floor with her slippers, and he's taking her hand up. When Dee does look up again, he's whimpering about his allergies. Her features soften considerably, eyebrows upturned. Delilah has a considerably nonchalant view of being in things like accidents, nearly dying, and being on the sending end of a kill. Largely because she tucks it away to present a face that others feel better by. But of course, when it comes to seeing its effect on others, she butters up.

Delilah sighs softly and steps forward to put her cheek on the outside of his shoulder, one hand finding the middle of his back with a gentle pat. "It's okay. I'm okay."

"I'm glad you're alright, I just wish I was there to arrest them…" Magnes raises a hand to briefly stroke Delilah's cheek, then starts heading for the door. "I'm gonna buy you something to wear home, you just wait here, alright?"

"I wish I was there to pop them in the noses." Dee agrees, vaguely. But somehow she's not sure that Magnes would not have gotten hurt. Cop or not. "Magnes, you don't have to buy me new clothes- I only asked about a change because I'd rather not wear blood, not that I'm totally unable." She's smiling at his back at this point, as he is seemingly set on going to do it. "I just needed someone to take me home, really…"

"I'll fly you home, but you're not wearing bloody clothes." Magnes slips out the door, and he's gone for a good fifteen minutes. When he comes back he's holding a Value Store bag, holding it out to her. "It's uh, all the stuff a girl needs to get dressed." Meaning a bra, panties, and a simple yellow sundress.

Delilah is left with raised eyebrows at the doorway, looking a bit bewildered when she turns back into the room to gather her things together. When Magnes comes back, Dee is looking a bit more refreshed than when she had crawled out of bed; she is in the chair this time, taking the time given her to amend a reply on her cellphone, sending it just when the door slips open again.

Delilah smiles up when he gets back, the expression grateful, but at the same time trying to hold back a few Words. "Thanks." She stands and accepts the bag with a tilt of her head before shuffling towards the closet-size bathroom. "And thanks for coming. Even if it was at the speed of a bullet train."

"You know you can depend on me, Delilah." Magnes offers as he takes a seat on the bed, waiting for her to get ready. "You know, Delilah, if you need help with something important, I mean, if you're ever doing something dangerous, you can call me for that too."

Thankfully, Magnes knows her sizes, and so what he brings back looks quite alright on Dee when she comes back out to find her shoes. "I know that, Magnes, but…" She starts off as if to explain, but instead she clams up. "I was just driving through SoHo. Honest. Cross my heart. I don't know who came after me." But she has some guesses- which unbeknownst to her, are very wrong. "If I knew I could ask for your help, I would." Which in turn implies that it is not only him that needs to okay such a thing.

Magnes stands up, walking over to the window to force it open, then holds a hand out for her's. "Well, just, y'know, if you ever know you can." He doesn't pry, he knows she has her secrets. "Let's go."

Casting a glance to the door, as if a Nurse might bust in, Delilah nods and follows Magnes towards the window after fixing her flats onto her feet. "I'll do that, Magnes." And maybe she'll have a word with Helena and/or Cat about how close he is getting to the nitty gritty of exactly what Delilah does with her time.

Magnes suddenly jumps, letting them both freefall for a few feet, knowing Delilah is usually one for excitement… and she's played her share of tricks on him. But suddenly they swoop up, flying far higher than the hospital. "You wanna go home or somewhere else?"

Ah, her Peter Pan. Delilah only holds on via hand at first, but as soon as they swoop upwards she gently wraps an arm around his waist, wincing slightly at the sting of some stitches. "Home, please. Samson probably needs to out too. I called around a bit, but he probably hasn't been out of the apartment since yesterday…" That, and he's probably Extremely Upset that Dee hadn't come home in the first place.

"Sure thing, Delilah." Magnes flies pretty quickly for once, usually keeping his speed pretty slow when he's carrying someone, but Samson is waiting! "So, there's nothing wrong? I mean, you just got a few scratches?"

"Pretty much." Her voice doesn't get lost, as she is trying to actually speak as close to his ear as she can without seeming weird. "It could have been worse. I got lucky. A guy that looked like Zac Efron pulled me out of the car…" Dee trails off, remembering Kase's details for a few long seconds. Wow, those eyes! What eyes.

"Hey, stop having some far off look as if you're daydreaming about a hot guy!" Magnes says with a bit of playful jealousy, then suddenly drops down into an alley next to her building. "I'm just glad you're alright, Delilah. I'm gonna pick you up some things to eat, and whatever else you need, you just rest and I'll stay here today."

When the two land, Dee leans back with a small, teasing scoff. "He was a bit skinny, but he had the most gorgeous blue eyes." It's true! "You don't have to do that, but you probably will anyway- so I suppose I'll stop bickering about it. Do what you must." She smiles, one hand around the loop of her small pack that swings at her side.

"I'm not jealous or anything, I have a girlfriend." Magnes is quick to say, though it sounds like it's more to himself than to her as he walks from the alley, heading for the entrance of the building. "So, do you think chicken soup helps with wounds?"

Delilah follows along, catching up enough to hook her arm through his. "That's illness. For pain-" Which she is bearing quite well, despite her whole left side aching like hell. "-I'm thinking ice cream." And sweets.

"Ice cream works. Anywhere in the city, I'll go get it for you." Magnes promises as he opens the front door for her, smiling. "Did the doctors give you any instructions for whatever wounds you have?"

"Basic first aid. Nothing I can't handle. Take some meds for the bruise pain, that's all." Delilah reassures him, making due with his gentility and slipping inside. "I'll spot you a few dollars when you get back- just get whatever you can find in the corner store, maybe some chocolate sauce." Mmm. "If you do want to stick around today, that's alright."

"I wonder if this is how Superman feels." Magnes muses as he follows her in, heading for the elevator. "I mean, I wonder if when his friends almost die, he feels compelled to fly a few states over and get them some awesome ice cream from the Hershey factory or something. And no you don't have to pay me back."

"Maybe he does. I've no clue. But you're no Superman- don't hurt yourself finding ice cream." Dee smiles again as they ride the lift up. "Thanks again, for coming to get me. I'm glad that someone got the message- even if you practically busted down a wall."

"That's not something you have to thank me for, if you need me there then I'm there." Magnes touches the wall, closing his eyes for a moment, then looks around a bit perplexed. He doesn't say why of course. "Hey, Delilah, you miss the UK? And um, did you like the Spice Girls?

"A bit, sometimes. But I like it here." Dee answers absently, watching the lights on the buttons. "I was a tad late for that hayday. Thank god for that."

"Oh yeah, you were like four when they were around." Magnes laughs, leaning against the elevator wall. "Alright, when we get up here, ice cream, Chinese, and I'll rent some movies. I'll stick around until my shift, then I'll be back in the morning."

Delilah smiles and nods, turning her head just as the elevator door dings open again. "That sounds like fun. Thanks." Yet again, she says so, then leading the way out into the hall.

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