All The Marbles. Again.



Scene Title All the Marbles. Again.
Synopsis Because isn't it always?
Date December 31, 2011

Music Room

Two years ago at this time, she was sitting on an aircraft carrier, waiting for the rest of the team to arrive for a trip to Antarctica. It seemed a lifetime, but it really was just two years.

Last year, she sat and watched the "ball" drop in Boston. A snort of disgust can't be held back. Her fingers coax a haunting melody from the keys as she remembers sitting with a bottle of wine as they watched.

"This coming year's going to be the one for all the marbles, I think…" Cardinal closes his eyes, leaning in against the brush of her lips briefly, "…one way or another. It won't be an end, no, but I think that what we do this year… is gonna matter most of all. A brave new world indeed."

Why did that man always have to be right? she wondered.

This year, she is sitting in a whole different dimension. This year, it's — once again! — life-or-death. And although she has tried very hard to not remember, they're going to be hitting the Vanguard 2 years almost to the day from the battle under Antarctica.

Her fingers dance across piano keys. She's become used to the muffled feel of the world around her. Without her power, it's like being in a sound-proofed room — everything feels flat and two-dimensional. She sings softly, "~What is this thing… that fills our dreams… Yet slips away from us?~"

Who wants to live forever? indeed.

If she hadn't lived her own life, she'd tell the person conveying this information that they should get a day job — that kind of science fiction was just too far out of the realm of belief to ever sell.

Joke's on her.

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