All The News That Is


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Scene Title All The News That Is
Synopsis Lynette continues her tour of drunken bad news.
Date June 15, 2018

Cats Cradle

After having a slip up during recovery, it's important to get back on the horse and start fresh. Lynette has gone the other way, unfortunately, and has found herself at Cats Cradle with a drink in hand and a fledgling friendship with the sass behind the bar.

She's here to see Eve. On a normal day she would have come to see her literally anywhere else but in the bar, but this is not a normal day. And she is not herself. Or, one could argue, she is more herself than she has been in years. Depends on how you look at it. She hasn't announced herself or such thing, apparently assuming Eve will find her there in good time.

There's a crash from above and it doesn't take long for the owner of Cat's to make it's way out of her loft upstairs. "Ah phooey!" She woman screams as smoke billows out from upstairs, not weed smoke. Cookies burnt. "That's the second batch today, what will the mice eat?" Lamenting to herself as she slowly makes her way down the stairs in a dark gray cotton dress and her staff for support. The woman's brown eyes travel the length of the bar before she spots.. "Lady Zeus!!"

Rushing forward the seer grins before she takes note of the drink in Lynette's hand and she's peering over and sniffing at it. Eyes widening and the seer gets serious. "What happened?"

Lynette can't help a chuckle at the commotion. Short-lived, but present. Looking toward Eve's entrance, she waits to be noticed, lifting her hand in a wave at the call of her name. She would so much rather have a hug in greeting, but she accepts the question instead.

"We need to talk. Alone," she says with a glance away from the bar and toward the patrons. "I'll explain everything." The one thing that doesn't need explaining is that she's is firmly off sobriety. But even so, she's steady, her words clear. So it's just to take the edge off drinking that hasn't had time to develop into something regretful yet tonight.

Breaking eye contact with the drink in Lynette's hand she reaches over to squeeze the woman's hand tight. Something this terrible. She isn't sure but it would have to be to make Lynette drink and so she embraces the blonde tightly and whispers, "I know just the place."

A look over her shoulder to Sassy and he's nodding his head in signal that he'll hold down the fort. The real question is when isn't he holding down the fort. "Aunt Eve will be back later you monster!" She chuckles as she clings to Lynette for support as they make their way down the stairs. "No broken bones? Internal bleeding?" A thought strikes her, "Otter Eyes?!" The women are soon in the lower level of Cat's Cradle and Eve is ushering Lynette in.

The hug is returned, and gratefully so. Lynette hangs on a few beats longer than normal, eyes squeezing shut. But the whisper gets a smile, if a sad one.

Support is taken and given in the walk, since Lynette has had enough to be a little unsteady on her feet, but they seem to do fine making the journey together. She waves a goodbye to the bartender (and leaves a tip) before they disappear down the stairs. "Mateo's okay. He wasn't, but he is now. That's part of what I wanted to talk to you about. Because we have a bit of a problem." Seeing as they have found their quiet space, she looks over at Eve, "Eileen Ruskin is back. She shot him. Tried to kill him. And I might have gone after her a little bit and discovered that she has Kazimir Volken's ability. If you see her, Eve… be careful."

As the file into the Oracle Room, Eve lounges on the couch patting the seat next to her for Lynette and then Lynette is speaking of.. "Bird?" Eyebrows shoot up and she leans in with a tilted head. "She's back.. she. She what." Shaking her head Eve bites the corner of her lip and looks at Lynette, brown eyes wide. "I am happy you went to teach her a lesson. She's always misbehaving, running fast and straight into walls."

The Black Conduit…

Eve leans forward again and grabs Lynette's arms to check them over before peering at her face and neck. "You're okay, you're sure?" Her eyes squint, "It was said that both conduits disappeared. Never to be seen again. But Bird was supposed to be gone also. What… is this…" Eve is confused…

"That thing, took Cameron away ten years ago.. almost destroyed Peter. I came into contact a few times.. often in dreams but a couple in real life. Lady Zeus…" Even more respect for the blonde shines in her eyes. "Not many can say they have tangled with that black mass of poopey! And look at you! You're okay!" An eye to her drink, "I knew I should have left that bottle of tequila on your desk and not buried in the sand."

Lynette takes up that spot next to Eve, head tipping back for a moment before she looks back to her friend. "I don't know how well taught that lesson was," she says, but she doesn't regret it. She would do it again. "I suppose we'll see." While Eve looks her over, Lynette smiles— a lopsided expression, "I'm okay. She took a bite out of me, but it healed up alright. I'm not sure she's our Eileen. She could be a shapeshifter or a copy. Or— another raven. Not that resurrection isn't on the table." In this world, it's all on the table.

That look in Eve's eye has Lynette lifting her hands as if she could ward off that respect. "I only survived because I ran. I didn't go toe to toe with it. Lightning moves faster than it can," she notes, because it is only her ability that got her out of there.

To rehash her emotions at Eileen attacking and almost killing Otter Eyes would be redundant and so Eve sighs and throws her hands into the air. "Now what am I going to tell Jazzhands?" Musing more to herself but loud enough for Lynette to surely hear. She's in a tough position. This news should be perplexing but not worrisome. The brown eyed woman fears if that will be the only attempt on her friends life. But she had also saved Gillian.

Not their Eileen…

"Well there are others, from the rivers. Maybe an Other Bird. Maybe she knows The Other Otter." Her expression pensive as she thinks about what this all means. For Gabriel, for Eve, for Lynette and Otter Eyes. With the Black Conduit… the world…

"You are Lady Zeus. You control that which runs through everything. A powerful elemental spirit, she who is of the light that smites." Eve snickers a little, "You ran to fight another day. You are victorious. You lived. What did she do? Unveil her secrets. She has lost this battle. You hopped a step over her."

Tapping her joint into the ashtray with long pale fingers, she pulls it back to her lips with an over dramatic 'O' expression. "The question is, what are you doing with her secrets?"

"I don't know. Does he know she's back?" Lynette has never asked why Eve calls Gabriel that— something tells her that she doesn't want to know. She sips at her drink, nodding lightly to prove she's still paying attention. "If she does know the other otter," she notes dryly, "I don't think she likes him that much. Or else she has a very unique way of showing her affection."

Lynette sets her drink down when Eve continues. She knows what to say to appeal to the piece of Lynette that quite likes the idea of being a goddess. The rest of her has to remind herself that this isn't the case. Still, Eve gets a warm smile. It's good of her to try to cheer her up. "The real trick will be finding a way to match her. I don't plan on fighting another day until I know I can. Unless she forces the issue before that." Like… trying to kill her husband again, that would do it.

The question pulls her attention up from her glass.

"I'm exposing them."

Eve is silent for a moment before she takes another look at the blonde woman next to her. "I would think not." Or he wouldn't be wallowing. An idea strikes her! No, three ideas. No two. Shaking her head Eve pats Lynette's hand, "She's not gonna get close enough for us to find out ever again." Otter Eyes didn't need to know Bird. Bird didn't seem to be in her sanest moment.

"Why Lady… what an excellent idea." Eve grins widely at her friend and she raises her joint to her lips. "I have a big fish to fry. Maybe you keep an eye on her for me. I'll ask a friend… what we could do."

The oracle's finger strokes the large table in front of them. "Adam Monroe, remember the name always. He's coming and I have to stop him." It's like a mantra she's been repeating to herself over and over again. "But…"

She looks nervous but then she says. "I think I need to be sharp to keep an eye on him." Blinking, "I think we need to be sharp to keep our eyes on them." This makes Eve uncomfortable but she offers, "I'll come into Benchmark to let them look at my brain if you will."

"Maybe you should tell him. I don't know what he could do or if he would want to do anything, but maybe he can talk her down." From whatever. When Eve pats her hand, Lynette smiles sadly over at her friend. Her hand moves to take hold of Eve's, support given and gotten in the gesture. "That's what I'm aiming for, too. She never gets to see him again."

She nods in agreement to keeping an eye on Eileen, but as Eve goes on, she stills.

Clearly, she didn't expect that. Especially not with it being Eve's idea. Or herself getting folded into it. Fingers tap against her glass, the prop that makes it impossible for her to deny that she is in a crisis. That she's slipped. Except for to herself, of course, she can deny it in her own mind all day and be very convinced that all is well. But she wants Eve to get help; she knows the prophet needs it.

"Let me— think about it," she says. Not a no, not a yes. She's gotta hit bottom first, before she can start to climb.

"Maybe they're lost without each other," a frown from Eve as she considers how unhappy the two must be without each other. "Your other piece that makes your puzzle whole." Rubbing her wrist with a nod.

Lynette's pause is noted by the woman and she tilts her head. "Of course you can Lady Zeus, I'm just here. Being.. the Artist Formerly Known As Eve!" Leaning in to whisper, "Singing's gonna have to wait until the world is saved again."

A lot of things would have to wait.

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