All Wet


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Scene Title All Wet
Synopsis Trask makes a fool out of himself, and scares off the Hydrokenetic
Date June, 10, 2009

The Hangar

Description of location, if any.

It's slow, lunch time is, the restraunt is almost completely empty as Trask comes over and settles in to a chair, playing an order for a rather large lunch, almost like he hasn't eaten in some time.

Lunch time is indeed slow, and Candy walks into the restaurant. She's gotten sick of delivery, and has decided once again, that she will wander into public spaces to have dinner. Her eyes look around as she takes in who is there, looking to see if anyone jumps out at her, before she slides into a seat that is conveiently not far from Trask. She works to attract a waiters attention while she sits there, hoping to get in and out as quick as possible.

Trask sips his water as he waits for his food, he smiles at Candy from across the room, just being out and amongst people is realiving some of his stress, "Busy day?" He asks.

Candy shrugs her shoulders a little, before she says, "Something like that." She offers something that may be considered a smile to him while she rests there in her chair. A few moments later, a waiter finally comes to her, and she orders what she'll be having.

Trask waits for his food, he takes a few more sips of his drink, but it seems he is in a chatty mood today, "So….what is so urgent?"

Candy shrugs her shoulders as she says, "Just want to get back to my apartment. Working from home, and I don't like to be away from it for too long. You understand."

Trask nods and smiles, "Sorry…didn't mean to intrude. I have been working from home lately too…and havn't had a lot of visitors."

Candy looks over at Trask, "You're not intruding. I was just giving a quick answer." She smiles a little, and then her food arrives and she gives him an apologetic look. "Excuse me," with that said, she goes to eating, unless he has anything else he would like to say.

Trask gets his own food, he eats slowly, actually lingering on it, enjoying it. He smiles back over at you at least thrice more, but doesn't actually say anything while she and he eats.

Candy finishes up, dabbing the corners of her mouth with a napkin, as she looks for the waiter, holding up a hand to get the check.

Trask is only half way through his own food, he smiles, "That was fast…back to the grindstone so soon?"

Candy shrugs her shoulders a little as she says, "Don't like to waste good food."

Trask smiles "Were you able to taste it?" He grins and shakes his head, "Sorry a joke…and not a good one"

Candy giggles a little at the attempted joke, "No, its alright." She shrugs her shoulders, "I think I remember the taste of the mashed potatoes.."

Trask says, "Oh…mashed potatoes? any gravy…I love gravy…." He grins."

Candy shakes her head while she sits there, "No… no gravy. Not a particular fan of the stuff, myself."

He says, "Depends on the gravy and the situation" He shrugs, "So you have to get back to work right away?""

Candy shakes her head as she sits there, looking out a window for the moment, "No.. don't have to get back to work right away."

"My name is Norton," He smiles and offers his hand, leaning toward your table."

Candy looks at Trask, taking the hand and shaking it. "Candy," she replies as she looks at the other man.

"Candy…really? I didn't think that was a real name…" He blinks and stops himself, blushing, "Wow I am a total ass…that was my outside voice wasn't it?" He picks up his water glass and pours it over his head, "Let me save you the trouble.""

Candy blinks at the man as he dumps the water over his head. "Um… right," she says, her eyes looking at the spilled water, and she sits there for a long time, before she blinks. She looks perplexed, but she doesn't say anything.

Trask grins and sighs, "I sorry…I was trying to be cute"

Candy nods her head a little, her eyes still going to the puddle of water, before she says, "Um… could you excuse me? I think… I need to go see about something.

Trask nods, "sorry…yeah…maybe next time?" He picks up a napkin and dries himself off, returning to his food.

Candy nods her head a little, before she stands up to head back home, hurrying just a little.

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