All You Can Kill Buffet


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Scene Title All You Can Kill Buffet
Synopsis Of Noodles, Deckards, Evolveds and Personal Firearms
Date February 6, 2009

Chinatown - Howie Lee's Noodle Bar.

Even in the cold, Chinatown bustles, hustles, teems. The neon flickers and glints, steam comes up from the sidewalk vents. It's all very Ridley Scott, really. And Hugh fits right in ,despite his coloring, swinging along with that piratical, rather rolling stride, an impish gleam in his eyes. Heading for Howie Lee's noodle bar, despite the chill.

Someone else is heading for the noodle bar, though whether she's recognizable or not is a different question. No high quality clothing or tottering heels, it's jeans, lined leather jacket, fishermans sweater, boots and loose hair for Minea. Her steps are sure, coming towards him as she glances here and there. Her eyes never quite staying still too long. She takes a right though, at the appropriate door. her hand closing on it, pulling the glass fronted door open and sliding into the haven from the cold outside.

"Do you have something as deadly in your purse this time?" wonders a rasping voice, with a distinctly Scottish lilt to it, as she comes in. Hugh's sitting in the one seat in the place that permits the view of all the exits, idly scraping chopsticks one against another to smooth away the splinters.

Minea looks over to the owner of the voice, brows rising. She clicks her tongue, sucking air in between the sides of her mouth. "I only wear it with my Fendi" Deadpan and straight faced. "Speaking up Agent Wickham because your looking for company or just because you really did wonder if I was carrying" She gestures to the purse, not near big enough for a MP5.

"If I weren't a married man," he says, flashing a titanium band on his left ring finger, "It'd be flirting. But for now, it was an honest question." He nods at the seat across from him. "Sit, if you like. I'm buying."

"Saw the ring in the marketplace. Honest answer, no. Not carrying beyond my two usuals. What with all the roadblocks and the curfew it seems a bit of an annoyance to keep producing my credentials and permits and explain why I have it on me. Did you escape relatively unscathed from the evolved incident at the marketplace" The purse is swung down opposite him, grateful actually for the invitation so she can keep an eye out as well, and he can keep an eye on her back.

Hugh says, amused, "Indeed. I'm down to two, myself. I feel utterly under dressed, really. I did. What was that all about, other than an Evolved being several flavors of damned fool? And that naughty Mr. Deckard," he says, shaking his head, like a school teacher confronted with a pupil pilfering from his desk.

"Downright naked" Minea agree's. She gets settled into her seat, a bit of a nonplussed look on her face. "I don't quite know Agent Wickham. I ran into him one other time about a week previous. Didn't know it was him at the time. He destroyed a camera, and was harassing me on a bridge. I did my homework afterward and then the marketplace. Him and his cohort blew my cover. Both are evolved, I know that. Would have had him in custody if it wasn't for the intangible woman. Good call on that, though I wish you had said that before I fired at her. The paperwork would have been considerably less"

Hugh makes a little moue of apology. "I'm sorry, I was remiss," he says, even though his eyes are merry, rather than contrite. "I suspect, somehow, that he is very much the lesser of a number of evils, though I'd like the chance to bring him down." As if Deckard were some sort of rare wildlife.

"I'd like the chance to bring his friend down. how do you bring down an intangible? I spent some time thinking about it, and kept wondering is a taser or a mace would even affect her. I don't like that she took him" Though she's glad now that she had but that's a whole other bucket of worms. "He'll surface again. I suspect. They disappear, then reappear. I've seen alot of his type"

Hugh muses, with the expression of a man planning a pleasant outing, "You dart or tranq while solid and unaware, has been my experience," he says, before the focus in the blue eyes snaps back to her. "Allies of some kind, clearly."

"Sister. I did some looking. She was mentioned in his files and I cross referenced. So it's bound to happen that where one shows up the other might" She notices the look though and when someone swings by to takes orders, minea's forefinger taps the table. "Taken down evolved before?"

The smile he gives her is dazzling in its smugness. "Oh, my dear," he says, in a purr. "You have no idea. Do you remember Eamonn Murphy, that horrible IRA leader? The one who could cause riots merely by exhorting a crowd, and who died under rather…suspicious circumstances?" He taps himself on the chest with fingertips, modestly.

Minea is actually suitably impressed. Enough so that she lifts her hands in mock surrender. "I do nothing so fancy. Let me introduce myself while i'm not in hose and standing in a marketplace. Minea Dahl, ISA. Documents Specialist" She offers her right hand over to him.

The offered hand is taken in a firm clasp. Not a strength contest, or an attempt at a pissing match, but friendly. "Pleased to meet you," he says, grinning. "Documents, eh? I sense you are no mere paper pusher," Hugh opines, with that vulpine grin firmly in place.

Equally as firm back, a slight squeeze, Minea releases hers from his. "No. That'd be far too boring. I verify the authenticity of documents, re-create them as well as requested by the higher authorities. They send me where they need me for higher priorities. My partner unfortunately was involved in an accident and died, so i'm in between assignments at the moment. Add on the breaking of my cover by the Deckards, I'm really, just biding my time and waiting"

Hugh clicks his tongue in sympathy. "That's unpleasant. To rust unburnished, rather than shine in use, as the poet put it," he says, leaning back and waving over a waitress with a negligent gesture of a hand.

"Not so rusty. I can do what I do anywhere, so long as I have my equipment and they keep me somewhat busy that respect, and I still have the cover job for the side. But, enough about me. You. What were you doing in the market and who is the lady" There's a gesture to the titanium ring and she looks appreciatively to the waitress as their food is brought and drinks.

"I was actually there at random. I cook a mean Cantonese cuisine in general," he says, and apparently means it. "That is for my lovely bride of less than a couple of years. We met on assignment. Time was we both worked for the Crown, in differing capacities."

"Military or civilian?" Curiosity piquing the woman. She deals with the chopsticks as well, slipping and positioning her fingers around them like someone familiar with the instruments and begins to help herself to her food.

"Me, I was military. SAS," he says, with the pride one might expect. And then sets to devouring his own noodles. There's not a hint of clumsiness with the chopsticks, happily. "She, well. Somewhat a bit spookier, but I daren't go into it," he says, with a faint laugh.

"Never ask a lady her age and never tell a lady's secrets" Minea muses. "I admit, I'm surprised to see you. How is working for homeland security working out. You can't be the most popular person on the street if anyone finds out. Especially not with what's been in the news and the curfews"

Hugh gives her a look that borders on demure. "I manage," he says, sweetly. 'The opinion of a mass of Yanks has never been something I gave much weight to. Present company excepted, of course," he adds, tipping a nonexistent hat. "It's really quite nice to have a 'Do Whatever I Want And Get Away With It' badge, to be honest."

"Oh but to have your badge" Minea chuckles. 'And please, include me with the masses, I'm still very much a stranger to you. Just random woman who had her submachine gun tossed into your hands. Though, SAS pretty much answers how you knew how to break my gun down as quickly as you did. Thank you for that. Last I needed was some asshole running off with it and shooting people. Mind if I ask if your evolved?"

"I suppose I should be flattered. But noo. I manage with me own two hands and the brains God gave me," he says, sunnily. "No need for mutant tricks, thanks."

"Mutant tricks" Minea echoes that word, though with a bit of a … not so liking that word. "Partner was evolved. Sister in law's evolved. I think.. I think she can change the colors of flowers. I never really asked. Whats your thoughts on them?" Curiosity and to get a lay of the man in front of her.

Hugh steeples his fingers, and finishes chewing his mouthful before he answers. "I don't have any opinion on those abilities existing. The ones as live peaceable with their neighbors….I don't care. I don't think they're an abomination. It's the ones as get uppity and start trouble, and think that a genetic anomaly is a license to fuck around wi' others' lives…..well, that's something different entirely."

"Kill on sight or apprehend alive if possible?" Obviously in reference to the latter, and not the former. Minea studies him, hand hanging over the plate of foot, chopsticks hovering. Her left arm through it all's been kept close to her body and no weight put on it.

Hugh eyes her, stickfull of noodles on its way to his mouth. "What, in terms of general policy? Apprehend alive, of course."

"Personal policy. I'm curious" Is the quick reply in return.

"Take 'em alive," Hugh says. "I don't kill lightly. And when I kill, it's at someone else's orders. I'm no' a vigilante," he insists, between quick, neat bites.

Minea resumes eating, apparently satisfied with the answer, due to the bob of her head. Her own noodle disappearing at a regular pace, eyes still now and then, flicking about the room, to Hugh, and her foot.

Hugh then asks, with exaggerated casualness, "And you?"

"Same actually. There's a great many out there who are living thier lives as if nothings different, or using their gifts in a productive way and manner. But there's those who think that just because they can sya… walk through walls, that it entitles them to rob a bank. I've run across a few people. My partner and I were working surveillance for some intelligence in the city. Can't say that I shared his view on things and he was evolved" Minea shakes her head, picking up her cup. "No. you and I share quite similar views"

Hugh persists, looking up from under reddish brows," And what were his views, pray?"

"Shoot first, ask questions later because they're bigger and badder and have abilities where I don't and won't hesitate to kill me. Or so he said. We… ran on two different schools of thought on our jobs. I go by the book, he… bends" That's the best way she could put it.

Hugh's lips quirk. Hugh does not approve, clearly. "It depends on the Evolved. I've dealt with Evolved where the order was kill on sight, and I have done so. That was, however, at the wishes of the Crown, not any personal urge."

'Bring em down, bring em down fast, bring them down alive. Mr. Flint Deckard was easy. His sister" Minea stabs some piece of vegetable that linger son her plate. 'His sister, I'll be thinking of how to apprehend her if I come across her again" Because the SISTER wasn't on the phoenix please don't' touch list.

Hugh smirks at that, frankly. "What a puzzle they present," he says, sounding for all the world like Sherlock Holmes confronted with a particularly delicious mystery.

"Indeed" Minea glances down at her watch with a frown. "I am afraid… It is eat and run Mr. Wickham" Minea twists reaching into her bag and after a moment, producing a business card and sliding it over to him. Dahl Consultations. "Here my number" She puts a tip on the table for the meal, since Hugh said that he was covering the meal. "Till next we ever meet again. I have somewhere I need to be"

"Take care," he says, sliding the card over with a fingertip, in a surprisingly delicate motion. And then he winks at her, mischievously.

Minea catch the wink, her head turning just a fraction before she shakes her head. "Somehow, I doubt it was just your accent that brought your wife to her" But that's it for the ISA agent as she gathers her things, heading out towards the door. Leave Hugh to the rest of his meal.

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