All You Need Is Loyalty


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Scene Title All You Need Is Loyalty
Synopsis Ethan asks Yancey for a special favor.
Date January 1, 2009

Yancey's Seedy Apartment in Someplace

The Range Rover's engines are cut off just outside the 'The Cave' apartments and lodgings, a seedy apartment building that is someplace. The door to the black vehicle opens briefly, just long enough for the black clad man to exit. The door closes swiftly.

A long black trench coat and a bulky pair of aviators rest on the brim of Ethan's nose. It's a foggy day, though he apparently is insisting on protecting his eyes or just looking awesome. The man is soon strolling through the perimeter of the apartment complex, making his way for a very specific room. Once he arrives. Four knocks are given, each separated by three seconds. A callsign.

Ethan waits.

By the time the four knock lands, the door is readily unlocked— which in itself takes a while— and pulled open. Out comes the scent of stale and fresh cigarettes from the apartment, which is actually rather tidy— if not very lived in. Yancey was either on his way out or just returned home, still wearing a bulky, somewhat faded denim jacket over his shirt, just as faded jeans and a pair of cowboy boots (has at least two pairs in the world). "Ethan," he says, in some surprise, though he knew who it was thanks to the callsign. He steps back, tilts his head. "Come in."

Stepping in swiftly, the man closes the door behind himself and takes the liberty of locking. "We need to talk." He says a bit hushedly. Ethan waves a dismissive hand, indicating the man to take a seat somewhere. Ethan goes to do the same, his sunglasses slowly taken off.

Yancey moves to steal an obviously favoured arm chair, feet coming up to rest against the edge of the sturdy coffee table in the center of the room, watching Ethan all the while. Perhaps a little nervously, but if he makes note of such a feeling, he merely shoves it aside in favour of giving a chin up to other man. "Sure. Everything alright, sir?"

"Yes." Ethan says simply his hand going to take the pack of cigarettes. He does not yet take one out though. He goes to sit opposite Yancey. Leaning back, he lets the pack roll between his fingers. "'ave I been a good boss, Yancey?" The Wolf asks softly.

An accompanying lighter is tossed onto the coffee table in offering before Yancey sits back again, his shoulders coming up into a hunching shrug at the question. A wide half-grin is given in answer along with, "'Course, boss. I don't take orders from jus' anyone, you know."

"I realize, Yancey." Ethan states simply. His eyes wander the room for a moment before coming back to the lighter. The pack of cigarettes is laid down by it. "I need to know if I can count on you Yancey. I need you to 'elp me do something." His eyes roll to the left for a moment. "Very different."

His booted feet are extracted from the table in favour of leaning forward, elbows on his knees. Another shrug. As if forgetting he'd offered Ethan a smoke first, Yancey sets about lighting himself one. "How different are we talkin'?" He inhales the smoke and sets the items back down.

"The craziest fuckin' shit you've ever 'eard of." Ethan states simply, bringing his hands out, palms up in a slight shrug. "Something that will take everything we 'ave to pull off. Something that might drain us dry. Something that might fuckin' kill you so much, Jesus Christ couldn't bring y' back." He then looks at the other man appraisingly.

Yancey frowns. Eyebrows furrow, mouth scowls in a sort of thoughtful grimace and he brings up a hand to scratch at his unshaven jaw. "Well, shit," he says, grimace slowly pulling back into a grin. "That sounds like business as fuckin' usual if you ask me, Ethan."

"This calls for something no one else in the organization 'as, Yancey. It will be you and me." Ethan says simply, cocking his head as he continues to watch the man intently. "They fuckin' think I'm in England right now. Things are goin' to shit Yancey. And we've got to make things right."

Okay that is different. The grin promptly vanishes, confusion and this time, a little bit of wariness visible. As if this might be some sort of test. There's a pause, and finally Yancey just asks, "Boss? What's goin' on?"

"Division, mate." Ethan says simply. He leans back, eyeing the man closely. "You 'ave one thing the others don't. The thing I need to count on. The thing that could save us all or fuck everything. Your loyalty Yancey." He pauses a beat. "To me."

Yancey's gaze dips down for a moment as if to study the stained surface of the coffee table, turning this over in his head, cigarette between his fingers completely forgotten and dropping ash onto the floor as it burns away. Finally, he just nods in agreement of that rather simple truth. "Yeah," he says. "What do you need me to do, boss?"

A slow grin raises up on his lips. He gives a nod of satisfaction at Yancey's answer. Then the Wolf gives the orders. "Yancey, I just need you to be yourself." A little grin. "Well, actually that's a lie." A cigarette is taken out and lit.

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