Alley Cat Courier Service: Bronx
Alley Cat Courier Service: Bronx
Owner Catherine Chesterfield (Secret)
Employees Reynold Helms (Corporate manager), Anthony Potenza (Branch manager), Colette Nichols
Hours of Operation 5:30am — 9pm, every day
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Delivery of letters and parcels

The interior of this former firehouse is spacious. Very recently renovated, the walls are sturdy and freshly painted in an off-white color. Bays which used to hold fire and rescue vehicles along with their equipment are now wide open. The wall on the far right has a long row of tall lockers for use by people who work here, a steel door marked Emergency Exit at the center, then three racks placed end to end for people who want to keep bicycles, powered scooters, and motorcycles here when not on duty.

The left side features one bathroom each for men and women near the front, vending machines with food and drink, another emergency exit, the break area which is supplied with new furniture, and another pair of bathrooms near the back.

The dispatch area, found at the back, has a counter for people to use while there to receive assignments and check in on their return as well as time clocks secured to the wall. Employees clock in and out by using an ID badge with photo and barcode. On the other side of the counter, there are file cabinets, a few desks, and the manager's office door at the back.

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  • This building is a franchise branch of the Alley Cat Courier Service and all rules of operation and fee for transit apply to couriers operating out of this office just as others.
  • The firehouse is secretly a cover-operation for the pro-evolved organization _phoenix.
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