Almost Famous


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Scene Title Almost Famous
Synopsis Hoping to move one step closer to stardom, Quinn enlists some final aid in rush finishing her album and planning for the next month.
Date January 3, 2011

Village Renaissance: Recording Studio

Studio A is spacious and bright, with dramatic views to the north and east along Lafayette and 4th streets. The abundance of natural light provides our clients with a relaxing environment in which to work. This tracking and mixing room features a 72 input SSL 9000J series console and a ProTools HD 3 Accell system.

Studio B is a perfect vocal tracking, overdub and production facility. This wing features a comfortable control room with a Yamaha DM 2000 console and Protools HD 3 Accell system as well as an intimate live room, ideal for both vocals and instrumentals. In keeping with the atmosphere throughout our facility, both our B control and live rooms have plenty of natural light with views of east Manhattan. A separate lounge adjacent to the studio rooms provides a place to relax while maintaining our clients' complete privacy from the rest of the studio.

Studio C is a production and writing room.

January 3rd, 2011. For Robyn Quinn, this was going to be a day that would, as they say, live in infamy. Or something like that. She wasn’t sure. All she knew was that she hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, and she’d been up early this morning in order begin preparations for the day and the rest of the week – it was going to be a busy one, that much was for sure.

Just a bit ago, she’d called up Adel for the first time in what felt like an eternity, even though the last time had been just a week and a half ago, with instructions to make her way up to the recording studio the moment she got there – and if there were any problems getting up there (with Cat gone and Adel not possessing her own key for the elevator, it was impossible to know if anyone on shift was going to make a big deal or not) to have them call up so Quinn could get her.

Getting Elaine had been easy enough – such are the perks of living with someone you need on any given day. Whenever she was ready to, she had been left similar instructions to Adel – make her way up to the studio, and to bring her violin or grab one of Quinn’s, whichever was easier.

To put it simply, there was music to be discussed.

Music~! Elaine had been more than happy to snag her violin (which, oddly enough, had been a present from Quinn some months ago) and head up towards the studio. Violin case in hand, the redhead heads into the studio, a little curious as to the plotting. Quinn was up to something, certainly.

From past experience, Adel has a difficult time being punctual. Perhaps it has to do with her lack of a registration card and her inability to use the public transit system, or it could just be she forgets to leave until it will make her late. But today, she appears looking winded, hair dishelved like she just ran half the way, and leaning over her knees to breathe as she settles down.

"I'm here! I'm here!" she says between breaths, looking up with a smile that doesn't show any signs of pain or fatigue. The smile is always wider than it needs to be. It wasn't running, so much as a crazy person in the middle of winter riding a bicycle.

Which is propped up and chained outside now.

"I'm glad you're back!" she exclaims. "Hi Elaine— oh my gosh are you playing too? This is going to be totally — awesome."

“She’s been playing,” Quinn notes with a grin as Adel makes her explanation, speaking out from a console inside of studio one, door hanging open so that she could hear when each of her compatriots arrive. “She’s been recording some violin parts for me.” It’s only when she steps out of the studio that she quirks an eyebrow, looking between Adel and Elaine, before focusing on the former, briefly. “I didn’t interrupt you in the middle a’ somehtin’, did I?” It’s not the lateness she’s commenting on, it’s the appearance, and her grin says it’s meant in good fun.

“Glad you could make! I had a few things I wanted t’ ask you guys about.” Eyes move over to Elaine, grin widening. “Some favours, actually. If you guys are going t’ have time this week. When do your classes start up again, Elaine?” Sometimes, Quinn forgets that her friend actually goes to school. Oops.

"Not until next week," Elaine points out. Christmas/holiday breaks are always a plus. "So this week I'm free. Besides, even if I did have classes, they'd only be a couple hours and I'd be doing the homework in class since everything's such a breeze." There are perks to learning a language quickly. "What's going on?" It's a question, but Elaine's clearly excited. It's more like a kid asking what's inside their Christmas present as they shake the box.

"I— should be free! Unless something unexpected comes up, at least," Adel says, moving closer now that she's caught her breath and plopping down in her designated area— which would be in front of her drum set. It's sad she has to keep it here, but she's said a few times her neighbors hit the walls and ceiling and floor whenever she practices at her place, so her practices tend to be restricted to here.

Which makes her landlord happy, at least!

"But I don't expect anything to come up that'll pull me away from the chance to… do you a favor!" She'd been about to say play music, but she doesn't knwow hat he favor is yet.

Awesome,” Quinn enthuses, her grin growing as she nods at the pair, “that’s just what I wanted t’ hear.” She steps out of studio one, moving towards studio two (or B, as she sometimes calls it, unable to keep the actual manner of ordering straight) where Adel’s drum waits. It’s door is open too, making it no problem to hear the conversation back out in the open.

“See, here’s the deal,” Quinn starts, tone very matter of fact as she speaks, hand gestures giving a similar sentiment made. “I know you’ve both been really willin’ t’ help me get stuff with the recordings I’ve been workin’ on straight an’ everythin’ over the last few months. An’ t’s really, really been a help, particularly gettin’ you guys up here when I haven’t been able t’ get around as much t’ do recording.”

And then she smiles a bit more, looking highly pleased and amused about something. “Now I’m almost done. At least, almost done with everything I’m actually going t’ get finished before the deadline I made for myself.” That has her scratching the back of her neck a bit more nervously. “Friday, I want t’ have this all done an’ the masters ready t’ be sent off. But… I took the job at the Advocate an’ I don’t think I’m going t’ have a lot of time this week.” Grin widens, and she opens her arms between the two. “That’s where you guys come in. Some drum parts need t’ be redone from when I had my friend session drummin’, an’ some of teh violin, both mine an’ your, Elaine, needs t’ be cleaned up. I’m… hopin’ I can talk you guys int’ spend a few a’ the days here this week workin’ on that stuff for me.”

"Awww, that's not a favor, Quinn, that's just fun." The redhead laughs, running her thumb along the hook of her violin case. Elaine glances towards Adel, then towards the room where Quinn's at. "I'd be more than happy to help."

"Yeah, that's barely a favor. Not like you need us to help you move, or move a body or anything!" Adel says with a clack of her drum sticks to add emphasis, but she stands back up again, hovering closer to the drums than to anything else. They're her favorite thing in the world, after all.

"I'll even bring myself a sleeping bag and crash here if that'll get us more work done! Going back and forth to my crappy apartment takes too long, and curfew is a drag." And she has no card to make it at least manageble if she shedded tears and played up the lost girl routine.

"If you don't think the owner would mind me crashing here for a few nights."

“I doubt she’d even know,” Quinn replies a bit sadly, shaking her head. “That’s silly, though. You should stay with me an’ Elaine if you camp out over night. Our couch is spacious! Or I can give up m’ bed for a few nights, that’s no issue.” To extenuate that, she gives a small little shrug. “But if that’s no big deal, that’s good. I don’t always remember what’s schedules are like, and…” she waves a hand dismissively, ready to continue. “Anyway, that’s not all a’ it.”

She turns and points back towards studio A (or was it one?). “I’ve been working on mixing, so once those parts are done I can finish the mixes up, get the masters finished and sent them off. I… should probably make a website or somethin’ but unless you guys know anythin’ about that, I’ll get someone else for that.” She pivots back on her heels, pointing one finger at each of them. “When I get the CDs back, which of course you guys are gettin’ a full credit in, an’ part of teh sales since you helped record,” and, well, she assumes there’ll be sales. That’s how this works, right?

“But what I really need you guys for is the concert.” That word carries weight, particularly coming from Quinn, so give the pair a moment to absorb it. “If I can work it out, within days a’ getting the CDs back, I want t’ have a concert. Probably at the Rock Cellar, since it’s downstairs, but maybe at Tartarus. I want you guys t’ play with me up there, an’ that means havin’ t’ teach you both a lot of music in a really short span of time.”

"Yeah, you're more than welcome to stay with us. Not like we aren't right here and all, and it's fun to have company," Elaine nods, glancing between Quinn and Adel. Then she blinks. "You sure you're talking to the right girl? You know on CDs and stuff you can cover up my bad playing… you really think I'd be okay for a freaking concert?" She questions. "I mean, if you think so, but…"

"Concerts are easier to cover up bad performances, actually, cause they can't listen to it over and over!" Adel offers, but then hops over and gives Elaine a shoulder thump. Drummers are allowed to thump people, right? It's light. "You're not bad. So don't worry about it too much— people are supposed to be dancing and having fun not judging everything you do!"

Or that's her theory.

"I'll stay with you guys if you don't mind an extra crasher, sure— but I don't mind staying here either. I don't even have a real bed in my apartment— I sleep on a mattress on the floor." But she doesn't think her apartment really qualifies as an apartment half the time. Apartments are supposed to have multiple ROOMS, right?

"I'm in, though! If that wasn't totally obvious. I'm gonna have to call everyone and make them come see us, too."

“Jesus, I should ‘ave gotten you a bed for Christmas,” Quinn replies with a laugh and a shake of her head, before turning and walking over to Elaine, hands placed on her shoulders. “We’ve talked about this before, you know? Granted, then it was just you an’ me, but… the ideas still the same. I believe that you can do. An’ Adel’s right, even if someone does notice bad playing, they’ll be too caught up in everythin’ else t’ do much about it. Either way, I need someone t’ play the violin parts a’ those songs, an’ I’ll be busy with other things.”

Qunn steps back a bit, rolling her shoulders. “I figure for the debut show I should do more than just an’ a piano. I love the whole Tori Amos thing, but I wanna go all out for the first show. An’ besides one guy I know, it’s not like I have a touring band or anythin’. Besides, I’d rather have you guys an’ Sable for the big night.”

Almost randomly, Quinn reaches over towards Adel and flicks at her eat. “Of course it’s alright. Don’t be daft.”

"Sounds like Sable, back at Gun Hill…" Elaine points out, then chuckling. "Well, we're more than happy to have you in our humble abode. You'll be in for my cooking, though, so I hope you've got a sweet tooth." She does grin at the fact that she won't have to worry about messing up. "Well, good. I suppose as long as I pretend like I know what I'm doing they can look over any mistakes. Maybe I'll wear something cute and just distract 'em all…" She nods eagerly. "I'm more than happy to do it, though, Quinn. I like that you're letting me do this stuff."

"Nooo, I love what you got me! Beds are just for sleepin in, drums are for living," Adel says with a wide smile, as if the bed really doesn't have anything to do with— well— anything. Just for sleeping in, and from the way she doesn't seem to be romantically attached to anyone, it is likely just for that with her. Same as the sleeping bag she was talking about bringing. The matress just makes it less floor-like.

"And I got a total sweet tooth. So sweet you'd think they'd have fallen out by now." There's a pause, as if she's wondering if she maybe has a cavity suddenly, but she shakes it off. "I think this'll be great. I hope I can get some of my old friends to come. I haven't seen them in forever and I'd love it if they could see me play. And meet you guys too! I think they'd like that."

“An’ I thought Sable needed a real bed too,” Quinn is quick to point out, smirking at Elaine. “I hope you two are sure about this. Even besides a week a’ recordin’, this is going t’ eat up a lotta time.” She looks over to Elaine, smiling. “I know you’re a quick learner, but I only had you record for a few songs. There’s a bunch I need t’ teach you. It’ll be like homework that’s due t’ me every couple a’ nights.”

“The drum stuff…” Her hand moves to her chin as she turns in Adel’s direction, looking at her thoughtfully. “Rerecording the already done stuff an’ the drum machine stuff should be easy enough, but feel free t’ add your own touch if you think it works. But…” her foot taps a few times, and she grimaces. “You an’ I are going t’ need t’ get t’gether a lot over the new week. I can make things with a drum machine, but writin’ actual drum music is a bit beyond me, an’ there’s stuff I want t’ play that’s evolved way beyond the stuff it was back when I first wrote an’ recorded it. So we’ll have t’ put drum stuff t’gether for those on our own, as best as we can.”

Fingers tap on her cheek, and she sighs. “And rehearsals. Christ, I wonder if i should wait until February…” She grimaces, looking indecisive and a little dismayed as she considers her options for the coming weeks.

"Nothing wrong with Sable's bed," Elaine insists, folding her arms. "Anyway, point is that we've got room and it'll be fun." She looks back towards Quinn. "Screw that. We're open to you, and we aren't gonna let you just get scared away from your music. It's your dream and honestly you're achieving it a hell of a lot more than most people I know. You're doing what you're supposed to do, same as I'm trying to do, so… you damn well better not just put it off because it's easy or you'll put it off for your whole life." She folds her arms over her chest.

"No time like the present cause you never know what the future holds!" Adel says in a rather perky way, trying to be encouraging. "And I got nothing better to do right now. Unemployed, college drop out, all my friends got their own stuff— this is mine." And this, it seems, is where she wants to stay! "We'll work it out. I can definitely get some drum music together to fit the music— I don't usually write, but— I winged it more than you could imagine back in the day, and I was usually told my winging was good. We can work on it until we get it right. Cause I'm not gonna let you give up on your dream either— cause it's mine now too!"

Quinn blinks repeatedly, looking between the two with a bit of surprise. “But- I didn’t say anythin’ about…” she tilts her head to the side for the moment, a wide, warm smile forming on ehr face. Quickly, she grabs Elaine by the hand and drags her over towards Adel, awkwardly pulling the both of them into a group hug. Or what passes for one, to the outside observer, it might look like Quinn is trying to hurt someone. Adel’s hair is ruffled, and Elaine given a quick kiss before the Irishwoman lets out a laugh.

“Alright, fine then. We’ll just work extra hard,” responds with a shake of her head. “You two are too much. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me with this. Seriously, without friends like you guys, Sable, an’ Ygraine, I’d still be bummin’ around a studio flat in Brooklyn, occasionally strumming out a song on guitar into a microphone plugged into my computer with the telly on mute in teh background.” There’s a European idiom Quinn doesn’t let slip out often.

Disentangling herself from the pair she sighs, still smiling happily. “Okay! In that case!” she explaims, stepping back out of the room and into the common area of the studio, “we have a few things t’ go over!” There’s a dry erase board that’s been turned away from them sitting just outside, and now Quinn’s grabbing it and wheeling it in. Turning it to face the girls presents a chart - one that’s really rather simple to read for Quinn. For others, maybe not so much:

Songs! Vocals Piano Keyboard Drums Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar Bass Violin
Whiteout (Half) X X N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A X
Mix X N/A N/A N/A X N/A X X
Glass Wonderland X X N/A REDO X REDO X X
Firefly X X N/A X X N/A X NEED
Empire X N/A X X N/A X X N/A
Spirits X N/A X REDO N/A X X N/A
Fantasies X N/A X X N/A X X N/A

“Ladies, this chart just became your life.”

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