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Scene Title Also, Cake
Synopsis Delilah turns a year older and a month closer to having a new family; the girls have a nice party, even when a strange guest turns up with a gift that Delilah wishes she hadn't gotten.
Date October 7, 2010

The Rock Cellar

A comfortable place, located in the basement of 14 East 4th Street. The red brick walls are covered with memorabilia from various icons of rock and places in rock history, creating a feel similar to that of a Hard Rock Cafe.

The left wall has two bars separated by swinging doors which lead to and from the kitchen. Directly across from the entrance is a two foot high stage with all the equipment needed for acts to perform there. The right wall has three doors marked as restrooms: two for use by women and one by men.

Thirty square feet of open space for dancing and standing room is kept between the stage and the comfortable seating placed around tables which fill the remainder of the Cellar.

The lighting here is often kept dim for purposes of ambience, and when performers are onstage the place is loud enough to make conversation difficult. Just inside the door is a podium where location staff check IDs and stamp the hands of those under twenty-one with a substance visible under UV lights at the two bars and by devices the servers carry. On the podium's front is a sign with big black letters that just about explain it all: If You Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll, You're Too Late Now!

Downplaying her birthday is something that Delilah is going to have to get used to; but for a teenager, that is always going to be very difficult. The beginning years are always so important, right? Today is her birthday, but it is also the day she chose to have Walter's baby shower. A camera for the occasion, as always, follows her there in her bag, and though she has been subdued in helping herself set up the corner of the Rock Cellar- likely with revolving help- the jitter that comes with the fact it's one month and one day to the day, is very obvious.

There are a few people here as it is, either helping put together tables or just socializing; Delilah's aunt, in her level best, and two of three sons, for instance. Marien had to stop herself from interfering in so much of the pregnancy, and finally it seems like she's able to put it into something useful. Like making sure Delilah remembers that she's about to pop out an alien, and that really- doing everything on her own is not the only option anymore. Campbell and Christopher, as boys are wont to do, helped for a bit, until the cute napkins and plates got put out, and boys think themselves too boyish for helping. Now the two are playing with a paper football on one of the empty tables in the rest of the cellar. As to not completely interfere with Cat's business ventures, the shower only takes up one long set of tables put together, with one table at a booth reserved for a cake and whatever people wanted to bring.

"Did you pick a middle name yet?" Marien has put herself elbow deep in making sure things look nice, even if they did already. Delilah sits at the head of the table, chair pointed sidelong to watch her blonde aunt fussing with something she seems to have stuffed too far under the booth.

"Nope. And don't say it, I'm not naming him after that character in that stupid show you like. What kind of a show is 'Villains' anyway? You're worse than those Twilight moms, I swear."

Elaine's coming with gifts. Really, just a single box, but a decent sized box at that, wrapped in the sunday comics but tied up nicely with twine. It's purposefully gift-wrapped like that. Either way, though, it's a big box. "Magnes never goes easy when it comes to presents… I feel bad, this is mostly stuff he got, but all his stuff was so good that it was hard for me to come up with something on my own." She's speaking to Sable, who's entering just behind her.

This was so much more complicated than Sable ended up making it. She works right here in the Village. She could have just… tipped her hat (recently re-donned now that the temperature is dropping again, the seasons shifting towards the grey and chilly) to her boss, strolled out the door and moseyed right on over when the time came. But no, no, she got confused as to the venue. Sable imagines baby showers as taking place in warm apartment living rooms, and this schema made her just assume Roosevelt Island would be the setting for the birth/not-yet-birthed day festivities.

Fear not! A few swapped texts with Elaine, discussions of logistics, ironed out those creases. Close call. Sable would have been furious at herself for effing this up. She spent no small amount of time pouring over gift possibilities, balancing the practical against the sentimental, the utilitarian against the personal, wanting the ideal ratio. Not that anyone asked her to agonize but, with Sable as with many an artist, ecstasy's twin must be giving its equal due.

Home first, to get the gifts - one larger package, one much smaller, the former wrapped in newspaper (arts and entertainment section, rather than comics) by Sable herself with absolute inexpertise, the latter very small and wrapped by professionals, its paper lime green, its bow daffodil yellow. Then outside, to wait for Elaine in their to-be-shared cab. Then all the way back to work, Black Dog Records getting a scowl as they pass it on their way to the Rock Cellar.

And now she's here. And next to Elaine, who gets a sage nod. "Yer at a disadvantage, 's all. He's known 'er f'r-goddamn-ever. Don't worry, though, darlin'. I'm sure it'll be a hit." Her yellow eyes slide out to view the thus-far-assembled. Christopher and Campbell she's familiar with, if only just. Marien Sable doesn't know, and immediately receives a carefully appraising look, before being left in favor of the lady of the our, pregnantly resplendent. Sable grins, lifting her unladen arm and waving.

"I hear it's yer birthday! Happy birthday to y'!"

Airplane ride? Check. Get settled in? Check. Lament the lack of tail as you air out your apartment? Check. Make sure the haka hasn't wilted due to hearing about a celebration for a baby…after reacting to remembering the chick you pulled from a car /is/ preggers.

…Kase has had a busy few days, but he saunters into the establishment with that certain type of Island swagger that is really hard to hide, carrying a couple of bags in one hand and he didn't /really/ rsvp but he wears a dark green jacket over a simple white button down top, pair of dark jeans and converse sneakers on his feet, shades hiding his eyes as usual and he looks around, shifting the gift bags to his other hand. "Eh…this where we come to see the hot mama now yeah? I go one more store for baby shi-stuff and they ask me if I'm the daddy…I swear…" He drawls in that slightly raspy voice colored with the accent that plagues many people who were born and raised in Hawaii.

Abby's coming, not here to stay long but at least making the effort to show up. She wants to get back in time to close the shop, worried about what it is that Niklaus might do to the shop now, and then hightail it home. In behind Kase she comes but not with him, darting past the guy so she can drop off the gift bags in hand that she's bringing in, a wave to those she knows and a place to sit. She'll greet preggo the whale later. And not actually call her a whale.

Okay, Kaylee has never been to one of these things, not really, so she was almost reluctant to show up… mainly cause of the creepy factor of being a telepath around a pregnant woman. However, she had spent the time, dragging Joseph out to look at various gift ideas, to which he was rather patient about, especially when she started to stress about what to get!

But, she's here dressed in a nice dark blue turtle neck and a worn pair of jeans, her brown leather jacket has been pulled out against the chillier days. Kaylee also come bearing gifts, two of them. One a pale blue wrapped box, the other a smaller box wrapped in more colorful birthday wrapping paper. Her feeling is… Dee deserves a birthday, too.

"Dee!" Kaylee calls brightly as she sweeps in from outside, flashing a bright smile to the younger and very pregnant woman. This the telepath notices right away. Whoa It has been awhile since she saw the other one. "Look at you!" But the blonde looks happy for Dee really, though as she approaches her eyes fall to the bulging belly. "Getting louder, I can tell." Her head tilting in that knowing way that telepath's have, it's creepy and really fascinating all at once.

Delilah is sitting, up until the variant crowd gets a little bigger with Elaine and Sable wandering in. She sits up in her seat, smiling, before she tilts forward and moves onto her feet to greet the two girls. "Thanks, Sable. Not all my day though, remember." Dee's hand finds the ruff of black hair on the back of Sable's head, an affectionate gesture while she peers at the more noticeable thing she's brought. Lime green and daffodil yellow? Retinas have been burnt. She can tell the difference between Sable paper and store paper, at least. "That is just…" She doesn't finish whatever she was going to say about Sable's wrapping job, instead being caught up by Abby's arrival- and the shaded face of Kase, much to her surprise.

Kaylee is right- it may be very interesting if those invited haven't seen Delilah in a while. About eight months along, her long blouse and skirt do nothing at all to make her seem less like she swallowed a beach ball. Seeing her from behind, perhaps, may dull the shock. "Kase? Goodness-" The redhead sidles around Elaine and Sable in favor of holding up her hands and making a beckoning gesture for the Hawaiian. "How have you been?"

Kaylee wanders in a moment later, and though Delilah may be a bit absorbed by the appearance of a missing pal, she gives the young telepath a bright grin too. "I hope not too loud?" What's that even like? Static? Something to think about.

Elaine smiles warmly towards Dee. "Magnes sends his best." She moves, glancing for what looks like the pile of presents so she can set the thing down. "Well, I guess I'm at a disadvantage compared to Magnes. Wait till you see what's in this thing." She comments, peering back towards the pregnant woman before looking back to Sable.

Sable beams as she's greeted, previously waving hand going down to tap fingertips against the swollen curve of Delilah's stomach. Shave and-a-hair-cut. Two bits! "'course. Brought honor 'n' tribute f'r two, no worries. Hell, th' big one's f'r 'im. Y'all just gettin' th' little thing." She tips Delilah a wink, communicating… what precisely? But it's mostly immaterial. Sable glances over her shoulder to catch the other comers. Some familiar, some not so. Kase gets a particularly searching look, maybe not entirely trusting. Maybe even suspicious. Who's he, when he's at home?

But such vibes have no place in this setting. Elaine is followed in the search for a good place to deposit her supplications. Sable gives Elaine a light hipcheck and a grin. "Yer here, eh? 'n' where th' hell's th' boy? Your presence, darlin', is a gift. Glad y' could make it here with me. Hell, I'd've wound up in th' wrong place if y' hadn't set me straight."

Marien gets another glance and, after giving Elaine a 'I'll be right back' nod, Sable shuffles on over to the older woman, doffing her cap and lowering into a bow. "Name's Sable," she says, by way of introduction, "'n' I don't think I've been so lucky as t' make yer acquaintance."

It really is a really place…oh yes indeed. There's a woman and then there's another woman…and good lord another woman. He nods politely to various unfamiliar face before he runs his fingers through his hair before flashing a grin to Delilah as he approaches. "Look at you, ah…like strawberry cupcake or soft dumpling, but I must be good. No nibbling." He gives a long suffering sigh before winking behind those dark glasses and adjusting his hold on the bags so he can offer a one armed hug, whether it is accepted ore not he's just going through the greeting motions.

Sable's look gets returned by a pretty…darn thorough once over of his own, hidden mostly behind his shades and he just smiles slowly, turning back to Delilah. "I'm sorry if I'm crashing, all the women, don't want to hold you up from partying with your ladies, any of them want show affection with lips with each other, I am of course okay with that as well." He just has to laugh softly. "I been okay, my mom she out of hospital now, so they doing good now."

"No, not too loud, but loud enough I can't quit staring." Kaylee muses quietly, she leans close to Delilah to let her head turn a little towards the belly as if listening. "It's just a hum… anything thought is like… blank, darkness." It is dark in there after all! "Much like a baby makes no sense when they talk in the early months… there is no sense there.

The telepath gives Dee's shoulder a squeeze before letting her see to her other guests, and so she can put down the presents. Each person she knows gets a wiggle of fingers in a wave, on her way to that table.

With stark blonde hair- probably dyed- and dark green eyes, Marien looks nearly nothing like her niece. The smile that she gives Sable, however- that is one thing that not only matches what Delilah has- but also, tho those whose memories serve, matches the pictures of Dee's mother. Marien appears to be the type of woman one might see on the television, a jaunty cigarillo in one hand and a big wine glass in the other. Not here, though. It is in the way she holds herself, the quirk of painted lips when Sable introduces herself.

"I've heard about you." Marien laughs, almost dryly, casting a pointed look across the room towards her sons- who pointedly look away when she does. "It's lovely to meet you, I'm Marien Polk." She offers out a manicured hand to the petite rocker.

"Let me know if anything makes sense though, will you? I'm serious." The redhead nods once at Kaylee, vaguely suspicious of the baby's thought processes when she overhears what Elaine's trying to say. It actually worries Delilah more that Magnes apparently did most of the gifting. He's too good at it, sometimes- but being too good is better than being terrible. Dee buries herself into the hug from Kase with her shoulder, giving Kase a heartfelt squeeze with her arm. "Sable might take you up on that, don't let her hear you." She does a favor of gesturing over to that same little lady that was giving out the hairy eyeball. "That's good to hear. I hope she does well. You back for good, or just checking around?"

"Magnes was kinda worried about the whole shower thing since he wasn't sure guys should go, plus he's got a few things he needed to take care of." Elaine replies to Sable, but she gives her a bit of a nod as Sable shuffles off. Her gaze sets on the rest of the room, scanning it idly.

"Aw, but words can't convey, ma'am, all that I am," Sable says, with a wide smile. She takes Marien's hand and gives it a firm shake, and it is actually only her engagement with the absoluteness of her interlocutor's fabulousness that prevents what might otherwise be a rather embarrassing display of raised hackles. What part of Kase's words Sable shouldn't hear are less the ones about lips on lips, and more about nibbling. There is only room for one egregiously lecherous individual, as far as she's concerned, and Sable came through that door first.

But, luckier probably for Sable than for anyone, she doesn't catch any of the islander's remarks. Her attention is otherwise occupied. "Yer boys, then, those strappin' fellas?" she inquires, following Marien's gaze to Christopher and Campbell. "Chris is a goddamn rip tear, I know, 'n' I only met him th' once." She bares her teeth a wide, evil grin at Christopher. Playful menace. "How long 'r' you in town f'r? Where y'all stayin'? Some fancy hotel?" Questions, questions. But she doesn't wait for them to answered quite yet before beckoning to Elaine. "Darlin', come on over. This here's Dee's auntie," she turns back to Marien, "this fine lady's Elaine. She's here representin' her useless goddamn man, bless his heart, who can't be here… why 'xactly?" The question is offered to Elaine, a clarification Sable hasn't 'til now requested.

"Good to see you okay now, hm?" Kase gets his hug, so Kase is happy as he takes a step back and turns to look back towards the lady with the hairy eyeball and he arches an eyebrow. "Hmm…" Then he looks back the woman. "Oh I'm back, I hope to stay for a while. Get back to work and get settled in…all that…" He trails off, watching the various women with a thoughtful expression before nodding slowly. Give him a second…there are many women, this is woman town.

"We live in the city. I'm a family lawyer in Brooklyn, now. A far cry from the firm I used to work at, but it's a job." Marien takes a hint, waiting until Sable practically magnetizes at Elaine, giving the other girl a smile as well. "Mhm, they're mine. Two of three." Her eyes steel for a passing moment, but only just. "My third is …estranged, unfortunately."

"If you're going to stare at my friends, at least take those off and let'em see those eyes of yours." Delilah pries herself from Kase, one hand lingering on the front of his jacket and chin gesturing towards the booth with the various items being lumped in it. "You can put those down if you'd like- an excuse to introduce yourself to someone over there, I'd say." She doesn't really wait, nudging him towards the gaggle-plus of ladies milling there.

Elaine, as she's waved down, makes her way over towards Sable and Marien. She glances back to Sable, then to the older woman. "Nice to meet you," Elaine offers, cheerfully, before she looks back to Sable. "Magnes thought this was more of a ladies thing… and he had stuff to do. If I'm lucky it involves food."

Sable sets her hat to her chest, expression shifting into one of regret and sympathy. "Sorry t' hear it, ma'am," she says, with a tone of voice to match, "youth don't often dance well t' th' accompaniment 'f wisdom. I hope yer third turns 'round a bit, though, when time 'nuff has passed." She salvages a smile on the tale end of her hopeful optimism.

"Ladies thing, eh?" she replies to Elaine, "boy ain't keepin' up with th' times. Boys 'r s'pposed t' get int' lady-type things nowadays, be all… in touch with th'mselves 'n' their inner-type ladiness. Which, lemme tell y', is a pain in th' ass f'r me. Used t' be easier t' be, like, a real contrast t' insensitive type males, present m'self as a real good alternative…"

Yellow eyes cut over to the present table, at the accumulating spoils. "Dee!" she calls out, "we gonna crack some 'f these open, 'r what? Seein' all that stuff just sittin'… makes m' stealin' fingers get itchy, y' know? 'n' I'm tryin' t' be better f'r yer sake, so y'all have some mercy on me, y'hear?"

Kase laughs softly and shakes his head, eyes rolling as he takes a deep breath and holds up a one moment finger. "Okay okay okay, I get it, no oggle the friends to decide who I want take home." A pause. "Gah, I've been home too long, decide who I want to take home." He does his best to clean up the pidgin from his speech as he reaches into a gift bag for the little clear box like container that is usually for corsages and flower arrangements, only this one is a Haku and he offers it to Delilah. "In Hawaii, some tink it is bad luck to give an expectant mother anything that is closed to go 'round her neck, so we can give open lei…which messy or a Haku…here…you can be the princess of your party." Tis a White and Pink and Yellow arrangement of silk flowers in the Haku though (read…head wreath/crown like thingie.) He winks as he takes off those glasses, the husky blues exposed as he goes back to looking at women, forgetting for a moment about the other bags. "You have some interesting friends D'lilah, real interesting."

"I hope so too, Sable. He's my son. But if he never does, it will be no loss." Marien may seem cold, intially, but when one takes into stock the reasons, it is a wonder she is not more bitter. "It's nice to meet you Elaine, I've heard a little about you too. Too much about your fellow, though." Her lips purse and her hand fishes around a pocket for her cellphone- its screen is lit with a text message, but she only has to take a second to read it and tuck it back.

"Oh, this is lovely." Delilah accepts the gift with a smile, practically cooing over it as she opens the box with her thumb. She is unabashed at crowning herself with it- provided Kase doesn't try- and it matches that red mane as well as anything. Sable, however, is very, very distracting, and when Delilah finally looks over it is with the impatience of a mother to a child. "Alright, alright. For the sake of Sable not going insane- I think we can all grab a bite of that cake and have a seat! I've been smelling that icing for an hour and my feet are starting to itch from standing around." So proclaimed.

Elaine gives a small nod to Marien. "Yes, usually happens where Magnes is concerned." She grins slightly, then glances to Sable. "Watching people open presents is always the best part, but… cake. I'm a big fan of cake." She moves towards the table to find a seat.

No further discussion of the Black Wooled Polk is necessary, certainly, is the vibe that Sable's getting right now. The topic is left as it is. If her curiosity persists (and it may well) she can ask Dee about it later. For now… there seems to be unanimous approval to the cake motion Delilah has put forth. Given, as both birthday girl and host body for the other being of honor, her declarations are pretty much automatically ratified. No democracy, this event.

"More insane, darlin'," Sable corrects with a grin. The yellow eyed girl dips in another bow to Marien. "A real pleasure, ma'am. Sure it ain't the last such." And then she's off after Elaine, sliding up next to her and giving her a sly smile. "What sorta cake, lovely? Y'all prefer white, chocolate, or yellow? Or are you one 'f those angel food types? Wouldn't put it past y'."
Kase mmhmmms softly. "See, you look like a island princess, even though we already knew about the princess part." He grins and turns to look towards the cake and the table, adding his bags to the table before backing off a bit to watch with a small smile, folding his arms over his chest and standing reflexively in the slouchy bouncer position. "Mmmm…as long as I get a taste of the cream, dun' really care the flavor…" He drawls softly more-so to himself though.

Blonde hair, left loose to drape down her back, drifts behind her when Kaylee returns to the party quickly. Scooting from the hall way to the rest rooms and pay phones, a cellphone being tucked away. She offers everyone a bright smile, "I think I heard something about cake?" The young woman perks up a bit. "I could totally use a little sugar shock."

A hand pats, Sable on the shoulder, "Hey Sable." There is a mischievous tilt to Kaylee's smirk, testing the other woman. Of course, this isn't a bad hair day at all. "Elaine, sorry haven't been by lately, it's been insane. I'll be by to visit you and Magnes soon enough." Even as she speaks she's glancing at Delilah, giving her a smile. "I don't think I even said Happy Birthday — so Happy birthday, Dee! Ooo like that." She touches one of the flowers on the Haku, before moving to give the red head a one armed hug, which has her looking at Kase. "Who is that?"

Marien is content to play mother to the party- though Chris and Campbell both scuttle over when they hear something about cake. Campbell is the one to stop to help his mother pass out squares of the vanilla sheet cake, while his little brother finds a seat beside Delilah and stares almost daringly across at Sable. They may have a rivalry stemming from Chris being a little boy, but that is about it.

Delilah just sits down when Kaylee returns, her arm wrapping over the hand that curls around her shoulders in a hug. "That's Kase. He's a friend of mine from around town. He's the one I got the Beetle from." Kaylee, if she pays much attention to stories, may have heard about that one- or there's always sneaking a glimpse herself. "He's a sweetheart, even if he looks like he wants to throw someone out." Bouncers is bouncers. Meanwhile, there is cake being passed down from one end of the table, big soft chunks of vanilla and light chocolate frosting.

"Sable, would you like to be the master of ceremony, or would you rather Marien?" Sticky fingers for wrapped things- will they beat cake? It's like rock-paper-scissors.

"I prefer white or chocolate. Although I'm never one to pass up on cake." Elaine glances over at Kase as she notes his comment, and she laughs a little before covering her mouth a bit. She hadn't meant to laugh that loudly. She looks back towards Sable, as she settles in her chair. "Now this is the kind of cake that's the best. Little of both." She seems quite content.

"Oh, hey there, gorgeous, nice t' see y' out 'n' about," Sable says, flashing a smile at Kaylee and putting her hat back on just long enough to tip its brim to the telepath, before drawing it off again. Elaine's laugh draws a skeptical look from Sable, but one that doesn't laugh. She's shortly grinning, reaching up to briefly catch Elaine's chin with thumb and forefinger in an affectionate little contact. "Glad t' see y' havin' yer cake 'n' eatin' it too, darlin'."

But now a challenge is being put to her. Chris' gaze is met, head on, by Sable's own. She's never backed down from a staring contest. Not once. And she doesn't play fair. Slowly, slooowly, Sable lifts her upper lip, starting to make a quite hideous face, while her yellow eyes cross. Then, in a single instant, they snap back, full forward, and her mouth forms a grave line as she gives Chris the evil eye. See how he takes that!

Oh wait, what, is Sable being addressed? Face-race escalation is averted by Delilah's intervention, though Sable has to take a moment to smooth her expression into something more socially acceptable, the transitional look being most befuddled. "Uh… what? Master 'f… oh OH!" right, right, she was totally paying attention and by no means engaging in a juvenile competition with Delilah's cousin. She is mature, responsible and totally eligible. Seriously. For reals.

"I'm honored 'n' all," Sable says, throwing up her hands, "but it wouldn't feel right t' presume so, what with family bein' here 'n' all. So, like… I accept, but then, like, pass on th' honor t' esteemed-like Mrs. Polk." Sable gives the older woman a smile and a respectful nod.

Kase unfolds his arms after a moment, shaking his head and tucking his hands into his pockets as he gives Delilah and Kaylee a chin-up in greeting, eyes lingering on Kaylee for a few moments before he slips his shades back on, hiding once more those almost unnaturally blue eyes and he coughs softly. Behaving! Look how good he's being! He just turns attention to cutting the cake and the details of all of that.

A little wave is returned to Kase's greeting, and a "Nice to meet you," before the telepath moves to drop into a seat. Leaning on the table, arms crossed in front of her, the young telepath watches Marien cut the cake silently. Blue eyes do eventually end up drifting to Delilah, eyes slightly unfocused.

"I don't want a huge piece of cake, I'll be hyper later… and that could be a bad thing." It's quipped lightly by Kaylee, grinning a little.

At least a few laughs come out of Sable's contest with Chris. He seems to back off when she does it though. One reason that he stops is because his mother is just behind Sable leering over at him. "Thank you, Sable." She says just nearby, easing something from the booth table and over to the corner of the other beside Delilah. Looks like Elaine's bundles, perhaps as they were up front. "Dee, honey, put down that fork."

Marien draws her precocious niece back to reality, as Dee had practically leapt into the cake- hell- it's mostly gone. "Mhmm, mm." One second! Really. Delilah has to push the plate away regardless, looking at it longingly before going to pick the card up from the nearer parcel.

Elaine giggles. Well, this is a lot of fun. Something well-needed. She grins at Sable and shakes her head just a little, moving to start on her piece of cake once it's arrived. She peers a little towards Dee as it seems it's present time. "The little one's from me and the big box is from Magnes," she explains.

VICTORY! Sable gives Chris a triumphant smirk. That's right. She's tough enough to stare down a seven year old, with assistance from his mom. Bad. Ass. Sable starts to work at her cake, her own consumption almost as fast as Delilah's and perhaps even more savage. She is almost certainly going to need someone to wipe the chocolate from her face at some point during the evening. Unless they want her going around looking like a hyperglycemic seven year old herself.

He has a seat…yes, Kase slides himself over a seat, turning it backwards to straddle it, resting his arm over the back of it and he holds his cake carefully, toying with his fork as he watches the beginning of the gift stuff and he hmms softly to himself, saving each bite of cake and just watching from behind his shades.

Forks bites into cake, but Kaylee is more interested in what Delilah is unwrapping. Bites disappear into her mouth, chewed slowly since she doesn't exactly have a lot of sweets tucked away in her place, since she's living on a budget.

Of course, Sable's shenanigan's are not missed, getting an amused look from Kaylee and even a chuckle. "Wow… Sable. Interesting look you got there." The telepath sounds amused as she offers over her own napkin to help in the clean up, whoever takes up the job.

Elaine and Magnes set a high bar for world's nerdiest aunt and uncle. The bigger box, from Magnes, contains not only a bunch of infant clothes, but those clothes are penultimate geeky. the one on the top? black onesie. Simple enough, until Delilah holds it up and laughs-

On the front is the Punisher symbol. It could be worse. The rest are similar- Superman- a sailor suit- Green Lantern- a whole stack. "Oh, Magnes. He's already dressing the baby for conventions." Chances are, Dee will someday allow it. The next thing out of the box is a stack of comic books, which may be as much for Dee as her son, one day. X-Babies. The last thing- well- it takes Delilah a moment to realize what it is when she takes it up and unwraps it. By then, it is likely someone else realizes what it is too. A teething ring. Only it happens to be a Green Lantern Corps. ring. She has to laugh. It's adorable.

When she gets to Elaine's, her giggling only turns more infectious. A stack of children's books, with one single thing in common.

All of the human characters are redheads. Oh boy. "Someone give her another piece of cake. Thank you, Elaine! I love books." Delilah will need to thank Magnes too, as soon as she can manage.

"'old on!" Comes chirping across the bar, followed by the clack of hard-soled and buckled shoes. Making her way fromt he bar where she's been nose-deep in conversation with Abigail, Else Kjelstrom is carrying aloft a gift bag with an oversized bow affixed to the front in a pastel purple. She'd been debating between blue and pink and— well it's Delilah, something like lavendar is probably going to be in that child's future. "It ain't a party 'till the bonefide rockstar gets t'give gifts out t'th lady a'th hour."

Lifting dark brows up as she saunters over towards Delilah, the frill and lace of her ruffles skirt swishing about mid-thigh level, the mother-to-be's roommate finally offers to bring her gift over. "It ain't nothin' too fancy, but's got the spirit've love an' family in'nit, an' that's what counts more'n anything else, yeah?" There's a lopsided grin on the blonde's face, one stray lock of her hair tucked behind one ear as she offers out the bag to Delilah.

"Don' mind it bein' a lil' cheap none. I ain't been doin' much regular work these days what pays th' bills, y'know? But I figure all've that's heart an' soul an' stuff. So— hope y'preciate it. Hope th' lil' one does too." There's a sheepish quality to the musician's expression as she hesitantly offers the bag out, teeth drawing across her bottom lip.

Elaine giggles. "Magnes got some good stuff, yeah. I thought the books might be a nice touch. It took a bit of hunting to find some, though. People don't have enough red-hair, I guess!" She murmurs, although she definitely won't pass up another piece of cake.

Abigail's following behind Else as she clacks her way over, less noisy than the pre-cog with a glass of cola in her hand and smiling. Lavender indeed will surely be in the kids future as well as quite possibly being dressed up as a bee on top of all the super hero stuff. "There's a baseball glove in what I got you. Be sure to carry it with you on the either Dee. So I can use it to catch Walter" A joke, she hopes it goes over well.

Where once there was cake, now there are ruins. Sable tips back in her chair, getting it balanced on two back legs, a knee coming up under the table to give her some support. A wrist is dragged across her lips, a technique that fails to do much more than spread the errant frosting on her lips out further onto her cheeks. Charming, really.

Else's emergence as a vocal figure is something worthy of note. Sable considers the other musician with a mute, thoughtful interest. The fact that there is no clear emotion visible on Sable's face indicates less that she is hiding her feelings, and more that she just can't figure out what her feelings are. Affect concealment is not Sable's forte. The choices are between interest, admiration, and pseudo-professional jealousy. Ultimately, given these options, she tries to best to opt for the first, since the latter two are kind of closely linked. Interest, however, doesn't demand vocalization.

"Y'all should open mine," Sable declares, tipping back onto all four legs of her chair, hands bracing the edge of the table to prevent her from doing a faceplant in her now-cakeless plate. "B'fore all th' fancy-type gifts start makin' my near-broke ass look bad, eh?"

She's present, but being unobtrusive, somewhere within the Cellar. Cat's attention is mostly on a book about Mandarin Chinese, a pursuit she doesn't comment much upon if asked. Not so unusual anyway, the panmnesiac's been known to teach herself languages now and again. Being remote from the general proceedings doesn't, however, make her unaware of them. Spotting and hearing Else causes a hint of smile to break out.

Nothing will be said about conspiring with the precognitive musician to provide needed things.
"Mm…your ass no look broke to me…" Kase drawls softly from where he is before he eyes the the presents as they are opened and he ahhs softly looking interested and at the same time…a bit sad even as he licks his fork clean and continues to watch. "Your baby gonna be so happy get so many tings…" He looks over towards Abigail however at the mention of the glove. Good lord. He blinks several times.

Chuckling follows the reveal of clothing that Magnes gave to Dee for the baby, and Kaylee shakes her head slowly. "Why am I not surprised?" She leans over to catch a better look at some of it. "He made those?" She asks, brows lifting a bit as she seems impressed. "Not bad… really. And Sable… I'm sure your's is just fine." She chides the rocker with a smirk.

It's only a few more bites and Kaylee is pushing her plate away, eyes watching Else's approach. About that time, the telepath's eyes unfocus a bit, her head turning a bit. There is a look of concentration, as if Kay is trying to listen to something. "Is the baby kicking, Dee? If not, I think he's going too." It's an out of the blue question, but then none of the others have an undeveloped mind humming loudly at them.

"We magnetize around one another." That is why there are so many of them around, it seems like. Delilah moves an arm up to intercept Else into a half-hug, a gesture that the other woman is probably used to by now. Else can't say she never gets any affection! "First things first." Sable is totally right, though. Dee gives everyone a fair go, that includes shower gifts. Kaylee's words snag her interest for the moment it takes her to say them, and she pauses, in between waiting and having Marien produce Sable's and Kase's items in her periphery.

"You're getting practice in, looks like." Delilah puts a hand over her belly for a moment, on the far right. "You're really gonna have to let me know what that's like, it's kind of weird, even for you." Haha.

As for the net sets of gifts- Kase's is revealed to be more infant clothes, in various colors and patterns of Hawaiian flowers. One of them even seems to match the Haku on Delilah's hair. There are also diapers, though by the face Kase makes at the glove joke- well- maybe we know what those are for already. Sable's is next, and Dee gives the young woman a piqued look before opening up the one meant for her son first. It's a wooden gardening set, painted in bright colors and meant for haphazard toddler fists. She seems especially touched by this- even if it will be a while until it is used, the gesture to Walter's namesake is heartwarming.

"Maybe he'll grow me some roses too?" Delilah is all smiles, and Marien actually seems a tad impressed- she knew the Senior much more than Dee did- so perhaps that is a good thing. The smaller of Sable's gifts is opened next, the garish yellow and green paper opening up around a box, carefully opened. The light barely hits it, so that it twinkles- and the redhead is already forming a surprised sound with her lips. When she takes up the brooch from in the cotton lining, it twinkles even more. The birthday half of the gift is an antique, certainly- Victorian- an orchid shaped, delicately detailed brooch with a pearl perched near the center.

"This is something else, Sable."

Marien is more impressed by the gorgeous brooch, for the record.

There's a sheepish smile from Else as she looks askance to Sable, offering the unusually yellow-eyed young woman a lopsided smile before easing out of the way of Delilah so that others can get in close for the gift-opening extravaganza. Wrinkling her nose, Else takes a few steps away and folds her hands behind her back, watching the latest present be unveiled, her expression approving with a soft smile and a slow shake of her head, watching Delilah practically glowing in the presence of her friend and familt.

There is, admittedly a cloud of some distant worry niggling at the back of Else's mind, only in that the content of one of her own gifts was more heavy handed than she'd ever openly imply. But when you can write the events of the future, even if in vague lyrical quality, it is a gift to be used.

"That is so very clearly you Delilah. And no, you can't wear it in the restaurant. I don't want it getting flour on it" Flour, on the slower. Abby's presents are somewhere here (the player doesn't know what she would have gotten delilah and is therefore copping out) "I gotta go, I need to drop some stuff off and head back to the bakery" She offers a smile for the birthday girl/shower girl and one for everyone else before she starts to attempt to slink away.

Wait, what did Kase say? Sable shoots him a look, not suspicious this time, but somewhat confused. Does he… does he know who he's talking to? Slash about? Well… obviously no, because they haven't been introduced but… She might say something. Her chocolate smeared mouth is, in fact, opening to do so. But then Delilah is actually taking her advice, opening her gift, and she can't miss this. Is she nervous? Yes, a little. But she thought pretty goddamn hard about these gifts and she is hoping

The positive reception makes Sable beam. It also makes her realize how nervous she was. Nervous about what? Being outdone, shown up? The complexities of her emotional state are, luckily, consigned to the past. She's simply thrilled that her intuition and reasoning worked out. Thrilled that Delilah is happy.

"Darlin'," Sable says, eyes crinkling as she smiles, "y'all keep me 'round, I'll take 'em t' buy th' seeds. Red, pink 'n' yellow. Just so, y' know, he don't have t' decide between 'em."

That the broach is something else, the assertion draws a bashful shrug from Sable. She actually may be pinking a little. "Somethin' 'bout it. Struck me. Here…" she clambers to her feet, "lemme pin it on y'." Skirting the backs of the chairs, Sable makes her way to Delilah, reaching out to carefully take the flower-in-filigree from the redhead's fingers and carefully, ever-so carefully, pins it in place. "There," she says, then leans in to place a kiss on Delilah's cheek, "jus' a tribute t' the greater beauty whose it is."

On her trip back to her seat, Sable catches Else's look, and returns the smile. In much too good a mood, now, to feel anything but good will towards one and all. If maybe a little jittery in her cheer. She's slipping into her chair when Abby makes to depart. Sable gives her a salute. "Road meet yer feet, Mother Superior."

"He's hard to ignore." Kaylee comments with amusement, giving the expectant mom a crooked smirk. "And honestly, I wouldn't even know how to explain how I knew that. It's… yeah… it's odd." She chuckles, glancing at the others with a slightly embarrassed look. "If I ever have kids, it'll be really odd."

The gifts are watches with interest, brows especially lifting at Sable's gift. Elbows are rested on the table as she leans over to watch the broach extracted. "Wow. Sable… Just wow." Kaylee gives the rocker a knowing look. "Slick choice there. That's absolutley lovely." Lifting a hand she rests her chin on it, watching the procession of gifts. Of course, she takes a moment to call out a goodbye to Abby.
A wave for the departing Abby is really all that Delilah can manage before she is taken up again with Sable; she rests a hand on Sable's when she sidles over and puts the flower onto her unbuttoned sweater. Lovely, truly.

The moment of truth is now here for Else's baby loot! Hopefully it isn't the severed head of that Weeping Angel standee from the closet.

No sir! Else's gifts fit her, above all else- a pair of real headphone buds for sticking on her belly- putting actual headphones on your baby bump can be hard. There is also a Beatles anthology- which may need to be kept from Sable- and a burned CD only labeled as 'B-Sides'. Delilah looks up and over towards Else when she reads this, looking somewhere between curious and almost suspicious- she knows all too well what Else does! Else music can either be amazing or really- terrifying. But judging from her contentment over there, Delilah seems to think the former, and her curious glance turns into a smile. Last but not least, there is a toddler hoodie- blue, with a Union Jack on it. Aww.

Kaylee's is next; the personal gift, on this case, Dee looks up at Kaylee as if she'd read her mi- oh! Wait a darn tootin' minute. The birthday gift is a movie rental popcorn bucket, paired with a gift certificate for a rather nice spa- free pampering?

"I haven't seen my feet in months, I'm going to so baby them up-" Delilah holds up the spa paper and plants a kiss on it, looking over at the table apprehensively. Okay, maybe not as exciting to them. The big blue baby book though, that's interesting. A handmade scrapbook for Walter, complete with a frame in the front of the plush cover. Looking it over, Dee looks back up to Kaylee, smiling. "A relative of yours did this, right?" Her fingers draw over the label on the back. 'Vivian Thatcher'. "Mine isn't nearly this nice. I'll have to move things around."

A fond and reserved smile is all Else offers to Delilah's reactions to the gift, her smile a secretly mirthful one knowing that Delilah is likely trying to discern what could be on the writable CD. Looking down to her feet, Else offers an askance look tot he mother-to-be, then presses two fingers to her lips in a universal sign for smoke break, then turns for the door to the Rock Cellas, heading across the floor and between tables towards the stairwell that leads up to street level.

There's a murmur of her voice there, something that sounded like excuse me as she sidesteps someone coming down form the street, likely another late-arriving guest to the party. Delilah Trafford knows a wide age-bracket of men, but only a handful of people Jensen Raith's age, and even less older than he. That tall, wiry, and short-haired old man that comes walking into the Rock Cellar has a weathered countenance, stinks of the same cigarette smoke that Else likely soon will be, though is carrying a long brown-paper wrapped box under one arm as he walks.

Samson Gray is a distinguished looking person, prominent nose, thick eyebrows, a beard that has gone entirely gray. His clothing looks casual for the fall, a loose unzippered leather jacket over a gray sweater, relaxed-fit jeans and workboots. He could be someone's grandfather. From across the floor and on making his way over, Samson lifts one weathered hand and raises his brows as if to say:


Kase looks very interested as new things are introduced and shown off and he idly twirls his fork around his finger idly from time to time. Then…there is another man around and he just eyes him with a critical eye from behind those shades and idly works on licking the last part of cake from his fork and mming thoughtfully. So /this/ is a baby shower.

Elaine's just being kinda quiet, at least in terms of talking. She's digging into another slice of cake before she reaches forward while Sable's not looking and promptly wipes the shorter girl's mouth before she might have time to react. She smiles mischievously at her sneaky cleanliness, but just quietly goes back to looking at Dee with her presents. As Samson makes his way over, Elaine glances over with a lightly raised eyebrow. More of Dee's friends? She smiles cheerfully in the older man's direction, then takes another bite of cake.

Sable points a toothy grin at Kaylee. "'course. I'm th' best there's ever been," is a lyrical reference and a self aggrandizement, something of a twofer in Sable's mode of expression. Else's gift does draw Sable's attention - she's interested in seeing what a fellow artist is bringing to the table. Not that it matters, but Sable approves heartily. Walter will get to learn, in utero, that love is all you need. Just… maybe don't play him the album 'In Utero'. Grunge maybe not so good for infant development.

That Delilah will need some pampering built up for when the creature is unleashed goes without saying. Good one, Kaylee. Rest and relaxation is a thing unknown to an infant's mother. Take it where you can get it, while you can get it. Sable tilts over to snag another piece of cake for herself, but it is in this instant that Elaine catches her with her cleanliness ambush. Ah! Sable's nose wrinkles and her eyes screw up in protest, but she stops still, making Elaine's job mostly easy. When her eyes open again, she gives Elaine a baleful look, and grunts, "..thanks," she guesses.

Samson's arrival, thus, goes unnoticed. Hell, she wouldn't take much note of him if she did notice him. Men are already vague blips on Sable's radar. Old men, constituting little in the way of potential rivalry, are almost invisible to her.

The father of Gabriel Gray here, in her establishment? Unnoticed. He hasn't spoken or done anything to draw attention yet, besides arriving, and there haven't been any signs of alarm caused by his presence. Cat goes on partaking of that text on Mandarin Chinese.

"Yeah, my Granny Thatcher is crafty. She got a bit suspicious when I asked her for it." Kaylee offers brightly, obviously pleased the the reactions to her gifts. "Once I told her it's not for me, she of course started reminding me she isn't a young woman anymore and that she'd really like to see a great-grandbaby before she — and I quote — 'kicks it.'" There is a roll of her eyes and a chuckle from the telepath.

"But enjoy it, she loves making them, if you need another I can probably hit her up for one. I think there are one or two tucked in her closet waiting for me to decide to take the plunge so to speak." A glances goes to the new arrival, familiar in someway to her — unable to place it tho — and a bit odd for this group, but he gets a polite nod in greeting.

Kaylee doesn't stare for long before she turns to start shaking a finger at Delilah and grinning. "On that spa thing, I figured on you needing it especially with all the hard work coming soon. So relax some before the real work begins. Tho' imagine many of us will be happy to give you breaks, I know I'm just a phone call away." Of course, she'd be interested in watching the baby's mind grow and develop from her odd perspective.

Delilah is having a good little laugh as Else motions that she needs that break- she's tried to wean the songwriter from tobacco, but some things can't be done. She watches Else leave, for some reason. She does not realize she was until she sees boots coming into the doorframe, and her eyes trek up a few clicks. Surprise is not the word- bemused, certainly. The redhead sits up a little when she sees who it is. Else must not have looked that hard, she would have recognized him from that one random time he was …in the apartment during breakfast. Just because Delilah hasn't seen him, didn't mean he wasn't there. Part of her made a point to work on shower things when she was alone, maybe that is why she isn't so surprised. Subconscious does what subconscious wants.

"Mister Gray- Samson." Delilah folds her hands just under her breast, fingers linking and smile widening just for him. He hasn't truly earned her mistrust, other than- you know- stalking her. "Would you like some cake?"

"Not a big fan of sweets…" is the eventual polite answer that Samson offers as he clears the distance between himself and Delilah, brows twitching in a furrow when he regards that she introduced him in a round-about manner. "I heard through the grape vine that your boy was getting some gift-giving today, and I thought…" there's a raise of one of Samson's thick gray brows as he considers Kaylee for a moment, then Sable, then thoughtfully sweeps the rest of the crowd with a searching look.

"Well," Samson admits with a smile revealing smoke-stained yellow teeth, "I thought it would be rude of me not to offer him something as well." The box is held out to Delilah, a smile creasing the laugh-lines at the corners of his mouth and his genrally harmless and grandfatherly demeanor seeming to run entirely contrary to the predatory nature that some realize he has.

"He'll be needing that," Samson attests with a nod to the box, his dark eyes up from it to Delilahas his smile further crinkles wrinkled flesh at the corners of his eyes.

Kase carefully gets to his feet, adjusting his own personal bag before moving to put his plate wherever…used plates are going, going as far as to start making his rounds reflexively to collect the other empty plates from anybody else who's finished their cake, idly chewing on the end of a toothpick as he does so, he's quiet, gift giving is real important.

Okay, so Sable guesses this guy is someone. He comports himself like someone. Got a whole… affect going on. Sable's big on vibes, which sometimes is just an excuse to not like (or approve of) someone for no real reason. But sometimes it's a good instinct. The vibe Sable gets from Mr. Gray is not an awesome one. She feels like she may have met people like him before. None quite like him (though she doesn't realize to how great a degree). People you avoid when you're out on the road. People who get old in a certain way end up… bad. They've done bad things to live long enough to get so old.

A smile is offered to Samson in return when he looks her way, her gaze meeting his easily — pretty much clueless of the last time they met. "Sounds like you showed up just in time, Mr. Gray," Kaylee offers brightly, that last name tickling at the back of her head. When it clicks, she's a bit more guarded. "At least for the gift giving."

When Kase makes a sweep past her for plates, Kaylee offers her own to the young man, giving him a grin. "Thanks." But then she leans over and pulls out one of the empty chairs and motions to it for the old man. "Sit and relax, while Dee opens your gift at least." Yes, she's inviting the wolf into the den, but Dee seems comfortable around him, so she'll at least treat him with some respect, even if she's feeling a bit nervous.

He'll be needing what? Delilah has room enough to sit the oblong box over her end of the table, the little boy at her other hand peeking curiously between the plain wrapping and the man that brought it. Marien, in her usual acceptance of Delilah's weird friends, only lets her curiosity show itself in the slight purse of her lips as she inspects Samson, rather than the parcel.

While she remains hesitant, Delilah's honest little smile never leaves her face. If she can get a gesture like this out of a rumored terrible man, maybe there's hope for her ability to turn people decent. Sable doesn't much feel a fondness, but for some reason Dee seems to. Not that it is right. The roly-poly mom-to-be gives Samson one last peek and chance to take Kaylee's offer of a seat, before she unties the drawstring on the box and tilts up the lid.

She has it open for barely a couple of seconds before the one hand, its twin still perched on her belly, gently pushes the lid back down. Lilah doesn't look at anyone else at the table, first thing- she can barely tilt her head to look back up at Samson, features quite blank and mouth somewhat slack. She is bewildered- questioning of the moment, all very suddenly.

"Um…" Words, words, what were those again?

Elaine's enjoying this whole present-opening stuff. Samson's hardly given a second thought. Bad vibes? Nah. She's oblivious to those. Or perhaps she's just choosing to ignore them. Dee's face, however, as she opens the box has got Elaine acting the cat—curious. She cranes her neck a little, despite the fact that it won't let her see any better, but now she's letting her eyes flicker between Dee and Samson.

"No… no," Samson says to the offer of the chair, even if Delilah's reactions have earned a broad smile from the old man. "I can't stay, I shouldn't stay. But I appreciate the offer none the less…" Brows furrowed, Samson considers Delilah for a moment with a long, dark-eyed stare before adding. "They're your son's, and I'm sure one day he'll appreciate having them. I'm not much of a collector myself, anyway…" though, knowingly, Samson flashes Delilah another smile over his shoulder as he arches one brow, looking back to her. "Not of antiques anyway."

As Samson turns, walking past Sable, he lifts up a hand to lightly pat on her shoulder as he eases around the brunette, murmuring, "I'll be seeing you again, dear," before quietly stepping past the yellow-eyed young woman and making his way towards the stairs and the front door, right around the same time the door is chiming and Else is making her way in hustled steps down the stairs again, popping a piece of gum in her mouth as she walks past Samson, offering a polite smile to him as she steps out of his way.

"S'at your gran'da?" Else asks with a goofy smile and a flick of one dark brow up.

"Tch…" Sable says, tongue clicking, as she follows Samson out of the corner of her eye, "not if I see y' first, buddy…" Her hand rises to brush off the residue of Samson's contact. Ew. Let Sable never get so old. Or so creepy.

She is curious, though, about the gift. Delilah's reaction didn't seem precisely… sunny.

There is small nod of her head as the offer is reject, Kaylee takes a moment to push the chair in. Blue eyes follow Samson out, with narrowed eyes, before a buzzing in her pocket makes her jump a bit. Her smart phone is pulled out of her pocket and she glances at it. "Oh… I need to make a call."

Pushing to her feet, Kaylee gives Dee a bright smile. "I'll be right back… don't start the games without me." She doesn't wait for an answer before she moving away, while scrolling through numbers.

Delilah, for once since Samson's appearance, goes slightly rigid when he pats Sable in passing, lips muttering something she cannot hear. Distrust is there, now, but not of the man so much as what his gesture was. She looks off to Sable as Samson leaves, eye contact made in hope that it summons her attention back away from the man.

"No. It's not. Just- someone I know…" Whatever is in the box has shifted Dee's mood from carefree and pleased, to something more …nervous. She swallows once, trying to quell a small, forlorn sort of sound. Her hand rests, guarded, on the closed brown box, and her brown eyes move off to find her aunt. If she shows any of them- it won't be right this second.

"Well, then, What was next on the table?"

Else's B-Sides CD is a CD of largely folk and rock covers that she found suitable of Delilah and Walter, and their unique situation.

One song on the CD was her own, entitled 'In The Shadow of Angels'. The lyrics are located on Else's page.

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