Richard Cardinal (Wasteland Future)

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Name Richard Cardinal Aliases Lamont Cranston
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Shadow Form (original)
Ability Manipulation (present)
Gender Male Ethnicity Caucasian
Birthdate June 18, 1982 Age Unknown
Height 5' 11" Build 175lbs
Eyes Hazel (Cataracts) Hair Gray
Residence Unknown
Employment The Commonweath Institute
Parents David Cardinal (father; deceased)
Michelle Cardinal (mother; deceased)
Siblings None Known
Marital Status Single Children Cameron Harrison?
First Seen The Red Right Hand Last Seen Ouroboros, Part V
Profile Richard Cardinal is a manipulator and meddler in history, a disciple of Edward Ray and prognosticator of a grim future to come. As the driving force behind the Institute, his ambitious plans could position he and the Institute to rebuild society after an impending apocalypse. Trapped in the body of Tyler Case, Cardinal now has access to untold power.
Richard Cardinal (Wasteland Future)
portrayed by
Brian Austin Green


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