Alter Egos


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Scene Title Alter Egos
Synopsis Sonny aka Reg comes to see Miles aka Sammy about some fake ID. Things are all business. Neither is aware the other is not who he appears to be.
Date December 13, 2008

Sammy's Apartment

The middle of the afternoon, still pretty cold outside. But Miles isn't concerned about the forecast as he's held up in Sammy's apartment. He's getting dressed currently, after that phone call from a 'customer' requesting some merchandise from Samuel.
Miles slips on a t-shirt and moves into the kitchen to prepare a pot of coffee, he's like a walking zombie at the moment, not much sleep to be had. He groans, grunts, and grumbles irritably as he makes himself a fresh cup of steaming hot black coffee. He adds a little sugar and cream to it and stirs.
Miles steps away from that side of the kitchen to move over to the counter on the other side to pick up the TV remote and switch on the tube. He flips through channels for a moment until he reaches the local news. He sets down the remote, sipping his coffee and moving over to Sammy's 'work station', getting out the tools he needs to falsify some identities.

Sonny enjoys his life, his position, his wealth. He's happy with his face. But still, there are limits put on the Mayor's son and a man who is well-known by the city's elite. After the recent making-over of an FBI agent named Felix and his own advice to the man, he decided it was time to develop an alter ego. A face that can go out and not be recognized. Because, yes, all ego aside, there are times when he doesn't want to be bothered. But he knows that wandering around without ID is a good way to get locked up by HomeSec if he's in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Morphing his own face is always a…disconcerting process, but it happens far quicker than when he has to perform the similar trick on other people, and with far less strain. It took him a little while to pick an alter-ego face he could live with. He's wearing it now. Same age, perhaps a slight bit older, but definitely not as soft as his actual features. This is a man calling himself Reggie Cooper. He's got a big wad of cash and a man to see about some ID.
He takes a deep breath and pauses to double-check the address before rapping on the door.

Miles stops what he's doing, glancing toward the knocking at the door. He blinks sleepily and rises up to his feet, he mosies over to the door, peeking out the peephole. He states rather bluntly, not looking to really make a friend for the time being,"State your name and business." Miles takes a step back from the door, sipping his coffee, waiting for a response.

'Reg' looks a little wide-eyed, an effect magnified by the peephole. "Reggie Cooper. I…have an appointment to see a man named Sammy?" His eyebrows go up, then his hands go to his jacket where he pulls out a rather stuffed bill fold.

The sounds of various clinks, clanks, and scuffles as he undoes locks and chains preventing entry into the apartment. He cracks the door open, looking 'Reg' up and down momentarily before pushing the door open entirely,"Come in. Want some coffee?" He tilts his head to the side, giving the man a curious look as he waves that billfold around. Show off. Considers robbing the man, just for a moment.

'Reg' aka Sonny might not know much about the underworld, but he knows that money talks. Sure, he could rob him, but then his current ID might get a bad rap. He steps inside. "I hear you're a man who can make IDs happen," He looks around, then lets his attention go back to Milkes. "And no, thank you," to the coffee.

Miles only considered it for a moment, and of course, that would be bad for 'business', not that he cares too much, but right now he cares enough not to draw unwanted attention to himself.
"Hold your arms up, don't try anything funny.. I'm just going to search for weapons and or bugs real fast. You know the drill." Sammy, aka Miles, sets his coffee aside then shuts the door behind Reggie, latching a couple chains and then turns to face Sonny's backside and starts to pat him down for the stated items on his person. Starting at the legs, patting both inside and outside, then works his way up to the hips and waist, after that up to his torso patting his back and chest and then his arms. "Alright. So, depending on how you want to use it would suggest better quality, thus higher cost. So what is it you intend to use it for? Clubbing? Alcohol? You plan to have any run-ins with law enforcement perhaps?"

Sonny isn't carrying anything. He knows better than that at least. He's only carrying a wallet empty of everything except a twenty, the bill fold and a set of house keys. "I want something that will hold up to law enforcement, at least if they look at it." He corners a look to Sammy, then, "I'm willing to pay for quality. You have a good reputation."

"Quality then? Alright. Might take a little time." He turns around at that point and moves over to his 'work station', which is a desk with a lamp, a magnifine glass, some cutting utensils, and a lamination machine next to a computer. He pulls open one it's many drawers, pulling out a digital camera and moves over to the wall, he pulls down a white screen, just as they have in the DMV. "Alright, stand infront of the wall so I can take your mugshot, pretty boy."

Sonny pushes at his hair, straightens his shirt, then stands where it's indicated. Hey, just because it's a fake ID, doesn't mean it has to be a bad picture. He looks into the camera and nods slightly. "Whenever you're ready."

He doesn't even wait for Sonny's comment, as soon as the man steps infront of the screen. *FLASH!* He snaps a picture of him, when he's least expecting it. He smirks a bit at that, and moves over to the desk, hooking the digital camera up to a usb port, he resizes and prints out the picture — which is pretty simple really, cause he's already got the settings for the resize set in the paint program and adds it to an already pre-made background, he makes some adjustments to the information on there. What the picture is printed out on is a clear, laminate sheet, so it appears translucent. He takes the sheet of laminating paper, reaching into another drawer to pull out some scissors to cut around the 'image', as well as an already pre-cut card (suitable for the state they are in).

This whole process - although might not seem like much, does take a good deal of time, at least 15 to 20 minutes of time. Miles finally places both into the laminator. Trying to put the sheet of clear laminate paper ontop of the white card precisely before closing it and switching it on. Letting the machine do it's job — laminate the image onto the card! And then it's good..

While he's doing all of this, he says,"Mister… Joshua Hudson… Age 28? .. Hair Brown, eyes brown. Caucasion male.. And into the machine they go… This'll take a few minutes."

Sonny tries to be patient when the whole process is going on, and tries not to touch anything. He just lingers nearby, arms folded. He scratches the side of his neck and pushes hair back out of his face. Still not used to this. He's actually never spent much time in an alternate identity. "All right," he murmurs.

"If you've got any qualms about any of the information we're inserting, then now would be the time to say something. Don't like the name? Then pick a different one. I don't care." Miles says as he prepares the fake ID.

Sonny cranes his neck to peer at it. "Can it say 'Reginald Cooper'? I've…gotten used to that name." He won't elaborate, and given the nature of this man's work, he's not expecting twenty questions.

Miles nods his head, adjusting the information as requested before he completes the process. After all is said and done, half an hour later, he holds out a newly created license to Sonny,"Here you go. Word of advice — don't get it wet and definitely don't wash it in the laundry." He shrugs his shoulders helplessly and grins,"That'd be 100 bucks." A bit outrageous, but not everyone can forge their own documents.

Sonny doesn't even bat an eye as he pulls off a hundred and thirty in small bills. He hands it over. "For same-day service. I was expecting to have to come back out this way again. He checks the ID and nods. "Fair enough. Works for me. Thanks for your service. I'll be sure to recommend you."

He shrugs helplessly, reaching out to take the money rather greedily and shoving it into his pocket. He tilts his head tothe side slightly,"Not a problem. Now get the fuck out…" He smirks a bit sheepishly,"Just kidding, but seriously. You need to leave." He rises up from his seat and moves over to unlatch the chains on the door and opens it. Taking a sip of his coffee. In a mocking, high-pitched,'foreigner' tone, he says, "Please come again." He bows his head a couple of times.

"If this is as good as it looks, I won't need to," Sonny gives a little half-grin, lifts his hand in a lazy salute and steps out into the hallway. He tucks the ID into his mostly empty wallet and whistles an aimless tune as he heads down the hall.

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