Always Around, Not Always Close By


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Scene Title Always Around, Not Always Close By
Synopsis Jet calls up Len at the most inopportune time.
Date November 3, 2009

Days pass since Jet and Len had their meeting. No phonecall from Len, no phonecall from Jet. Time marches on in the months, the night getting darker now, the sun no longer having it's hold on the night. While Len is doing who knows what, Jet hasn't really moved from his home save for a few social calls. Still in the red heads body she sits at the dining room table alone, a bottle of red wine and a pint of chocolate ice cream. She's starring at the phone as if willing it to ring. But it doesn't. So with a sigh she picks it up and calls Len.

Their last encounter at the Chinese restaurant didn't go well, so when Len's phone rings off with a Big & Rich tune, he reaches for it and waits for caller ID to kick in. He's tempted to ignore the call as he heads towards his exit that'll take him back to Fort Hero. He lets it ring one more time before hitting the button. "Denton."

"Ahh.." a beat. "Hello Len." A spoonful of icecream is taken, letting it melt in her mouth for a moment before it's swallowed down. "You haven't called me."

"I haven't." It's short enough to almost be rude, though that isn't quite his intent. He is actually on his way to confront someone else entirely, so her call is probably not placed in the best timely fashion. "Was there something you needed?" Len changes lanes as he moves to the faster moving lane.

Jet pauses with her spoon in the ice cream, just holding it there in silence for a few moments before there is a shrug of her shoulders as if he could see her. "No, I don't need anything," she finally says after a while, "I just…" another beat, "I did not know you only wanted me to call if I needed something."

A tinge of regret for his harshness and Len lets out a small sigh. "Sorry. My day just took a turn for the worse. I'm heading back to work. I thought maybe you needed something. Is everything alright?"

Jet is silent a bit more as she stabs at the icecream with her spoon, a pretty forceful manner. Poor ice cream. "Everything is fine," she speaks idly as the ice cream keeps getting stabbed. "What's wrong with you? What happened?"

"I counted on some people to help me bring in a killer. Only they've let him go. Intentionally." Seems like he's the only one he can count on these days to do things the right way. "I don't like to let killers go, even if everyone feels it's for the best." His mind drifts to Colby Martinez, but in his eyes, that's an entirely different scenario. She was justified. Teo Laudini was not. "So it looks like I'm on my own to find this guy."

"Do you want my help?" Soft words from Jet at this, her spoon spinning in the ice cream as she simply talks to Len, a bare foot resting on the vacant chair next to her.

"You're not a killer. It may come to that." Len's words are just as soft. He knows that part of his job may require that he kill another human being. He has in fact, had to pull the trigger. He's not going to put someone else in that position.

"And you are Len?" A perk of her brow at this as she takes another bite of her ice cream, before stabbing the spoon in it as it's pushed away. "I'll let you go then so you can get to work. I need to get dressed and do something tonight."

Len actually considers her question for a moment before responding. "I can be if the job requires it. It's not something I care to do, but I'm not about to let someone kill someone on my watch and walk away with it just because someone else feels they are useful." There's just a twinge of anger in his voice now, which is not something one often hears from him.

Jet is silent for a long time as her spoon taps her ice cream. "But isn't that what keeps all of us alive Len? Because we're useful? Isn't that why you're keeping -me- alive? Because I could be useful to the Company? That's really the only reason, isn't it? So who are you to judge what's right and what's wrong?"

"You haven't killed someone that didn't deserve killing. Or if you have, you haven't disclosed it or I would have at least arrested you. Trust me, if I can get away with just taking him into custody I will, but I've a feeling this will not end peacefully." Len takes his exits towards the base. "I don't randomly go around killing people, if that's what you're implying. I don't keep you alive because you're useful. I keep you around because I think you truly want to do the right thing."

Jet closes her eyes for a moment to something or another Len speaks before they reopen as she just stares across the kitchen to the wall. "Good luck in doing what you need to do Len, I'll see you around perhaps."

Conversations between Juliet and Len have always been awkward, stifled, but it appears to be even more so now. He drives up to the gate and shows his ID, though he really doesn't need to. It's protocol and he follows it strictly. "I'm always around, just not always closeby, Juliet."

"I suppose. Goodbye, Len Denton." A moments pause then Juliet simply hangs up the phone, laying it down upon the kitchen table as she picks up her pint of ice cream and begins to snack on it once more in the silence of the kitchen.

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