Am Not One Of You


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Scene Title Am Not One Of You
Synopsis Samantha hates leaving missions unaccomplished. There's been one nagging at her for weeks.
Date July 7, 2009

Condo of William Harvard

Tap tap tap

The sound of Panda's little paws pattering along the wood hardly even enters William's ears. His focus is entirely on the files and folders and mass of papers laid out in front of him. A carton of chinese food rests untended on the table next to him. The man is wholly absorbed in his work. Resting at the kitchen table in his home William Harvard hasn't even gotten out of his work clothes for the evening.

Chopsticks lay abandoned by the file dedicated to the missing woman's body found. So many open cases, this city is quickly becoming the hell whole the likes of which would be readily combined to Gotham, or even Sodom. And the police are hardly keeping hell at bay.

Flinging aside a manilla envelope, the man goes to rest his head in his open palms. Sighing heavily. He still wears his sleek gray suit, a pale blue tie hanging from his neck. The TV drolls quietly in the background. The story of another great William. Braveheart.

She's been watching his house, day in and day out. This is the one assignment that has so far eluded her. Even if she's not part of Humanis First any longer, she never lets a mission go unfulfilled. They wanted a public execution, but they'll have to settle for this. She has been watching him as he moves about his house, her eyes glowly slightly.

Samantha is covered in darkness, so the darkness can swallow her as she moves about. The hood of her sweatshirt pulled over her head as she moves up the stairs and knocks on his door. She'll at least give him a fighting chance.

"Unh!" William lets out a short yelp at the sudden disturbance of the noises he had gotten so used to. The little beagle however simply sits and looks at the door with interest. While William's eyes flick to the gun laying at the other end of the table. For a moment he reaches forward, but then stops himself. Over-reacting. Paranoid fool. No substantial attempts have been made on his life. So there should be no reason to keep looking out for them. There could be any number of reasons that someone has come to his door in the night.

Slowly going to stand, the Captain makes his way to the door, leaving the gun behind. His hand rests on the doorknob before he gives it a solid pull open. "Yes?"

And she waits. From the moment she knocks on the door, to the moment that she hears him shift the doorknob of the door seems like eternity. Everything has changed in the last month for her, so what used to be old hat is now just a bit more of a challenge. Only now she has what they have, and she's learned to use it.

As the door is pulled open, she doesn't stares at him from underneath the hood. It's him alright. But she wants to be sure. "William Harvard?" she asks without revealing her face.

"Yes, can I help you?" William asks, propping the door open with his foot. He leans forward a bit to peer into the darkness as if to find the strangers identity, though he doesn't have much luck. Tucking two thumbs into his belt as he waits for the lady to identify herself, the Captain simply tilts his head. Panda, the beagle lets out a single bark which gets a rapid wave of William's hand. "Quiet." He says, glancing back at the dog.

That is quite the question right there. Can she be helped? Samantha doesn't think so. She's been tainted. She's one of them now, though she refuses to acknowledge that fact. "No. You can't. No one can." She says quietly. "Nor can they help you."

It's the only warning he's going to get before she aims a kick to the midsection, hoping to stagger him back so she can enter the house and keep the neighborhood from getting involved. She is a trained fighter, so it's just a matter of how well he can fight back.

A grunt escapes as the foot lands solidly in his gut. He didn't see it coming, wasn't expecting an attack. And she's quick to boot. He stumbles back, his feet moving quickly to keep himself upright. His arms fling out either side before, he tips his chest back. And falls back on purpose. His shoulder hits the ground, which takes him into a roll quite easily. Rolling back to a kneeled position, hands at his side. William is also a trained fighter, but it's been quite a while since he has gotten a chance to fight.

His brows set in determination, before his muscles tighten. "You chose the wrong condo." William growls, before one foot launches him into the air. Practically flying towards her, his leg swings out in front of him, aiming to plant a flying kick solidly against her chest.

When he falls back, she slips in, kicking the door shut behind her only to fall back into it when his boot hits her chest. The air rushes out of her and she slides to the floor.

Her eyes take in her surrounding, immediately looking for anything useful. She kips up and gets into a ready stance as she circles around, the hood falls as her face is revealed, blond hair falling down to her shoulders as her blue eyes pulse a threatening glow. Her eyes fall on the beagle. "Cute dog."

After landing the kick, William lands easily on the ground before her. His feet then flicking against the ground, which sends him sailing backwards. Launching over the dining room table, his feet sail over his head which brings him to land on the other side of the table. His hand going out to pick up the weapon which he left there. "Thank you." William remarks, holding up the weapon and steadying it at her.

"I don't know what you're after, but you're not going to get it. Put your hands up." The Captain commands, taking a few steps forward, holding the glock confidently.

"No fair cheating." Samantha's eyes glow and the glock begins to spark as if stuck in the microwave as she sends the beam towards it. She's been able to finely tune her aim and she only hits the gun for now. She wants a fair fight, at least to start. "Don't tell me you're afraid to get beaten by a girl?" Of course, if the weapon continues to spark, there's no telling what will happen to the ammo tucked inside.

And as soon as the glock begins to spark, the weapon is tossed to the side. He knows better than to hold onto things melting. Waving his hand as if to get rid of the heat, his eyebrows lower. Reaching up he goes to slowly take off his suit jacket, tossing it to the side. Grabbing the knot of his tie, he eases it off before tossing it also onto the table. Flexing his hands, he takes a few steps away from the table, his eyes remaining on hers. If she starts to go laser eye on him again, he'll jump out of there in seconds.

"I would love to get beaten by a girl." William says stoically, "Just not this way. Maybe in the bedroom, I'm a cop, I have plenty of handcuffs." William smirks that out, before he takes a few steps forward. "What do you want?"

"It's not what I want. It's what they want. They want you dead. Feel lucky that I'm here in private, because they wanted a public execution." Samantha charges at him taking a few swings at him. "I don't suppose you'll lie down quietly and let me get this over with?"

He's good. She knows it. He's going to be hard to beat hand-to-hand. She's going to have to take out a wheel. She aims a kick for his knee.

But he's aware now, on his guard, prepared for a fight. His ability allowing his body to move in ways, that most bodies don't move. Dipping back this way at that swing, bobbing under this. Taking another step back away from her, he narrows his brow as if disappointed in her. "Who do you work for?" He demands, apparently not bothered at all by the rapid movements of their contest.

Glancing down at the kick flying at his knee, Williampresses down on his legs which sends him into another leap. A flip which takes him to the other side of Samantha, he then wheels around to face her. He doesn't yet make an attack on her, his whole demeanor suggests he already assumes he knows who is going to be the victor. He simply waits for her to answer, ready to move should she strike at him again.

Samantha puts the couch between them by leaping over it. "I used to work for Humanis First. Of course, that was before someone made me like one of you." Samantha aims her eyes towards the dining table with his dinner on it, sending it up in flames. The fire now behind her she turns her attention back to him. "But I hate to leave things unfinished. At least you'll know who has been going around leaving evolved in a pile of ash."

He may now understand what she means with a series of unexplained deaths that seem to be burn related. She has done them all. Her own little crime spree of death. "I'm afraid you're just going to be the next in a line of many. Just because I'm like you all, doesn't mean I'm one of you."

"Well.. I suppose I can close those cases." William quips, glancing over his shoulder to his now flaming Chinese dinner. Frowning, he makes his way to waltz around the couch. Watching her carefully as he goes. "Humanis First." William comments quietly, letting his hand trail on the fabric of the couch. "And what is your name?" With that, he's launching himself into the air again, onther foot flying at her, this time the powerful kick aimed at her jawline.

She takes the kick like a trooper. The pain a wake up call that she's not been challenged in a very long time. Samantha rolls with it, ending up back on her feet. She rubs at her jaw. "You're pretty good. You could probably beat me."

She focuses her gaze onto his footwear, and he would probably start to feel it getting heated as she puts a mild amount of microwave waves his way. "As for my name? If you can beat me, then you'll find out soon enough." Former military, her fingerprints will not be that hard to match up.

As soon as the heat starts on his feet, the man springs into the air. Flying up at the ceiling he plants his hands on the top, and pushes himself rapidly down, to send him soaring at rapid speeds at the woman below him. His feet spread out, one shoe aimed at each of her shoulders. Aiming to send her back to the ground, with his body poised over her.

She is pretty amazed at his agility. She already knew of his ability from the research provided by Humanis First. But seeing it first hand, she's actually a little in awe. Pity, she has to kill him. She watches as he springs from the ceiling and pushes towards her.

For her, this is it. She has one shot or she's going down. Samantha's eyes glow brightly as she aims her gaze for his heart, with the intent to cook him from the inside out. She's not going to stop his momentum, but if she has her way, he'll be dead before he reaches her. The fire from the table is starting to spread.

A hearty growling cry is let out as the woman topples under his weight. He falls on his knees, his face a mask of sheer agony as his blood literally starts to boil. A backhand is aimed powerfully at the side of her face, anything to get those eyes off of his body. Another strike is aimed with his fist at her face. Vain attempts to ward off the damage that has already been done inside him. A third strike is aimed and sent out before he grasps at his chest, and topples to the side of her, letting out a very pained groan.

His weight lands on her and she falls to the ground. It takes all three strikes before finally relents, knocked dizzy from his strikes. She pushes him to the side as he grabs his chest, the heat from his boiling blood beginning to sting her as well as she scrambles to her feet. She leans up against the wall, knowing that she'll look like hell in the morning.

Her eyes fall upon the dog, but they don't glow. As the condo begins to catch fire, she can already hear the sirens from a distance. Samantha looks down at Harvard and then staggers towards the door. She pulls it open and glances towards the dog. "You can come out with me, or die in the fire. There's nothing you can do for him." She may be a killer, but the dog is not one of her targets.

Panda makes his way up to his master, the man with his hand clutching at his heart. The bleeding heart Cop, passionate in doing his duty to the uptmost and protecting the citizens of New York found in the end, it would be his heart that was his undoing. Taking his last breath, the beagle takes one final sniff of the man's face. Dying alone in a burning condominium.

The dog turns and follows Samantha out, away from the flame. His paws tip-tapping against the floor.

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