Amazed By You Girls


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Scene Title Amazed By You Girls
Synopsis Lucille prepares to leave the island and Ryans asks her to pass along a message.
Date November 27, 2010

Pollepel Island

It's been four days since Lucille had that really strange dream where she was a dancer and called a dame.. and she wore really short dresses in the rain.. weird. During the four days, the young woman has been making arrangements. She's leaving.

The room she is in has a window and outside, the wind can be heard blowing hard, clouds covering the moon somewhat. But every now and then, moonlight shines through and illuminates the barely lit room. Scattered around are the only possessions that Lucille has. A few pieces of clothing, a lighter (even though she hasn't been smoking), a few toiletries and the two handguns and shotgun that she now owns along with their ammunition.

The woman in question is crouched over a big black duffle bag. Her Ray Ban sunglasses perched on her head, short dark black hair pulled into a ponytail. Now that's it's grown a bit and the dye has faded a little, she still looks different but she's slowly returning to how she use to look before. Light grey eyes study the wall in front of her as she thinks about things. Is this the right thing? She's waited long enough to get off this island.

Dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a long sleeved dark red shirt, her heavy black boots squeak on the floor as Lucille stands and walks over to pick up the pieces of clothing before coming over and stuffing them in the bag, deep. She has to have room for the guns, ya know.

"Planning on going somewhere?" Ryans asks from the doorway, the palm of his hand resting on the door frame. He doesn't seem all that happy about this prospect either, it's evident by the furrow of his brow. He's kinda hoping she'll tell him otherwise, though knowing her…

He is as disheveled looking as always, a little worn around the edges and definitely needing that shave and a haircut.

"Cause, last I remembered you are not even registered and on the run." His voice rumbles softly, his gaze on the duffle bag. Ryans then looks up at her again. "I can't be heading to the mainland to save you if something happens?" It's probably harsh, but he's already got one daughter in a coma.

A look is thrown over her shoulder at her father as if to say, I'm packing aren't I? With a raise of her eyebrow. Then she's standing from her crouch and turning to look at her father. "You look horrible." She says and then she's tapping her foot against the floor. The sliver locket shines in the dim light of the room and her ungloved hands stay at her side, she's not looking like she's ready for a fight. Not right now.

Stepping forward she comes to stand right in front of her father and she looks up at him. "I'm going to see Jaiden and Delia." She says softly before she's wrapping her arms around her father and burying her face in his shoulder. "You knew I wasn't staying on this rock forever, dad." She whispers softly as she closes her eyes. She just wants to be that little girl again for once, the one that her father use to tuck in and drive all the monsters away before bed. Fat chance of that happening.

"I'm not some needy and co-dependent dame." Oh.. okay seems like something from that dream carried over to real life. "I'll be fine and it's not like you can leave this island anyway." She says as she draws back a bit and gives her father a hard stare. His duties are keeping him here, she's sure. "So while you.." she tries to not look bitter. "Go off and do your new job here. I'll be standing over Delia. She should have at least one person of her blood there when she wakes up, don't you agree?" She tilts her head towards her father before she's looking back towards her duffle bag. There was a time when all her bags would contain were a great number of shiny heels and fabulous clothes.

There is a resigned sigh from her father, before his arms fold around her in a hug. "As long as your headed to help with your sister." He can't exactly argue with that. Can he? "Jaiden told me a tentative plan to get your sister back to her body, so maybe you being close will be a good thing."

He rests his head on the top of her's before letting her go, never being the type to lavish affection on his girls. "And this isn't exactly a job… but it's a commitment and an important one." In his mind anyhow, but doesn't stop him from feeling guilty from being on the island and not on the mainland with Delia. "These people need protecting."

"And you have to be the one to protect them." Instead of protecting his girls.. okay that's a cheap shot. She's not gonna go there with her father. The dark haired woman steps back and loads a few more things in the bag. Then she's kneeling on the ground and checking the rounds in the firearm before emptying them and dumping the ammo in a box that she then places in her bag. When did she get so damn proficient with firearms?

"I don't blame you dad, it's the same reason why I'm going back to the city." she takes a moment to look at her father before checking the other pistol and storing it in her bag. "We don't just sit around and do nothing while things need to be done." Her sunglasses are taken from atop of her head and placed in a side pocket. "We do, that's the most simple way to explain our actions. You have a commitment here and I have one in the city." She shrugs softly and looks back over to the window. "I wasn't avoiding you this whole time because I was pissed at you, just to let you know. I have a lot on my mind." Which she does, Lucille then looks down to her hands and she looks back to her father. "A plan to bring Del back?" she raises an eyebrow before she's nodding her head and looking back into her bag. Making sure that she has everything.

"Please don't worry yourself to death. I'll send weekly messages or something." She promises her father as she wonders how she'll talk to her father on the regular basis without like.. coming to the island all the time.

It may not get said, but it doesn't take a genius to know it's implied. Benjamin sighs softly shaking his head a bit, but doesn't even get into that. Instead he watches her prepare, staying silent for a long time. He doesn't know what to say to her for one, or any words of wisdom. What wisdom can he share? Look where it's gotten him.

Standing in the room of a crumbly old castle, a fugitive and well… a terrorist all his own.

A complete three sixty.

"While your there…" He starts reluctantly, brows furrowing. "Keep an eye out for a Keira Fionn. Jaiden may be able to help you find her." His head tips down, unable to really look at her. "She's… ah… your cousin… I think." He saw the results before everything went down, but was unable to find the time to contact her.

"Came to me few months back claiming to be my daughter." His blue eyes flick up to Lucille, giving her a tight-lipped smile, faint as it is. "Did a blood test… she's related, but… not by as much as Delia. I think she's your Uncle's. You find her, tell her if she wants to risk breaking into Gun Hill results might still be there somewhere. Then you can give her Uncle Brick's phone number if she asks."

"Wow, Uncle Brick had a daughter?" Lucille looks at her father and then chuckles lightly before nodding. "Will do.. I hope she's nice." a new family member, wow. That'll be cool. She guesses. "Your daughter??" Lucille looks at her father with a dubious expression. "She sounds insane, if she's thinking you have other kids." If only she knew.

The oldest Ryans daughter studies her father and looks up at him. "I know.." she looks away and out the window as she speaks. Not really able to face her father. "I know that you think I don't listen to you.. and that I don't respect you.." she blinks and folds her hands in front of her, it would look like she's praying to some.

"But everything that I know.. everything that I am now.. is from watching and learning from you. I just want you to be proud of me. Are you?" Lucille shakily gets to her feet and faces her father. "You taught me how to be strong." Tears well up in Lucille's eyes, out of everyone in the world. Her daddy is the one person she's not ashamed to show her feelings, to be that scared little girl that she use to be. "And.." her voice a little deeper as she chokes back sobs. "I just want to thank you dad." She dips her head in his direction and quickly wipes her eyes.

Even though they didn't celebrate Thanksgiving together.. she's letting him know what she's most thankful for. Him.

The tears get a look of surprise from Benajmin, his whole body goes still at the display, much like a deer in the headlights. "What?" Is all he can say at first, looking confused at what she's asking. "Sweetie…" he sighs out and moves to gather her into a fatherly hug, "What makes you think that I am not proud of you?" Arms tighten around his oldest girl, as he says, "I am very proud of both you girls.

"You both have completely amazed me, with how strong you both are, especially after everything went down hill." His arms loosen and he looks down at her with a small smile. "I was worried you were both were not going to be able to handle all this, but you both have stood up so well. A true testament to being my girls… and your mothers."

Silent as her father says these words to her. Her eyes close as she gripes her him tightly and nods her head. In times of distress or whenever she feels down about herself. She's going to think back to this moment with her father. The moment that he told her that she amazed him, that he's //proud of her.

At the mention of her mother. Lucille blinks back more tears and she's looking back up towards her father. "Look at me, over here crying like a wimpy one." She chuckles softly, sniffling as she rubs her eyes and looks at her father, eyes a little red now from the tears. "Thanks dad." She says softly and she really means it. They haven't had a real moment like this in a while. "Will you forgive me for like.. totally being an asshole to you for the past few months? I was acting spoiled.. a little bratty and not too understanding." She says with a light grin to her father before she's backing away to bend over and zip up the duffle bag. Her shotgun, Lysandra is propped up against the wall now and she looks back to her father.

"Oh and.. I had a dream." She rubs her forehead as she reaches into a side pocket of the bag and retrieves from it her soft cotton gloves. She needs them for the warmth as much as the guard against her ability now. "It might have just been a dream but dad, there was a man there. And it was like I hired him to help find Del, he was asking all sorts of questions and I didn't really have any answers for him and it was like pouring down rain and I worked in some sort of club.." she shakes her head with a chuckle, still sniffling as she rubs her eyes again. Making sure that they're dry. "Probably just a stupid dream, right? But I have a nagging sense.. especially with what's going on with Deli." Light grey eyes look towards her father for his thoughts.

"Forgiven long before this," Ryans assures her, the gentle smile on his lips that says those words are honestly spoken. "Funny thing about being family… forgiven is almost assured."

But as she starts talking about the dream, Ryans smile fades away and his brows drop into a visible frown. "Not stupid." He brushes a thumb under Lucille's eye to wipe away the moisture, before shaking his head. "You're not the only one having dreams like that. Lynette had a dream with a man in it. She knows him, so be careful." There is a tick before he says…

"He's Institute."

A hand immediately comes up to stop her so he can add. "But we're not rushing to to judge yet… he maybe trying to help. Not that I think we can trust him completely."

"I guess you're right." She does seem to always forgive her family no matter how angry she is with them. Lucille looks up at her father as he speaks about the Institute man. "Hmm.." she blinks and thinks back to the man in her dream. "If I see him again.. I'll ask him? Or should I pretend that I don't know he's in the Institute?" She's asking her father for guidance. She doesn't want to mess this up.

"He seemed pretty convincing to me, but it was all just in a dream. And if he can visit people's dreams.. he can probably manipulate them to thinking that he's a good guy, when he isn't." Lu points out before she's frowning at the thought of someone manipulating her in her head. She'll keep her thoughts and dreams to herself thank you.

"Any messages to Jaiden or anyone in the city you need delivered?" Tilting her head towards her father, she might as well run errands for him in the city that he can't do himself.

Ryans thinks on it for a moment and then slowly shakes his head. "I honestly don't know. It's an — odd situation to be certain." Fingers rub against his forehead as if just thinking about all of that. Then after a moment more he shakes his head again. "Don't let on you know, just keep that fact at the back of your mind. We show our hand and he might run, only to find out we might need him… if Lynette is right."

Hand falling to his side, Ben looks thoughtful. "I don't really have any messages to pass, I already talked to Jaiden." Focusing on his oldest, he gives her a slightly crooked smile, deepening the lines around his mouth. "I just want you to be safe, sweetie, and staying out of trouble," he says, giving her a pointed look.

"Dad, me in trouble? Pssh never." Lucille says with a mock look of shock before she jumps up a bit to give her dad a peck on the cheek. "I promise that I'll stay out of trouble." She nods her head towards her father, hopefully she can keep that promise. If she breaks it.. she'll have to everything in her power to make sure her father doesn't find out.. but that'll come later.

"You be safe out here too dad, I'll try to come back and visit as often as it's safe too." She needs to see her father periodically as much as he needs to see her. Grinning, she goes to heft the duffle bag on her shoulder. "Guess I should get going?" she has to catch that boat.

She stares her father straight in the eye and grins up towards him. "I love you." She says quietly and from the tone of her voice, she means it very much. Then she's going to grab the shotgun and hold it carefully in her other hand. Looking out the window towards the water, her eyebrows raise.

It's where her journey will begin. Who knows where the hell it's going to end.

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