Amazing Theft



Scene Title Amazing Theft
Synopsis Magnes returns home on a cold winter's day, only to discover he's been robbed.
Date November 29, 2010

Siann Hall

It's cold weather outside, heavy duty snow, and freezing temperatures. That, of course, makes the temptation to remain or return inside even greater. At noon, when Magnes Varlane comes home to his appartment, he'll notice something different from how he left it, something decidedly nasty.

To be precise, someone has gone through the appartment and made a huge mess of it, emptying closets, drawers, and desks alike, and throwing their contents on the floor. There doesn't seem to be a single unopened storage item in the appartment left.

Most notably is that file cabinet, it's broken open, and its contents are, at least, not immediately apparent. With the mess on the floor, however, it could be hidden under other parts of that mess. Could.

"What the hell?" Magnes asks no one in particular, unzipping his jacket and tossing it into the air to float there. He starts to straighten things up, until he notices his cabinets, then rushes over into his work room to look through it, trying to see if anyone took anything of value. It is hard to tell in this mess, and he's trying his best to wade through the mess without breaking anything, wearing his Green Lantern sweater and blue jeans.

As Magnes searches through the mess, he'd soon notice that, yes something of value has been taken from him. Adventure Fantasy #15, a thief with a taste for comics apparently. Or at least enough knowledge to know which ones will be worth… quite a pretty penny. Aside from the comic, there's been some other minor items taken, but nothing nearly as valuable as that one. Mostly clothes, for some reason or other.

Magnes looks around some of the clothing in his work room, but most of it is costumes, so he certainly doesn't expect those to be taken. While his everyday clothing may have been stolen, he doesn't notice that right away, instead immediately walking to the living room, looking around, trying to assess his next move. Police would certainly be useful, but he has slightly more efficient channels to go through…

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