Ambition Is A Wonderful Thing


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Scene Title Ambition Is A Wonderful Thing
Synopsis The twins discuss what they witnessed at the press conference and try to find a way to leverage that into a more lucrative enterprise.
Date June 22, 2009

The Apartment of the Kelly Twins

The DVR is getting a workout as Hope sits in front of the television with the remoted aimed at a broadcast of the earlier press conference. Zipping backwards, then letting it run forward, over and over and over again. "Did you see this shit?" she asks, as if her sister wasn't standing right there with her nearly the entire time. "What is that she does? I'll tell you what, girl has got some swing!" she grins over to her sister as she watches Tracy Strass try for a home run on her assailant's head. "I need to see if anyone has ID'd those two goons."

"Yeah but what about the freezy stuff on it? It doesn't show there, or that well in my pictures, but it's there. I didn't tell the main staffers of course… but should we tell the editors, show them the photos?" There's a hint of frost in the pictures, but it could also just be a weird camera angle; it certainly doesn't prove anything. "I think she's Evo." Faith admits to her sister.

There's a moment that Hope takes that all in and turns to look at her sister. "That would be interesting. The problem with that is that with the entire world watching, someone else is going to figure this out. So we need to try and scoop. But, the footage alone, I don't think will be enough. We're going to have to take a closer look at Tracy Strauss, I think. Any ideas?" she leans back on the couch, placing the video feed on pause — a close up of Tracy being pulled off the stage.

"Maybe," Faith says with a sigh that puffs a lock of her blond hair off her face. "Wonder who was pulling her out of there." She taps her nails on the kitchen table where she sits for a moment. "Better proof… she needs to be startled or angry I think. But it'd put anyone near her in the line of fire, so that's questionable. If she can freeze them or something… I don't want to stand in front of her pissing her off, do you?"

Hope smirks at her sister. "Maybe she's just as frosty as I've heard she is. Only for real." she shakes her head. "So we need a plan. Because I am certain there are people all over the country looking at this footage and coming to the same conclusions that we are. I don't think we'll get anything from this, but perhaps we can swing an exclusive if we move fast on this.." she lets that trail off as she glances at the screen. "Maybe she'll tell us who that was.."

Faith watches and shakes her head. "I don't think the video footage catches the frost… maybe someone has a lens that can magnify and check it out if they know what they're looking for. It shouldn't have broken of course, but… there's a way that could be explained by the White House and all… she's the queen spin doctor, after all. They'll spin this like a frisbee." She pauses, picking up her slice of cold pizza and taking a bite. "I donno. I mean… if we could get it, great, but it might be out of our league, sis."

Ambition is a wonderful thing. The Kelly sisters, Hope in particular, is not used to being second string. She doesn't like it one bit, so she's going to find some way to make this score big for her and get their careers punched up a notch. "I wonder if I can even get Strauss to return my phone call." She taps her fingers on the coffee table in front of her and picks up her cell phone. "Whaddya think? I got a chance in hell?"

"I'd say when hell freezes over, but…" Faith says with a smirk as she takes another bite of her pizza and chews. "With her power, that might not be an impossibility. So give it a shot, sis. The worst she can say is no. But you might let her know we were at the press conference. And … I don't know. That you'd like her to shed light on the cold hard truth?" So she's not the wordsmith. Clever puns aren't her thing.

There's a brief bit of eye rolling at her sister's words, though the phone is dialed. "Hey. Can you try and get me an interview with Strauss? Yes. That Strauss. Why are you laughing..?" Hope hangs up on her contact and glares at her sister. "Wait. Tim." She dials. "Tim? Hey, you know how you were asking me out for that concert? I actually might be available, but I need a favor.."

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