America Braces For Potential Violence

Associated Press
November 7, 2010

In June of this year the mass-hallucinations experienced by hundreds of thousands of New York City residents were at first dismissed as psychological terrorism. However analysts from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense's research branch at the Commonwealth Institute of Massachusetts have been compiling data regarding these visions for months now.

Concern has arisen in the commonalities behind these visions, and while mass hysteria has been attributed to many of the unverified reports, sources close to the Department of Homeland Security have agreed that there is cause enough for alarm to heighten national security in preparation for possible terrorist violence on a day already attributed to heightened levels of national readiness.

Earlier today, Secretary of Defense Gerard Rutland raised the terror level to red nationwide in preparation for the possibility of escalation violence from groups such as Humanis First and Messiah. The National Guard has been put on high-alert for crisis relief scenarios and all of the country's FRONTLINE units have been called into active duty to help better defend major metropolitan areas.

Local police in New York City are expecting record levels of violence over the 8th and the days following and are instituting strict fines and penalties for those caught outside during curfew hours. Residents are braced to expect roadblocks and increased police presence in most neighborhoods, while vocal anti-government agitators have been expressing their distrust of the sudden push towards what many are calling a "police state."

NYPD and NYFD are currently pulling in resources from out of state in preparation for the event, increasing tensions citywide.

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