America Infiltrated Part I

MSNBC Special Report


with Keith Olberman

"Our Country is facing the single greatest threat of conspiracy and corruption— that can be confirmed in our history. Good afternoon, America, I'm Keith Olberman and our country is going out of its mind."

"We are about eight hours into this period of revelation and I think I can speak for everyone in America when I say I'm still trying to digest what it is we've had thrown in our laps. I'm going to try and recap for you all, because this is a complicated situation and making sense of it is only likely to become harder in the future."

"At about eight this morning, sources within the Department of Homeland Security and at the Pentagon revealed that they were performing the final — and I reiterate final — step in a three year long covert operation to oust elements of a subversive group operating within the United States Government for, as we are only now becoming aware, some fifty years."

There's a long pause as Keith stares at the screen.

"Fifty years, America. Fifty, long years, there have been the Evolved among us and fifty long years they have been allegedly trying to manipulate out country. Now we found this out prior to an official press release and we're relatively certain that the New York Times was the first news outlet to break this story on their website. Now a little after nine this morning White House press secretary Paul Ferguson confirmed the Times' story but gave little information. Now in just about an hour now President Nathan Petrelli is scheduled to speak on the front lawn of the White House about what is going on, and I can only imagine this will pry open the gates of this story even further than we're already hearing."

"In the time between Press Secretary Ferguson's speech and… what is it four o'clock in the afternoon? We've learned so precious little about the details surrounding Operation Hammerdown, as the Department of Homeland Security is calling it. What we do know is that there have been a series of high-profile arrests happening across the country. Now you'll notice we have a live broadcast up in the corner of our screen, covering one of them right now. What you're seeing is the Biomere Research Incorporated building in Manhattan. Authorities entered the building around noon and we've seen probably two hundred employees being escorted out of the building. We're hearing that the CEO of Biomere, Matthew Hamilton, has been indicted as a high-ranking member of the Company conspiracy and we saw him being brought out of the building earlier."

"There have been instances like this happening all across the country. There are entire corporations being targeted by this, and we're now hearing from our sources within the CIA that international companies are being investigated for possible Company connections. Enormous names like the Yamagato Corporation are now coming under scrutiny, but as far as we've been told the primary focus of this inquisition — and that's really what it's shaping up to be — will be on American Soil."

"When we come back from commercial break, we're going to take a look at the impact this is having on Wall Street. Stay tuned, you're watching a special edition of Countdown with Keith Olberman: America Infiltrated."

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