America Infiltrated Part II

MSNBC Special Report


with Keith Olberman

"Welcome back, America. You're watching a special report of Countdown with me, Keith Olberman, and we're focusing on the stunning revelation of an invasive organization within the United States Government. If you're just joining us, we're discussing the revelation of a group called The Company that has existed within America since, apparently, the 1960s composed of both the Evolved and the Non-Evolved. Who they are, what they did and why they did it? Well we just don't know yet."

"In the wake of the revelation this morning in the Times, Wall Street has been in a stark nosedive. Investor confidence is flagging due to uncertainty about a multitude of companies that may or may not have connections to the Company. Since Biomere Incorporated's raid at noon, the Biomere stock has plummeted in anticipation of a freezing assets."

"Analysts have stated that we may not even be seeing the beginning of this drop in the market until the Federal government offers out a list of the Companies that will be affected, and there is no sign of that happening as of yet."

"With everything going on in the country right now, I find myself — and you may too — left with one rather heavy question: How did we find out? When Nathan Petrelli was just a Senator out of New York he held a press conference that changed the world. There was openness and revelation, and if we look at that as an the shape of things to come, I think we're in for a very revelatory next few months. Petrelli has always been open with us, as much as any President has ever been, and when it comes down to a point this pivotal in the American culture, there's an expectancy of that same level of openness."

"When the President speaks later today about the situation, I am certain that what we as a country find given to us will be nothing short of the same impact that Nathan Petrelli's revelation of the Evolved had given to us three years ago. We're going to cut to another commercial, and when we come back I'm going to have an interview with White House Analyst Duncan Isaacs about the impact this routing will have on policy making in the future."

"You're watching a special edition of Countdown with Keith Olberman: America Infiltrated."

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